[New Wave] TANSOME Convinces Customers with Its High Quality in Short Time!

2019. 4. 19. 15:40

 Promoting Hyosung’s brands on the global stage

The Carbon Materials Group participated in JEC World 2019, the world's largest composite material exhibition, held in Paris, France from March 12-14. This year, more than 1,200 companies from 100 countries participated in the event with about 40,000 visitors in attendance. Hyosung has been participating in this exhibition since 2013 and has held various face-to-face meetings with more than 60 customer companies, offering consultation on various areas, including quality certification, technology, and sales expansion. The company also actively engaged in marketing activities, such as holding business meetings with more than 20 new companies.

 Stepping up its effort to develop trendy products

Hyosung, which began developing carbon fiber in 2007, created TANSOME®, the first Korean carbon fiber brand, in 2011 in the shortest possible time. Based on its high strength and uniformity, in just two years, TANSOME® was recognized by the world's largest high-pressure vessel company, to which Hyosung has continued to supply the products until now. In addition, Hyosung is also collaborating with tier-1 customers in the emerging hydrogen car market with the aim of entering the new energy vehicle market, where explosive demand is expected in the future. Furthermore, in the aviation market notorious for its high entry barriers, Hyosung has promoted its ultra-high strength, unsized (for thermosetting) carbon fiber products in a bid to pursue quality certification for the development of next-generation aircraft. Going forward, Hyosung will continue to focus on developing products that meet the needs of customers in the composite materials market to advance into high value-added markets. Hyosung will consistently strengthen its ability to keep abreast with global leading companies.

 Dreaming of leading the global market

Currently, Hyosung Advanced Materials is expanding its carbon fiber production facility in the Jeonju Plant. Additional lines to the existing site will increase its annual capacity to 4,000 tons. The construction is scheduled to be completed in 2020. This expansion is to produce key material required for the weight reduction of hydrogen and CNG vehicles, which are emerging as eco-friendly future cars, as well as wire core material (high voltage cable). It is also to prepare for the increasing demand for carbon fiber from the industrial and aviation industries. Demand for carbon fiber is expected to grow steadily as the importance of weight reduction, which has an energy-saving effect, is increasing. To this end, Hyosung is expanding sales of high-pressure vessels and wire core materials, which can benefit from carbon fiber's high-strength properties. The company also continues its research and development to enter the aviation market in the mid and long term as well as collaborating with tier-1 customers.

Wrritten and Photographed by Kim Jaehwan(Assistant Manager, Sales Team of Carbon Materials Group at Hyosung Advanced Materials The Carbon Materials Group)

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