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[2015 New Year's Address] Crisis overcoming through responsible management

Last year, we underwent hardship due to rapidly changing business environment and fierce global competition. This is a new year, but business environment is likely to get tougher. Let's look around world economy. In China, growth rate is declining due to excessive investment and real estate market downturn. Even Chinese accept end of the high growth era as a fact and call it ‘shin chang tai’. Co..

[Partner in Coexistence] Conquering the World with Copper Coil, Sam Dong

A big flat copper board enters the 1,200°C furnace. Some charcoal is put in as well. Charcoal is used to completely remove the oxygen because if the surface is rough or it blackens, it produces impurities and damages the finished product. Sam Dong succeeded in being the first in Korea to develop complete oxygen-free copper after hard work and efforts. The 99.99% pure oxygen-free copper then unde..

[Coming to See You] All Things Old are Beautiful

Lee Hyojae’s name includes the title of ‘wrapping cloth artist’ that publicized the beauty of traditional wrapping cloths in the world and even attracted other countries to send their private jets to seek learning, along with the life of ‘hanbok designer’ who lived a life full of hanbok seams and threads since age four, born and raised by a mother who made hanbok. Last year, Hyojae was busy work..

[Hyosung Report] some sevit: Blossoms as the Heart of the Hangang River

The Hangang River, which finally became the river of the capital during the Joseon Dynasty period, is much bigger and more spectacular than any other famous rivers of the world including the Seine of Paris, the Thames of London, and the Vltava of Prague. Constructing a building on the Hangang River was, as architect Kim Tae-man says, “Like something out of a sci-fi movie.” “some sevit is not an ..

[Creative Place] A Place Where Future Industries Blossom

Hyosung founded the Jeonbuk Creative Economy and Innovation Center in cooperation with Jeollabuk-do in November, in a place where the creativity of our ancestors still remains. The Center is a place to create an ecosystem for creative economy in connection with local human resources, startups/venture businesses, universities/research centers, and the local government. With the goal of establishi..


Hyosung held the ceremony for ‘2014 Hyosung Employee of the Year Award’ held on December 31 in the Mapo headquarters, where two winners were selected: Senior Vice President Kim Seung-han, Head of the Interior PU, and Senior Vice President Cho Jae-joon, Manager of the Audit Team 1. They were given a cash prize of 100 million KRW as well as a plaque. Since becoming the Head of the Interior PU in 2..

[Live Correspondent] A Venue for Win-win Growth with Better Understanding

Hyosung signed win-win growth agreements with 499 partners in 2014 in order to fulfill corporate social responsibility based on coexistence and win-win growth with partners. Since then, it has consistently reinforcing win-win growth activities such as improving the conditions for purchase amount payment, applying the standard subcontract agreement, and implementing the Industrial Innovation Move..


Nautilus Hyosung presented its new product equipped with a video banking system via large monitors called ‘Monimax7800i’ at PayThink, a leading specialized financial industry conference about ATM, debit and prepaid cards in the U.S. held in Pheonix, Arizona. Monimax7800i is the latest model of Nautilus Hyosung’s ‘Branch Transformation Solution (BTS)’ that enhances bank services efficiency and co..

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