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2013. 7. 12. 09:30

Hyosung News June



 Hyosung Participates in ‘Industrial Innovation Movement 3.0’ to Lead Creative Economy


Hyosung participates in the Industrial Innovation Movement 3.0. Vice Chairman Lee Sang-woon attended the inauguration ceremony held in the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KORCHAM) on June 18. In the event, 11 companies such as Hyosung, Samsung, Hyundai Motor Company, POSCO, LG, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Doosan, SK, Lotte, Hanwha and KT signed an agreement for financial contribution. The companies will use a part of the win-win growth donation, which is already contributed to the Large & Small Business Cooperation Foundation (BCF), for the Industrial Innovation Movement 3.0. The Industrial Innovation Movement 3.0 is a win-win growth model that has developed benefit sharing focusing on large companies and primary partners, and its key is to expand the scope of support to secondary and tertiary partners. With the financial contribution of large companies, over 10,000 secondary and tertiary partners will receive the benefits of productivity increase and technical support for the next 5 years starting this year. That is, approximately KRW 20 million are given to each of the 2,000 companies a year. A quarter of the donations will be used to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) instead of partners. The Industrial Innovation Movement 3.0 is developed under the support of large companies, conducting a mentoring system by forming a consortium between primary partners and secondary/tertiary partners. External consultants and technical experts perform innovation projects in the field of processing and management. This movement is hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, conducted by KORCHAM, and sponsored by BCF.



  Hyosung Supports 40 Socially Vulnerable Women with Professional Vocational Training


Hyosung held the Agreement Ceremony to vitalize the employment of socially vulnerable women and delivered the support fund of KRW 50 million for employment training. The Support Division Head Noh Jae-bong (head of Hyosung Sharing Volunteer Group) and Central Women’s Association chairperson Han Choon-hee attended the ceremony. “This ceremony was held to help women receive vocational training, as they face difficulties in finding ways to get a job despite their strong will, and it intends to contribute to the self-reliance of socially vulnerable women as well as to job creation,” said Noh Jae-bong, the head of Hyosung Sharing Volunteer Group, who personally delivered the donation that day. Hyosung supports vocational training of socially vulnerable women through Jongno Women Development Center under the Central Women's Association. Jongno Women Development Center will select and train 40 women among female breadwinners, beneficiaries of basic livelihood, marriage immigrants, and North Korean defectors. The Center will divide them into two courses: food service and cooking (20 persons) and child nurturing (20 persons).


President Cho Hyun-joon Visits Ulsan Plant


On June 3, President Cho Hyun-joon visited the Ulsan Plant and had a tour around the plant after having conversation with the Plant Manager. The Ulsan General Plant Manager and Vice President Jo Choon, Nylon Polyester Yarn PU Plant Manager Park Seok-hwa, Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU Plant Manager Hwang Jeong-mo, Technical Yarn PU Plant Manager Moon Hyeon-gon, and Aramid Business Division Plant Manager Kim Young-bae participated in the conversation session. President Cho Hyun-joon requested that the Ulsan Plant secures its own competitiveness by continuously investigating competitors as well as the external environment and improving quality.


 Anyang Plant Holds ‘Labor-Management Unity Rally’


The Anyang Plant employees held the Labor-Management Unity Rally in three sessions from May 21 to June 4. Over 250 on-site workers and office workers of the Anyang Plant attended the event, which was held in a Gapyeong amusement park. The event was intended to inspire the plant employees to work, boost their morale, and enhance teamwork among team members. The Anyang Plant employees could freshen up the atmosphere through the pleasant rally with water sports and recreational activities, and also developed community spirit with teamwork training among team members.



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 Gumi Plant Holds ‘PSM Council Outstanding Workplace Benchmarking Visit’ Event


On May 31, the Gumi Plant held an event of PSM Council Outstanding Workplace Benchmarking Visit for Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA) employees. This event was provided for the KOSHA employees who applied for a visit to an outstanding workplace in order to improve their field job skills. The event started with the Gumi Plant’s presentation of PSM activities, followed by a tour of the worksite. As the significance of safety has recently become more emphasized due to frequent occurrence of serious accidents such as toxic substance leakage or explosions, this occasion enabled the Gumi Plant to show its excellent PSM activities internally and externally. At the same time, the Gumi Plant could be perceived as a plant leading PSM activities of the Daegyeong region. The Gumi Plant will make its utmost efforts to maintain the position of an outstanding workplace of PSM by constantly making improvements and not settling for the current position.


