[GWP Site Visit] 47th New Employees Goes to the First Summer Training Camp!

2013. 7. 12. 09:30

 47th New Employees Goes to the First Summer Training Camp!

A Departure for the Remarkable Future

The 47th employees’ summer training camp is a first for our company, and it is intended to help the employees learn trust and respect through companionship, and have pride in their jobs and our company by looking back on the work life thus far.


A Departure for the Remarkable Future

The 1st New Employee Summer Training Camp was held under the slogan, ‘DO DREAM, HYOSUNG 100.’ It started off with the will of the 47th employees to dream and be responsible for the future of Hyosung, which will grow into a 100-year-old company along with the efforts of the superiors so far.

A Site Full of Youth and Ambition

A Site Full of Youth and Ambition <47th New Employees Shouting "Let's Do It!" while on a Hike>

The bus took the 47th employees from Seoul, Ulsan and Changwon to Bokwang Phoenix Park in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do. The new employees, gathered in the banquet hall, were divided into 4 teams: Best, Innovation, Responsibility, and Trust. They set off to go hiking to look back on the time since they first joined the company, and strengthen the will to lead Hyosung’s 100 years. The hiking was tough and they were exhausted, but they encouraged one another with their companionship and ended up finishing the hiking without a single straggler. 

In the evening there were performances by the new employees as well as a campfire. The camp became more exciting with a variety of performances such as the band, dancing and chorus. The new employees showed passion as they have prepared for the performances by taking time out of their busy schedule after work. Executives who came to the camp to encourage to employees also enjoyed the performances and had a great time.

 Jang Hyoung-ok, Vice-President, Hyosung

<47th New Employees Showing Teamwork during Rafting>

In the morning of the second day, they went to Donggang River for rafting, strengthening the will of a new departure for Hyosung’s 100 years. Rafting requires people to row the boat in unison for the boat to move properly. If even a single person is slacking, the boat will not move forward. The employees realized the fact, and they learned the importance of teamwork.


A Precious Moment Forming the Foundation to Lead Hyosung

<47th New Hyosung Employees Shouting "Let's Go" with Strong Determination>

The Summer Training Camp was an occasion for them to look back on the time since January when they first joined the company, contemplate what kind of Hyosung employees they should become and strengthen the will in order for them and the company to take a step forward. This event may have been a valuable memory for the 47th new employees.


As stars that shine in different colors gather together to form the amazing night sky, we look forward to how they will lead our company, doing their best in their own positions.

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