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Dreaming to Have the Corporate Culture

Our company is making constant efforts to become a Great Work Place (GWP).

Doing activities for GWP, we hope all employees to reach higher in unity. We are also planning to inform all kinds of news every month about the actual site regarding GWP. 

A Place for Communication to Build Trust with the Superiors

Most GWP activities implemented by Support Division are about ‘communication’. The intention is to make time to continuously have short conversations with team leaders as well as coworkers with whom most time is spent. Another purpose is to narrow the psychological distance by deeply understanding and sharing deep thoughts with one another.

smart working time▲‘Smart Working Time’ is a time, starting from 9 am to 11 am, to help all employees to concentrate on their core tasks, carried out by the Support Division.

When superiors try to listen and communicate with their staff with continuous interest, the staff respects and trusts their superiors. This is similar to the logic of feeling closer to one another after team leaders and members talk honestly during team get-togethers.

enhancing pride in duty and performance

The Support Division has created an environment to help employees to focus on their core duties to enhance employees’ pride. Also, the division made a ‘Refresh Day’ for everyone to leave work at the regular time to enhance work efficiency and manage stress. 

refresh day

What's more, they present and review various suggestions to develop the idea, and the reaction is that it is meaningful in itself to share and communicate thoughts even if the suggestions are not approved.

creating a fun workplace that improves fellowship

There are endless activities to work actively and have fun. Whatever it is, each team or PU can start from the easiest task. In the Support Division, everyone stretches at 1 PM right after lunch to work more actively and have fun. The atmosphere of 'going for it'  for the afternoon is naturally formed. Another method to have more fun at work is to share fun activities and have more conversations with the coworkers.

Support Divisions's GWP activities

GWP Activities start from small things

Activities to create a happy and fun workplace start from doing small and easy things around us. Activities carried out by the Support Division  are also things that do not require much time or resources.

gwp activities start from small things

 The important thing is to think about ways to make the workplace fun, and to propose and carry out ideas one by one. Employees communicate and understand one another in this process. You can obtain unexpected results once you start, instead of thinking whether it is effective or whether you have time to communicate when you are already so busy with work. The attitude of thinking positively that you can change and actually do it is the seed of change.

mini interview

cho min jugn, media pr team

lee se jin, hr management team




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