Nylon Polyester Yarn PU Organizes Visit to Gumi Plant for Female Employees in Headquarters (PET Division)


As part of the GWP activities, the Nylon Polyester Yarn PU organized a visit to the Gumi Plant for female employees (10 in PET division) in the headquarters on June 14 to reinforce communication between the headquarters and the plant. The female employees could understand polyester products and the hard work of the plant making efforts to produce products through a variety of activities such as introduction of the Gumi Plant and products, tour of the site, and socializing with relative departments. They later visited the attractions in Gumi and communicated with the others, using the opportunity to enhance job efficiency.


Spandex PU Gumi Plant Holds ‘First Half Year Unity Training’


The Spandex PU Gumi Plant held the first half year unity training in 3 sessions on May 23, May 28 and June 4. Over 380 regular workers and employees of partners participated in the training, visiting Cheongnamdae that had been the past presidential villa and seeing the Presidential History & Culture Hall, walkway, and villa. Moreover, they could increase communication among members as well as harmony and company loyalty through a group rope jumping and dinner.



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Ulju County Governor Shin Jang-yeol Visits Eonyang Plant


On June 10, Ulju County governor Shin Jang-yeol visited the Eonyang Plant with the Ulju County Office Economic Welfare Bureau director Oh Se-gon and Eonyang-eup town manager Yoon Jeong-rok. This visit took place as part of Ulju-gun’s plan to make a well-to-do city (Ulju-gun) and a good city for business. It has begun since July 2012 by visiting one local enterprise every month. In the T/C main conference room, the participants greeted one another, watched the Eonyang Plant promotional video, and introduced the plant. They also listened to the briefing of the products such as steel tire cords as well as the current state of the company, followed by a meeting and a tour of Plant 3. It was a meaningful occasion in consideration of the win-win growth of Hyosung and the community.


 Industrial Materials PG Watched the World Cup Preliminary Together

On the evening of June 11, the Industrial Materials PG employees in the headquarters watched Game 7 of Asia’s final preliminary round of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which was between Korea and Uzbekistan. 24 employees who applied for participation in each PU including the Industrial Materials PG Head Cho Hyun-sang watched the match together, enhancing a sense of closeness among employees and creating a pleasant workplace atmosphere. In this event, the participants shared delicious food and placed bets on scores to increase interest, and it was even more valuable as Korea ended up winning the match. The Industrial Materials PG is implementing various events to add more pleasure to the employees’ work life, such as PG volunteer activities, experience activities with the families, various exhibitions and performance ticket distributions.


Hyosung USA Held ‘The Korean War Veterans Invitational Event’ in the US

Hyosung USA Inc. (Charlotte, North Carolina) held an event to appreciate the Korean War veterans on June 22 (KST) in a hotel located in Decatur, Alabama, inviting American ex-servicemen who took part in the Korean War as well as over 30 members of their families. This event was to remember and thank the sacrifice of the US armed forces that made efforts to protect the Republic of Korea by entering the war as the Combined Forces, and it was held for the first time by a Korean company that has entered the US. Alabama, in which Hyosung USA is located, is a state where many ex-servicemen who entered the Korean War live along with the southeastern areas such as Georgia and Florida. Thus, local media and organizations showed a great deal of interest in this particular event.


 “I feel rewarded and proud that every drop of blood we had spilled in the past was worthwhile, seeing how a Korean company has entered the US to create jobs in our community,” said H.D. Wilhoit, a Korean War veteran. “I would like to thank the Korean War veterans and their families for their noble sacrifice and dedication in such a poor and unfamiliar land of Korea at the time,” said Lee Jong-bok, Senior Vice President of Hyosung USA who organized the event. “Korean companies could grow into global corporations and build plants in the US all thanks to the protection of the Republic of Korea by the war veterans.” Hyosung USA produces automobile industrial materials locally such as automobile carpets and yarns as well as tire and industrial reinforcements, for which it ranks the top in the global market, and supplies the products to complete vehicle and tire companies such as GM, Goodyear and Michelin.


Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU Holds ‘2013 First Half Year Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU GCM’

From May 29 to 30 in the Mapo headquarters, the Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU conducted the first half year GCM (Global Consensus Meeting) in which they share performance of overseas offices and discuss pending issues. The management, executives and team managers of the Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU in the headquarters, executives of domestic offices, and presidents and executives of overseas offices in 6 nations such as North and South Americas, Europe and Asia attended the GCM. The participants discussed the pending issues and shared expected performances in the first half year of 2013, and especially pursued plans to reinforce competitiveness of the Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU and maximize profits. The employees who participated in the GCM resolved to make further efforts to maximize global profits in each office based on responsibility.


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 Neochem PU Receives ‘2012 Global Preferred Supplier’ Award



On June 12, the Neochem PU received the ‘2012 Global Preferred Supplier’ award from the major export client LINDE (a German global gas product and equipment company). Cheryl Chan, the chief officer of SCM (Supply Chain Management) in the electronic gas sector, graced the awards ceremony with her presence. This award is given to the supplier who scored the highest in all aspects of quality, timely shipment and proactive support, and it was a higher level of award than the Global Most Improved Supplier award won in 2011. It was even more significant that the Neochem PU has achieved recognition for its development two years in a row. Furthermore, in the meeting that followed the ceremony, the participants decided to closely cooperate with each other to expand Hyosung Group’s business opportunities in the field of electronic gases.


 Packaging PU Launches New Products

Hyosung began to produce ‘Vegemil Green Tea Soy Bean Latte’ and ‘Melon Soy Bean Milk’ with melon juice, which are premium health drinks of Jung Foods that manufacture and sell original soybean milk Vegemil, using domestically produced environment-friendly green tea leaves. In particular, Vegemil Green Tea Soy Bean Latte has lowered the calories by 20% compared to the existing soybean milk products, and contains over 60 of catechin with strong antioxidant effect (equivalent to 1 cup of green tea) as well as soybean milk’s vegetable nutrition. It is expected to capture the taste of the young well-being life seekers who intend to enjoy taste as well as health. The two products used the PET containers with the Asepsys sterile system of the Gwanghyewon Plant, maintaining fresh taste and flavor. Jung Foods, the top company in the soybean milk industry, selected Vegemil Green Tea Soy Bean Latte as its strategic product and is conducting various promotional activities such as public TV commercials and moving café for female university students.


 Yongyeon Plant Conducts ‘2013 Chung Mu Training’


On June 12, hosted by Ulsan Nam-gu Fire Station, the Yongyeon Plant 1 carried out the 2013 Chung Mu training. The training session was provided to develop prompt and systematic response abilities of related organizations by creating a virtual situation of harmful chemical substance leakage due to terrorism of national industrial facilities. Ten institutions and organizations such as police stations, military and private organizations participated in the program, with mobilization of 123 personnel and 17 facilities. The program was held in the order of hydrofluoric acid storage facility explosion, terrorism suppression, fire fighting, emergency restoration, casualty processing, and damage restoration of each related organization. It was a meaningful program that aroused attention to the safety of citizens and company personnel.


 Yongyeon Plant Holds Healing Camp


To increase the employees’ level of happiness, the Yongyeon Plant held 6 sessions of Healing Camp. The first session took place on May 30 and the last on June 24, and over 350 employees participated in the camp. The company invited professional lecturers to the camp, which was held in Kyowon Dream Center, Gyeongju, in the following order: (1) healing (of body and soul), (2) healing virus, and (3) healing road. With ‘healing,’ people can examine their own bodies and realize the reason of the souls, reaching happiness; with ‘healing virus,’ everyone becomes healer-type leaders and creates healing virus for the happiness of the organization; and with ‘healing road,’ they can form an active organizational harmony in which their souls harmonize with one another. The Healing Camp was an occasion for employees to have a pleasant work life by providing optimum healing for the body and soul of the Yongyeon Plant employees.


 Film PU Gumi Plant Holds ‘Hanmaeum (Unity) Athletic Meet’


The Film PU Gumi Plant held the Hanmaeum (Unity) Athletic Meet to increase communication among hierarchy and create active work atmosphere. The athletic meet was conducted in 3 sessions (May 24, May 29 and June 3) to encourage participation of all employees in the Film PU Gumi Plant. Rotational group soccer, group rope jumping and relays reinforced communication between office and field, and enabled the employees to harmonize with one another.


