[Focus] Hyosung TNS, Presenting the future of financial solutions

2019. 6. 21. 16:06

Hyosung TNS, the leader of the evolution of ATMs

While the so-called first-generation ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) only allowed cash withdrawals, current models of ATM provide far more diverse services including account transfer, and deposits and withdrawals to and from different bank accounts. In Korea, the very first ATM was installed at the Myeong-dong Branch of Choheung Bank back in November 1979. Currently, the digital kiosk, which features the self-banking solution, is due to be commercialized, led by Hyosung TNS, a company known for its advanced products and technologies.

In 2015, Hyosung TNS installed Korea’s first digital kiosk at a bank. It is an unmanned Smart branch that provides 107 different banking services including opening a new account and issuing various types of cards and certificates among others, covering 90% of existing bank services.

The best financial solution moves overseas

Hyosung TNS provides not only ATMs but also automated financial solutions that combine hardware with software. The company aims to continuously expand its technology and business areas by carrying out a software project to develop ATM applications and by developing a branch innovation solution (BTS) designed to improve banking efficiency and profits, a cash management solution (CMS), and an electronic financial service (Fintech). Notably, based on the 30 years of experience and technology it has accumulated in the global market, Hyosung TNS has consolidated its status as the global leader, as the No. 1 company in sales of automated machines in Korea, as the No. 2 company in the North American market, and the No. 3 company in the worldwide market. In addition, Hyosung TNS has supplied more than 589,000 ATMs to over thirties countries including Russia, China, India, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

We look forward to the future technology developed by Hyosung TNS, which is rapidly growing in the global market by offering the best financial solutions based on its continuous pursuit of technological development.

Compiled by Ahn Shin-hye

Illustrated by Cho Ra

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