[HYOSUNG News] Hyosung Corporation and its Business Companies Hold Shareholders’ Meeting etc.

2019. 4. 19. 15:40

 Hyosung Corporation and its Business Companies Hold Shareholders’ Meeting

Hyosung Group convened its first general shareholders' meeting after the division into business companies. This shareholders' meeting held at the Mapo office on March 15 was conducted in the order of Hyosung Corporation and Hyosung Advanced Materials. It was an opportunity for the group to inform its shareholders of its growth strategies under the independent management system as well as explain Hyosung's efforts to diversify its portfolios. Meanwhile, Hyosung TNC, Hyosung Heavy Industries, and Hyosung Chemical held their shareholders' meeting on March 22. Hyosung Group will continue to raise shareholder value and its global status through transparent management.

 2nd Insight Forum for Executives and Team Managers

On March 8, the 2nd Insight Forum was held for the executives and team managers of Hyosung at the Mapo office. It was an occasion to think about how to prepare for the upcoming shrinking society after the end of expanding society that has lasted for the past hundreds of years since the Renaissance. Hyean Research CEO Hong Seong-guk, who gave a special lecture, predicted that the fourth industrial revolution would be a breakthrough. Hyosung Group preemptively prepares for changing trends and holds a variety of forums in an effort to strengthen employees' capabilities to lead the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

 Hyosung TNC’s Gumi Plant Holds Presentation of Best TPM Practices

The Gumi Plant held a presentation on best TPM practices on March 14 at the training center.  Plant Manager Kim Cheol-su, team managers of each PU, the CEOs and employees of partner companies took part in the event and extended their support and encouragement to presenters.  The Gumi Plant aims to transform itself into a more customer-oriented production facility. The participants once again renewed their pledge to become TPM groups that can give trust to customers and gain love from them.

 Hyosung TNC’s Chemical PU Holds 1H19 Workshop

Hyosung TNC's Chemical PU held a workshop for the first half of 2019 on March 15. In Part 1, each team explored possibilities of linking with their existing businesses and expanding into new businesses as well as shared the results of team activity plans based on VOC training. Part 2 provided time for PU members to share and communicate their wishes as part of efforts to boost organizational activities. In an effort to motivate and praise employees, the workshop wrapped up by granting awards to teams and PU presidents that have shown outstanding performance in the active use of GBIS and the management of customer information.

 Hyosung TNC Joined 2019 Daegu International Textile Fair PID 

Hyosung TNC sought to expand markets by participating in the “2019 Daegu International Textile Fair: Preview in Daegu (PID)” in EXCO for three days from March 6. Since 2002, Hyosung TNC has participated in this event for the 18th consecutive year by opening joint exhibition booths with its partner firms. Hyosung TNC introduced a number of highly functional and soft textiles during this year’s exhibition. In particular, creora® eco-soft that can be manufactured in lower temperatures compared to regular spandex, thereby offering a soft feel and saving energy, as well as creora® Color+ which boasts vivid colors and a comfortable fit, received high praise from customers.

 Hyosung Heavy Industries Joins a Coalition of Hydrogen Charging Station Businesses

On March 11, a special purpose company (SPC) called Hydrogen Energy Network (HyNet) was officially launched. Hydrogen charging stations are necessary for the diffusion of hydrogen electric vehicles, but it costs 3 billion won to build one, which makes it difficult for a single company to pursue on its own. In this regard, HyNet was established by 13 companies, including Hyosung Heavy Industries and other 13 leading companies in the hydrogen-related sector, with a total investment of KRW 135 billion. HyNet plans to build 100 hydrogen filling stations by 2022. This corresponds to about one-third of the government's target (310 stations).

 Hyosung TNC Receiving Applications for Harrington Place in Cheongnyangni Station

Hyosung Heavy Industries opened a model house for Harrington Place in Cheongnyangni Station in Du-dong (District 3), Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul on March 29 ahead of the application process. Applications will open concurrently for apartments as well as commercial and business facilities of officetels. A total of 203 out of 220 apartment units and 34 officetel facilities will be parceled out to qualified citizens. Applications will be accepted from April 2 to 5, and the awardees are scheduled to be announced on April 11.