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 Changwon Plant Held Special Celebrity Lecture Inviting Employees’ Families

On May 31 in Changwon Pullman Hotel, the Changwon Plant held a special celebrity lecture inviting the employees’ families for them to enhance cultural literacy and build a happy home life. 300 employees as well as their wives and parents attended the lecture, and the female leadership expert Kim Mi-kyung gave the lecture on the topic, ‘A Dreaming Wife Never Gets Old.’ The families who attended enjoyed the buffet luncheon, after which they went to the Changwon Plant and looked around the production site. This program, held every year by the Changwon Plant, provides beneficial lectures to the families and is well-received as an event that increases understanding and pride of the Changwon Plant in which their husbands and sons work. The Changwon Plant will continue to expand programs that offer various opportunities and benefits to the employees’ families.


 Sejong Plant Holds New Welding Machine Product Launching Event to Pray for Success

On June 17, the Sejong Plant held the event celebrating the launching of the new welding machine products and praying for their success. All employees of the Sejong Plant as well as the Welding System Sales Team attended the event. The new products are digital pulse arc welding machine PD350, juspertor low heat input arc welding machine PDC350 and PDC350G. They will be the leading next-generation products that will win recognition of the excellent Hyosung welding machines in the global market.


Changwon Plant Holds ‘Organizational Activation Training’


To pursue the work atmosphere in which all employees in Design/Research/Wind Power/Management Divisions communicate and cooperate with positive mind (as did for those in the Manufacturing Team in 2012), the Changwon Plant is carrying out organizational activation training. This session, in the topic of ‘Re-start to be United with Trust and Communication,’ was filled with programs of various activities and experiences such as watching role plays, sharing thoughts, business simulations by making roller coasters, and creating future news. It was refreshing and beneficial, because it wasn’t a one-sided education but something all team members worked together to create,” said the participants, expressing positive views. “We will continue to try to improve teamwork on site based on what we’ve learned and felt in the training.” The training will be held in 20 sessions until the end of October.



 Changwon Plant Arranges Group Blind Dates for Unmarried Employees

On June 22, the Changwon Plant arranged a group blind date for unmarried employees. 20 unmarried employees who applied in advance met with 20 female members of a matchmaking company near Gyungho River. Rafting through the cool water in such a hot summer day provided excitement to participants, creating an opportunity to express interest more naturally. It was followed by various programs to get to know one another, such as water games, barbecue, and table rotational conversations. Seven couples were formed in the final matching. The Changwon Plant has been holding group blind dates 2-3 times a year since 2010 for unmarried employees to get married and enjoy a stable life.


Changwon Plant Provides ‘Preventive Education of Brain Cardiovascular Disease’ for Employees of Partners


From June 17 to 27, the Changwon Plant provided the preventive education of brain cardiovascular disease for 580 employees of 31 partners in Changwon Plant 1 and 2. This education was provided as part of the activity to promote health led by the labor and management and implemented by the Changwon Plant along with industrial safety. It was for employees of partners who lack opportunities to receive professional training on health and health care. Each session of this education took two hours, and the participants learned stretching, diet therapy according to type of disease, and exercises that can be easily done in everyday life. The Changwon Plant is providing health exercise classes 3 times a week for those with severe brain cardiovascular disease as a result of the physical checkup in 2012, for both Hyosung employees and partners.


 Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center Provides Education Program ‘GTE (Global Technology Expert)’


The Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center provides an education program called GTE (Global Technology Expert) to enhance competences. The program is a technical lecture decided to implement in the cooperative conference between the Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center and EPC Project Team. It is highly significant in that it pursues win-win growth of organizations as well as corporate development by improving technical expertise. Senior Vice President Kim Jeong-bae who leads the EPC project as well as team managers of Engineering Team 1, 2 and Project Team 1, 2 stated that the most problematic technologies on work-site operations are ‘electric power system analysis’ and ‘protective relay system technology’ that protects electric power facilities. Based on the request, the Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center provided education of electric power system analysis and protective relay system technology’ hosted by Electric Power System/Control TG (Technical Group) from the Core Technology Team. The program was held in the Anyang R&D Center and headquarters by turns for 26 hours over 4 days (May 10, May 24, June 14, and June 24). The program provided expertise by forming a group of lecturers with researchers in the related field of the Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center as well as professors of Myongji University NPTC (Next Power Generation Technology Center), which is in technical cooperation with the Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center including O.I (Open Innovation) and has Korea’s best technical skills in the field of protective relay. There were technology lectures in various subjects such as those required for electric power system analysis such as fault calculation and load flow calculation, as well as courses on the protective relay system of electric power facilities such as generator, motor, transmission line, transformer, bus bar, phase modifying equipment and electric power system stability. Engineers in the company learned mostly about the things necessary for work-site operations, which will lead to high effectiveness and usability. Over 70 people participated in the program, and it was well received by the participants. The Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center will lead the improvement of technological competences with mutual cooperation if there are technologies required by the relevant division.


