[Focus] Finding Hyosung’s Technologies in Automobiles

2019. 5. 31. 16:32

From wooden wheels to automobile tires

Wheels are probably one of the inventions that revolutionized the history of human beings. Early wheels made of stone, wood, and iron continued to evolve--from rubber wheels and pneumatic tires to tires that used bead wires in 1905. In 1946, radial tires using steel cords were first developed, and steel cords have been in full use since the 1970s.

In Korea's automotive tire history, Hyosung has played a crucial role. Since Hyosung produced nylon tire cords for the first time in Korea in 1968, it has manufactured polyester, steel cords and bead wires, becoming one of the largest companies in the world with a comprehensive supply system of tire reinforcements.

Today, with Hyosung's polyester tire cords being recognized worldwide for their quality and technology, the company maintains the top position in the global polyester tire cord market and supplies products to the world's leading tire manufacturers.

Hyosung’s No.1 technology to ensure the safety of drivers

The aforementioned tire cord is a core material for tire reinforcements and a high-functioning product essential for manufacturing high-quality tires. Hyosung’s position in tire cords is unapparelled as one in two automobiles around the world are using Hyosung’s tire cords.

Not only that, Hyosung's technologies are limitless. Having top industrial yarn technologies, Hyosung also maintains the largest share in the global seat belt yarn market. Hyosung's GST (Global Safety Textiles) is the largest airbag fabric maker in the world, which has gained global competitiveness by establishing the entire production process of airbag fabrics and cushions. Hyosung's car mats are also actively advancing into the global market with perfect quality control. Furthermore, Hyosung's carbon fiber, the first core material developed with its proprietary technology in Korea, has been applied to automobile frames and trunk lids.

Hyosung's technologies that we meet in everyday life is more diverse than we think. Hyosung, the No.1 tire cord manufacturer, is also supplying airbag and seat belt yarns as well as car mats with its own production facility, the only such manufacturing facility in Korea. Hyosung will continue to present top-class technologies in core materials for the safety of drivers.

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