 Hyosung GOODSPRINGS Holds Network Bloc Meeting for Southeast Asian Agents

Hyosung GOODSPRINGS held a Network Bloc Meeting on March 14th and 15th with agents in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore. At the event, held in Jakarta, participants shared their performance and successful orders in the previous year while setting the goal and strategy directions for 2019. The meeting also provided customized training for individual agents, which received a lot of positive feedback.

 Hyosung Chemical’s Polyketone Receives Attention at Water Korea Fair

Hyosung Chemical has recently unveiled a polyketone water meter developed in collaboration with its partner company at Water Korea. Polyketone, developed and commercialized by Hyosung Chemical for the first time in the world, is an eco-friendly new material made of carbon monoxide. With its lightweight yet and durable characteristics, the material has recently been used in various fields recently. The polyketone water meter unveiled at the exhibition is receiving high expectations from the industry as the product is durable enough to ease worries about ruptures from freezing or wear and tear. Hyosung Chemical will continue to lead the market and actively explore new businesses.

 The Class Hyosung Signs MoU with City Bank

The Class Hyosung signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Citi Bank on March 18 to provide a premium limousine service for customers of the bank's WM centers located in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province until June 14. The premium concierge car service is based on a motif from the first-class services of airlines. Professional motor drivers will pick up booked customers at their location and give them a ride to a WM center or their desired destination in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class model. Six to eight rides per WM center will be offered during the bank's business hours each day. Reservations can be made through the WM centers (Seoul, Cheongdam, Banpo, Dogok, and Bundang).

 FMK Opens Ferrari Busan Service Center

FMK, the official Ferrari importer in Korea opened a Ferrari Service Center in Busan on March 7 and is gearing up to strengthen customer contact points in the Yeongnam area including Busan and increase the ownership value of Ferrari. The Ferrari Busan Service Center, located in the Haeundae area, has a total floor area of 562 square meters (170 pyeong) on the ground floor, featuring two work bays, a service center, a car exhibition hall, and a guest lounge. The center aims to provide the finest service and realize the brand value of Ferrari through its state-of-the-art facilities. It will also attempt to get closer to customers by providing sales support as well as displaying Ferrari’s latest models, such as Portofino and GTC4 Lusso T.

 Anyang Plant Conducts Cleaning Activities at Anyangcheon Stream

The Anyang Plant conducted cleaning activities near the Anyangcheon Stream on March 22. From the apartment complex in Bisan-dong to the back gate of the plant, participants joined the drive to make the stream clean. About 30 employees from the Anyang Plant, Hyosung R&DB Labs, the Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center, and Anyang HRD Center came together for the volunteer service. They also promised their active participation in social contribution activities for regional development.

 Ulsan Plant Participates in Jajangmyeon Sharing Event

On March 16, 20 members of the Hyosung Saetbyeol Volunteer Corps from Ulsan Plant visited the Ulsan Orphanage, located at Eonyang, Ulsan, and held the Jajangmyeon with Love event. The Ulsan Orphanage is a social welfare facility where 120 people from infants to college students live. The members of the corps donated supplies including diapers and cooked jajangmyeon and tangsuyuk themselves to share the food with children. Children had an unforgettable Saturday while enjoying the time with the volunteers. The Ulsan Plant plans to strengthen its social contribution activities in pursuit of shared prosperity with local communities.

 Changwon Plant’s Wings Club Invites Children with Disabilities to Musical ‘Hobi Show’ 

On March 9, the Changwon Plant's volunteer corps "Wings Club" invited children from Pullip Village, a welfare facility for persons with disabilities, to children's musical "Hobi Show." Some 10 Wings Club members and their families took part in this event and paired with children with disabilities to help them watch the show comfortably. The participating children enjoyed the performance, which was a rare outing for them, while following the dance moves and songs of the familiar tiger character. After the show, they went to a nearby restaurant and enjoyed a hearty lunch. The Wings Club is always looking for new members who would like to participate in sharing.

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