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 Steel & Metal Products PU 1 Holds Event of Watching Baseball Game


On June 19, over 40 employees of the Trading PG Steel & Metal Products PU 1 went to the Jamsil Baseball Stadium to watch the game between Lotte and Doosan. All team managers in the PU as well as the Steel & Metal Products PU 1 Head Son Soon-geun and the employees who applied for the event enjoyed the game. Son Soon-geun personally prepared this event to relieve the stress of employees and promote friendship. The GWP Junior Board provided snacks such as cold beer, chicken and pizza for the participants to enjoy the game. The Trading PG will continue to carry out various activities to boost the morale of employees and create a Great Work Place (GWP).


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 The Model House of Namyul District 2 Hyosung Harrington Place 2-cha Shows Great Success



 The model house of Namyul District 2 Hyosung Harrington Place 2-cha, which opened on June 14, attracted many people and is showing great success. “With the premium of Hyosung Harrington Place already proven, we expect success this time as well. We will meet the expectations of our consumers by presenting upgraded products,” said the installment sales manager Kim Jun-hwan. Namyul District 2 Hyosung Harrington Place 2-cha, located in Block 38 of Namyul District 2, Seokjeok-eup, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongbuk, can hold a total of 563 households with 2 floors below ground and 18 floors above ground, 7 buildings, and area of exclusive use of 59~84. This complex is a follow-up complex of the 1-cha that recorded 100% contract in five days after it was put on the market in March. The 2-cha complex implemented the elements that were popular at the time, while the location requirements were upgraded a notch with the site of an elementary school to be built within the range of 200m. Special supply will begin on the 19th, followed by application for each ranking, and the residents can move into the apartment in August 2015. The model house is provided near the Gumi Export Tower (330 Shincheong-dong). (054-443-5990)


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 Hyosung Capital PU Celebrates 16th Anniversary of Foundation Day

On May 27 in the Banpo office building (2F Auditorium), the Hyosung Capital PU held the event to celebrate the 16th anniversary of foundation day. The event included an awards ceremony for long-serving employees and Hyosung Capital Employee award, followed by a commemorative address by PU Head Kim Yong-deok and a photo shoot of the winners.


 “Today is our birthday. I would like to thank all of my colleagues who joined me to this day of our company,” said PU Head Kim Yong-deok. He expressed appreciation of employees’ efforts, while also emphasizing that it is necessary to enhance internal competences through change and innovation in order to respond preemptively to the intensifying competition.

The original plan was to climb Mt. Cheonggyesan after the ceremony, but it was canceled on account of rain. Instead, the employees watched movies at the nearby cinema of Megabox Central City with their division and team members. After that they enjoyed dinner in a restaurant near Mt. Cheonggyesan Yetgol.


 Nautilus Hyosung Holds ‘Dad, Mom, Where Are We Going?’ Event to Enhance Family Love

On June 1, Nautilus Hyosung held a family event Dad, Mom, Where Are We Going?’ as part of a GWP program, attended by over 70 employees and their families. They gathered in Suseo headquarters at eight in the morning and went to Nami Island, where they got on the Nami Island cruise, walked around the woodland path, and rode bikes. For lunch they had Chuncheon’s famous spicy grilled chicken (dakgalbi), and went to Petit France referred to as the place of the Little Prince where they visited the Saint-Exupery Memorial Hall, looked around the filming locations for dramas and commercials, and took commemorative photographs. Finally they visited the Young Farmer’s Strawberry Farm located in Yangu-ri, where they picked and wrapped ripe strawberries and wrapped up the family event in a great atmosphere.


