[Experience] Listening, Kindness, Modesty! Wellington CC’s Rules for Successful VOC

2019. 6. 21. 16:06

(From the left), Management Support Team Manager Lee Seung-woo, Game Team Manager Cho Pyeong-soo,
Customer Service Team Manager Cho Gil-hyeon, General Manager Lee Joo-eun,
Food & Beverage Team Manager Kim Gi-wung and Course Team Manager Kwon Jin-yeong

Creating a culture of customer satisfaction

Wellington CC is the name of the golf club established by Hyosung Group on the theme of ‘a sacred place blessed by God’ in 2013. Customers visit the golf club with intense feelings of excitement, expecting to experience the very best of the ‘Wellington’ brand. Wellington CC was ranked as Korea’s best golf course by the 2019 - 2020 Golf Digest just two years after entering the top three in 2017 and 2018. This achievement is attributable to Hyosung’s corporate culture:

“Wellington CC is dedicated to its goal of providing the ultimate in customer satisfaction in line with Hyosung Group’s corporate culture of VOC-oriented management, in other words, listening, kindness, and modesty.”

This is not a remark only for customer satisfaction, and Head of the Business Lee Yin-ho, General Manager Lee Joo-eun, Food & Beverage Team Manager Kim Gi-wung, Course Team Manager Kwon Jin-yeong, and Customer Service Team Manager Cho Gil-hyeon have selected the keywords of VOC as ‘listening’, ‘kindness’ and ‘modesty’ and are striving to create Wellington CC’s unique culture of customer satisfaction.

Boosting confidence through a close relationship with the customers

Wellington CC’s 800 or so employees maintain close customer relations by proactively identifying each customer’s desired course, timeline, and service. They attend a training program designed to help them identify all the information held on each customer including their condition and health status. This customized service naturally leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

In addition, basic response speech skills, such as speaking clearly, speaking with respect, and answering with precise facts, is also their way of strengthening customer trust.

“Although the teams’ respective tasks vary, we have established our unique system based on mutual trust. Such efforts have resulted in perfect work performances.”

Becoming “My Sweet Wellington CC”

Meeting customers entails numerous preparations including the creation of a precise manual. All works undertaken at the clubhouse are quickly shared with all the teams within 1 or 2 hours, making it possible for each team to inform the other teams about its work and convey any difficulties it has experienced in a quick and transparent fashion. Wellington CC’s seven teams, who work together as ‘one team’, hold a meeting once a week to strengthen their teamwork. From the front office to the back office, the employees share the VOC and suggest solutions to any issues that arise. They have united as ‘one team’ with the goal of becoming the best Wellington CC and providing the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

Their organic teamwork and quality service form a virtuous cycle in which customers are satisfied and readily become fans of Wellington CC. Its humanistic customer service, which is based on a close relationship with the customers, is Wellington CC’s pride and something from which all of us at Wellington CC can learn.

“A customer once used the expression ‘our home’ when referring to the Wellington CC, meaning that compared to other golf clubs both the golf course and the meals served at Wellington CC are the best, like ‘home sweet home’. Regardless of our business ranking, our goal is to become ‘My Sweet Wellington CC’ in the hearts and minds of all our customers whenever they think of our club.” 

“Listening to the voice of the customer should be the starting point for every task we undertake. Only by developing technologies and products that are based on a customer-oriented spirit can we convey our business values to our customers effectively.”

- From the 2019 New Year’s Speech given by Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho - 

Written by Kwon Oh-sang (Assistant Manager of Communication Team at Hyosung Chemical)

Photo by Han Soo-jeong (Day40 Studio)

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