The Best Place to Work is on the Basis of Trust

2013. 4. 11. 18:42

GWP is based on trust

As I turned a page on my calendar to April filled with an air of spring, the fun ‘April Fool’s Day’ meets my eye . The British representative public broadcasting BBC is well known to air extraordinary news every year on April Fool’s Day. Once they showed a video harvesting spaghetti from a tree, announcing that Sweden succeeded in growing a spaghetti tree; and another year they showed a special documentary preview saying that they discovered a flying penguin, which surprised many people.

Even though April Fool’s Day is a day when lies are forgiven, it is not easy for the world’s best public broadcasting to put in so much effort to lie. This conveys the meaning that they would only deliver the truth for the remaining 364 days of the year except April Fool’s Day. This attitude created the most trustworthy public broadcasting in the world.

an organization of trust showing strong power

Trust is formed by practicing sincerity. When working, an individual must be transparent and fair, and must value the benefits of his or her organization and the society more than his or her own desire. Trust increases only when such relationship is maintained for a long time, and reliable relationships can be formed.


‘Company’ is an English word for a firm. ‘Company’ is a Latin word that combined ‘com’, meaning together, with ‘panis’, meaning ‘bread’. It leads to the meaning of ‘people living under the same roof’. In Korea, we refer to family as ‘mouths to feed’, which shows that ‘company’ and ‘family’ might be similar in meaning. Since all of us spend the most time at work every day, it is natural that coworkers, seniors, and juniors are as close as family.


Family shares unconditional love and understanding with one another. Trust is created within, which forms the center that supports a family. We often see broken-up families in dramas or movies, and this is mostly caused by the damaged trust among family members.

The organization of a company is just the same. An organization without trust is full of selfish thoughts even when someone else is suffering, or people who do not hesitate to sacrifice others for themselves. In the end, no one can trust anyone, and there will only be ‘me’ and not ‘us’. This will no longer be an organization.

GWP is based on trust

In the Analects, Confucius emphasized that ‘You cannot stand without trust’, indicating that trust is the most important thing for a country to exist and for individuals to maintain relationships. GWP (Great Work Place) that we pursue must also be based on trust. 


Even if an individual has great abilities, he or she cannot be part of an organization for long feeling worthwhile and happy, if he or she does not have trust with coworkers. In fact, more than half of employees transferring to another company say that the reason for their transfer is not ‘work’ but ‘people’. Therefore, strong attachment and trust within the organization must for the basis for everyone to enjoy going to work with a sense of reward and pride.

all for one

In The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, there is a phrase ‘All For One, One For All’. We all have different competencies, strengths and weaknesses. If we unconditionally criticize or exclude others just because they have different characteristics or taste, Hyosung will not be able to proceed well. When we have affection and interest for coworkers and try to help through honest communication, we will be able to have trust and work as a team.

all for one

The strong trust and culture built from the inside  will have good influence on many stakeholders around us including our clients, shareholders, partners, and the community. In the end, that will return to us employees as pride and confidence, being a catalyst for us to do our best and achieve better results. Let us each  be a hero and heroine to create Hyosung’s culture of trust. And let us gather our strengths to build a company of continuous growth.





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