Nautilus Hyosung Offers ‘Coffee Lecture with a Barista’

Nautilus Hyosung offers lectures on various artistic topics once a month as part of the GWP activities. The first lecture was held on May 30 in the company’s café located on the 18th floor of the Suseo headquarters. The lecture, ‘Coffee Lecture with a Barista,’ was attended by 22 applicants who are interested in coffee. They listened to the lecture on theory of the history and types of coffee by a professional barista, and even experienced extracting and tasting their own hand-drip coffee. The lectures are held on the last Fridays of every month from 6 pm, and they will cover various topics such as wine, magic, and playing fathers.


 Nautilus Hyosung Attends ‘European ATMs 2013’

 Nautilus Hyosung attended the European ATMs 2013,’ which was held for two days from June 5 to 6 at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel in London, England. The ‘European ATMs’ is a conference hosted by ATMIA (ATM Industry Association) and RBR (Retail Banking Research), and a huge event attended by over 400 companies including major local financial clients, manufacturing and service companies. Hyosung attended the event to develop the European market and customers, promote the technical skills with new products, and enhance brand awareness. The company was favorably received by customers by displaying and demonstrating Monimax8200T, Monimax5700T, Monimax2900XP, and Monimax2600 (HALO).


Nautilus Hyosung Holds ‘Communication Leadership Training’

Nautilus Hyosung held the communication leadership training for executives, team managers and middle managers in the Leadership Center of Korea Learning Resort. The training emphasized ‘leader communication,’ which is one of the most essential competences for leaders to perform their role. It was held in two sessions: the first session from June 14 to 15, and the second from June 21 to 22, divided by divisions to activate communication between leaders and members. The participants could use the occasion to enhance competences required for communication through various programs such as lectures, strategy simulation games, and forum role plays. They also learned the roles of a leader, how to become a leader that communicates, and how to find problems in communication. The training is expected to change them into admired leaders in the organization by enhancing communication.


Hyosung Information Systems Holds ‘HIS Tech Forum 2013’

On June 25 in the Diamond Room of COEX InterContinental Hotel, Hyosung Information Systems held the technology seminar ‘HIS Tech Forum 2013’ in which they shared the latest trends of cloud, big data, and flash storage. Jang Soon-yeol, Senior Vice President of IDC Korea, delivered the keynote address on ‘Cloud & Big Data Market Trends and Prospects,’ followed by presentations of experts in each field of Hyosung Information Systems on the latest emerging hot topics --- cloud, big data, and flash storage --- and introduced the industry’s latest technology trends and relative solutions. After that they demonstrated the solutions and presented actual cases to cover in-depth matters of business profits and expected effects of each technology. Recently, an international press reported that the US government has collected personal information and communication records of the whole world for the past few years, raising controversies of data security issues and privacy protection with integrated management of data in commercial cloud storage services. Thus, companies and government agencies are on the watch for internal information protection and prevention of data leakage. In the meantime, Hyosung Information Systems used this seminar as an opportunity to introduce Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere, which as the optimized cloud-based integrated file sharing and synchronization solution, to corporate users, presenting the answer to safe private cloud services. Furthermore, the company introduced the optimized SSD solution to improve the performance of data centers, presented various tips for companies to effectively use IT to contribute to business values, and demonstrated Hyosung Information Systems’ latest solutions.


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 Hyosung Toyota Holds Launching Ceremony of New Generation RAV4

On June 1 in the Seocho showroom, Hyosung Toyota held the launching ceremony of New Generation RAV4 and presentation of the first car. To match the concept of the world’s first crossover SUV RAV4, various events were held along with the performance of the popera ‘Pasta.’ Toyota’s New Generation RAV4 shows off innovative design, the best running performance among the same level, state-of-the-art convenience and safety specifications. There are already over 300 reserved buyers in contract, and it will be a rising star of the Korean SUV market with constant growth. The ‘New Generation RAV4’ applied the ‘High Quality and Low Cost’ philosophy of Toyota price policy, developing good products and providing them at competitive price. Thus, the price of 4WD is set as KRW 37.9 million, and 2WD as KRW 32.4 million.


 The Class Hyosung Holds ‘Experience The Class Hyosung Promotion’ of June

The Class Hyosung, the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz, held Experience The Class Hyosung Promotion’ of June, which provides a dream opportunity to experience and own a Mercedes-Benz with a variety of benefits in June.


