[Technique] Our Own Technology to Surprise the World

2019. 4. 19. 15:40

 A united commitment to localizing power transmission technology

On March 13, a signing ceremony was held at the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center in Gwangju to mark the agreement on the development of the localization technology of voltage-type HVDC, which is a state project led by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Hyosung, as well as officials from electric and energy institutions and companies, gathered together for the development of the next generation power transmission technology, *High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC).

*What is HVDC?

A high voltage, direct current (HVDC) system converts two separate high-voltage AC power into DC power before connection and transmission. The system is divided into current-type HVDC and voltage-type HVDC depending on the applied semiconductor device and configuration.

HVDC is a technology that converts AC power generated by a power plant into DC for the high-voltage bulk transmission of electrical power over long distances. The technology reduces the risk of a blackout as well as power losses compared to existing AC power grids because it is possible to switch from one side to the other quickly in an emergency situation. In addition, without frequency limitation, this technology hailed as a next-generation power transmission technology can supply a relatively large amount of power reliably. Recently, it has attracted worldwide attention because of its likability with renewable energy. Still at the technology development stage, Korea has enough potential to compete in overseas markets.

Song Won-pyo, Executive Vice President of Hyosung Heavy Industries

At the signing ceremony, Song Won-pyo, Executive Vice President of Hyosung Heavy Industries expressed the company's aspiration saying, "We aim to successfully develop HMDC technology that will be recognized by the world. I hope that Korea's electric and power technology will advance to the world-class level."

 Hyosung is anticipated to play a leading role in HVDC development

Hyosung has played a leading role not only in developing voltage-type HVDC technology but also in related fields. As a company that leads the localization project of HVDC technology, Hyosung has a high level of aspiration.

Earlier, Hyosung successfully developed and commercialized the "Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC),” the latest voltage-type HVDC technology, for the first time in the world. Through competition with global companies, Hyosung won STATCOM projects for four KEPCO substations with the world's largest capacity of 1,400Mvar--Sinchungju, Sinyeongju, Donghae, and Sinbupyeong. Last year, Hyosung successfully completed the commissioning of Sinchungju and Sinyeongju STATCOM and is now undertaking commercial operation. In addition, the company succeeded in developing 20MM voltage HMDC technology in connection with offshore wind power for the first time in Korea in 2016 and finished installation and verification testing at Jeju's Wind Power Demonstration Complex.

The agreement on the localization of voltage-type HVDC technology will pave the way for Hyosung to work toward its goal of strengthening Korea's own technology. With increased technological prowess, Hyosung is expected to bring tectonic changes to the voltage-type HVDC market.

General Manager Yoo Hyun-ho

Power Grid Solution Team at the Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center

"Voltage-type HVDC uses smaller transmission towers and works underground, so its public acceptance is very high. That's why it's gaining more attention. Successful development of this technology will allow Hyosung's Voltage-type HVDC technology to take a step forward."

Senior Manager Im Hee-su

Electricity Sales Team of Electricity PU at Hyosung Heavy Industries

"We hope that this agreement will further enhance our technology penetration into overseas markets. Localization of technology has a positive effect on market price. I think that this will serve as another stepping stone for Korea's technology to enter overseas markets."

Assistant Manager Lee Jin-tae

Electricity Sales Team of Electricity PU at Hyosung Heavy Industries

"Many experts expect the global voltage-based HMDC market to grow rapidly from KRW 3.3 trillion in 2019 to KRW 4.5 trillion in 2023. We will strive to fulfill our role in building the foundation for commercialization"

Written by Shin Kyung Hwa

Photographed by Park Hae Ju (Day40 Studio)

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