[Reward] People Who Make ‘Global Hyosung’ Brand Possible

2019. 5. 31. 16:32

Winners of 2019 1Q Proud Hyosung-er Awards

Marketing Category

“The key lies in customers’ needs”

General Manager Kim Yong-man, Chemical Sales Team of Hyosung Tokyo

In order to sell products in the Japanese market which demands high quality, stringent quality testing is required. However, there are many cases in which tests are delayed or people miss trading opportunities because they do not understand the needs of customers. General Manager Kim Yong-man, who is in charge of Chemical Sales Team as well as the sales of TAC film and PP, has achieved customer satisfaction and significantly increased sales through extensive market research in advance.

The sales of TAC films more than tripled in 2018 compared to the previous year, and the sales of PP products nearly doubled year-on-year.

"The products that had been exported to Japan were mainly general-purpose products for such as monitors and notebooks, but we proposed to the headquarters developing a product for TV coating in a bid to expand the high-margin product line. We identified the main needs of customers (foreign substances not exceeding 100μ) so that the head office could make thorough preparations. Our superior quality was recognized by passing the test at once."

He also accurately understood the needs for PP products through visits to customers. As a result, customer evaluation was successfully completed without a single failure, thereby reducing the test period from nine months to three months and accelerating the conclusion of a deal. Moreover, he sent press materials to Japanese media so that they could report Hyosung's plan to expand its Vietnamese plant. This effectively raised awareness in the Japanese market that Hyosung's PP is continuously growing products and led to finding new customers.

General Manager Kim Yong-man was able to achieve this feat because he was not afraid of the customers and established proactive response measures. We hope that his efforts to build customer trust will continue to shine in the future.

Marketing Category

“VOCC, the responsibility to satisfy even the customers’ customers”

General Manager Jeong Sang-yoon Hyosung Russia

The Russian market is where global ATM sales companies (U.S., Germany, Japan, China, and Russian) compete fiercely. In recent years, the focus of the Russian ATM market has been shifting from existing cash withdrawal or withdrawal and deposit machines to cash recycler machines (CRM) due to the banks' efforts to save ATM operating costs. In particular, Russia's largest bank, Sberbank, decided to replace all of its ATMs to CRMs by 2022. Thus, General Manager Jeong Sang-yoon listened to the voice of customers who wanted to make a direct deal with a product manufacturer and successfully concluded a direct sales and service agreement with Sberbank, enhancing the ties with the bank.

"In 2017, Russia introduced new 200- and 2,000-ruble notes. Here, we found VOCC, which was having to use an extended range of bills. So, we actively promoted Hyosung TNS' multi-currency ATM. As a result, Hyosung was able to supply 90% of Sberbank's total purchases."

Beyond listening to the voice of customers, General Manager Jeong Sang-yoon identified the needs of customers' customers and became a great contributor to achieving sales higher than the 2018 business target. His pursuit for the "best" is continuing this year too. As he succeeded in securing a large-scale order in the first quarter of 2019, he is again expected to achieve far greater sales than this year's target.

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