The Class Hyosung’s Experience The Class Hyosung Promotion’ of June includes the following events: 1) offering Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas Healing Hotel packages (1 night in the Club Deluxe Room + Club breakfast for two + Club Lounge benefits for two for the first 100 guests) to all buyers of B-Class and C-Class; 2) offering free lifetime services of consumables or fuel expenses for buyers of all types of E-Class (models before Facelift) in June; and 3) extending the integrated service package (regular inspection, exchange of consumables and general repair) to 5 years for S-Class customers. Moreover, for premium finance programs of The Class Hyosung, the customers could choose from three benefits: 36-month interest-free installment for all types of E-Class, S-Class and C-Class, acquisition tax support, or vehicle price (10.5%, operating lease) support. There is also a 36-month interest-free installment program for B-Class, or installment with grace period with monthly payments.



 Galaxia Electronics Holds ‘2013 Spring Hanmaeum (Unity) Athletic Meet’


On May 25, Galaxia Electronics held the ‘2013 Spring Hanmaeum (Unity) Athletic Meet’ on the lawn of Hyosung Anyang Plant. Over 100 employees participated in various games such as soccer, foot volleyball, female arm-wrestling contest, and tug-of-war to solidify unity. It was an occasion that enhanced the motivation for work by having a great time with coworkers.


Social Contribution News


 Support Division Carries Out Changdeokgung (Palace) Cultural Heritage Protection Activities


On June 22, the Support Division employees and their families carried out Changdeokgung (Palace) cultural heritage protection activities. The participants gathered early in the morning on Saturday with brooms to clean various places around the palace. It was extremely hot and exhausting, but they were proud to see Changdeokgung (Palace) was becoming cleaner.


Gumi Plant Carries Out Side Dish Cooking Volunteer Work

 On June 5, Gumi Plant carried out Side Dish Cooking Volunteer Work in Gumi Community Welfare Center. The activity is conducted every first, third and fifth Wednesdays since April in order to provide side dishes for senior citizens who live alone or have difficulty moving around. Over ten people including Film PU Gumi Plant Manager Lee Seung-min, Film PU office workers, Human Resources Team, company cafeteria manager and chef participated in the activity. Despite the untimely hot weather, the participants did their best to deliver warm love to those in need, feeling proud that they are contributing to the society.


Gumi Plant Cleans Up Mt. Cheonsaengsan

On June 13, the members of the tennis club and alpine club, which are informal clubs of the Spandex PU Gumi Plant, cleaned up Mt. Cheonsaengsan as part of the community contribution activities. Over 20 members and their families repaired the drainage canals and picked up garbage over an hour. The Gumi Plant is carrying out One-Company-One-Mountain purification activities once a month.


 Ulsan Plant Carries Out ‘One-Company-One-Village Helping Hand’ Activity

Upon entering the busy farming season, the Ulsan Plant visited the One-Company-One-Village partner Junggosan Village on June 4 to help with rice planting and onion harvest. The Ulsan Plant has set up a sisterhood relationship with Junggosan Village since August 2005, and is sharing love and promoting win-win growth by providing support annually such as planting and reaping rice as well as holding parties in honor of the aged.


 Chemicals PG Carries Out Changdeokgung (Palace) Cultural Heritage Protection Activities

On May 25, the Chemicals PG employees including PG Head Park Jun-hyeong carried out Changdeokgung (Palace) cultural heritage protection activities. The participants gathered early in the morning on Saturday to remove the dust collected on the window frames and around the palace. It was exhausting yet rewarding, and they were proud to see Changdeokgung (Palace) was becoming cleaner.

Changwon Plant Carries Out ‘One-Company-One-Village Helping Hand’ Activity in Shinchang Village

One June 5, the Changwon Plant held the helping hand event in Shinchang Village, the partner village of the One-Company One-Village campaign. Over 30 employees including the members of the Circuit Breaker Manufacturing Team 1 participated in the activity. They moved seedbeds for rice planting, harvested new garlic, and worked with sweat running down in beads. There is a labor shortage during the busy farming season due to the aging rural communities; yet, with constant visits by the Changwon Plant employees since the sisterhood formation in 2007, Hyosung has been a great help to the Shinchange Village elders.

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