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[Happy Story] The Art of Travel, Seeking a New Life

Always very curious, Kim Yoon-hee gets energy from traveling. She had made the decision to go to other countries since she was in high school. After she entered university, she stayed abroad as an exchange student and experienced a variety of cultures in different countries. She traveled around Europe, her dream destination, when she was a sophomore. The next year she went to the Middle East and..

Travel without Fear, and Heal

Mina Son had worked as a star announcer of Korean Broadcasting System , and declared to be a freelancer in 2007. Traveling is ‘healing’ for her as she lives a second life as a writer by publishing and . She can discover a different side of her, recharge, and have the motive to realize her dreams. Traveling is breaking down our prejudice that we had while we thought only one way.For a travel writ..

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