[Focus] How Many Motors Do We Use in Our House?

2019. 4. 19. 15:39

 Our lives move with motors

A motor refers to an electrical device that converts electric energy into mechanical energy. Most motors operate on the principle of generating a rotational force through the interaction between the magnetic field and the current flowing in the windings. In 1800, Volta, an Italian physicist, developed a battery capable of producing continuous power (different from sparks or static electricity) out of silver and zinc sheet piles. For more than 200 years since then, batteries have continued to evolve to become today's electric motors. The motor has become a convenient and familiar device that is almost unimaginable to live our lives without it.

The number of electric motors used in U.S. homes is about 91. Electronic devices that are closely related to our lives, including air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, cameras, video players, and laptops, are driven by motors.  About 30 motors are used in a small car. They are applied in more components than you think, such as air conditioners, vacuum pumps, seat slides, and sunroofs.

 Hyosung's industrial motors with endless versatility

Hyosung Heavy Industries' high voltage motors comply with international standards, such as KS, IEC, and NEMA, and are produced with excellent insulation ability as well as low vibration and noise design. They are installed in various industries, including power plants, oil and gas, petrochemicals, fresh water, ships, and steel, gaining the trust of customers. Such industrial motors are electrical components that consume the most power in the world, accounting for more than 45% of global power consumption. In Korea, motors accounted for 54% (KRW 30.8 trillion, 275 TWh) of domestic power consumption in 2017. Motors can be utilized for various devices, such as pumps, compressors, fans, grinders, conveyors, decelerators, and machine tools. In addition, specialized motors are used across all industries, including petrochemical plants, nuclear and thermal power plants, ships, as well as the defense sector.

Arranged by An Sinhye

Illustrated by Cho Ra

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