[HYOSUNG News] Kick-off Ceremony for Year 2019 etc.

2019. 1. 25. 10:42

Group News

 Kick-off Ceremony for Year 2019

The kick-off ceremony to pledge a hopeful start and advancement in the new year 2019 was held at the head office building in Mapo on January 2. In his new year speech, Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho reiterated the VOC (Voice of Customer) that he has repeatedly emphasized since taking office and also stressed that a company cannot exist if it fails to identify and meet the needs of customers. Other Hyosung offices at home and abroad also held their kick-off ceremony where employees exchanged new year greetings and made their commitments in the new year.

 Awards Ceremony for 2018 Proud Hyosung-er Award

The 2018 Proud Hyosung-er Award Ceremony was held at the head office building in Mapo on December 27. General Manager Oh Dong-woo of Hyosung Heavy Industries won the award for having expanded the awarding of orders for ESS (energy storage system) by discovering new markets. General Manager Oh Dong-woo was recognized for his great contribution to the achievement of the No. 1 market share of ESS in the Korean market by focusing on the market of ESS linked with solar energy and Peak Cut ESS. The ceremony for the 2018 4Q Proud Hyosung-er Awards was also held the same day during which prize money and plaques were given to those who drove the growth of Hyosung.

 2019 Regular Executive Promotion

Hyosung conducted its 2019 regular promotion for a total of 26 executives in December. Strictly following the principle of excellence performance, the executives who were promoted include those who continued to implemented responsible management by producing steady outcomes and those who have contributed to Hyosung’s growth by leading the company’s new growth engine projects. In particular, this promotion also reflected those who have led the changes in markets and achieved results by faithfully implementing “customer-centered management through VOC (Voice of Customer),” on which Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho has placed emphasis.

 Introduction Training for Hyosung’s 53rd New Employees

The introduction training for Hyosung Group’s 53rd new employees got underway on January 2. Starting with a session at the Korean Standards Association’s training center, the new employees were given an opportunity to cultivate pride as Hyosung’s members while learning the founding principles, management philosophy, and core values of Hyosung as well as checking out the company’s products firsthand. The training, which includes various education programs under the theme of Centennial Hyosung and social contribution activities, wrapped up with a welcoming and completion ceremony. We hope that the 53rd new employees will become the driving forces that lead the group’s next 100 years.

 Hyosung Wins 2018 Web Award Korea

The websites of Hyosung Heavy Industries and Hyosung Chemical won the grand prize at the 2018 Web Awards Korea held on December 13. In addition, Hyosung TNC, Hyosung Advanced Materials, and Hyosung Information System received the top prize, and Hyosung FMS took the grand prize in the service category. The Web Awards Korea recognizes outstanding websites among newly-built or renovated websites each year.

The websites of Hyosung’s companies were newly opened in June, 2018 as the group switched to a holding company system. The websites were designed to maintain unity with set design guides yet to be able to reflect their own characteristics. Moreover, adaptive designs were applied to add convenience so that users can browse the websites with the optimized version according to their device.

 Hyosung TNC’s Gumi Plant Obtains Healthy Workplace Navi Certification

Hyosung TNC’s Gumi Plant obtained the Healthy Workplace Navi Certification by Gumi City on December 6. The Navi Certification System is a high-quality health brand project of the “Healthy City Gumi” that the city has conducted since 2011. A certificate is granted to a workplace that satisfies all areas of individual health resources as well as physical working environments to enhance health and safety of workers among manufacturing workplaces located in Gumi.

 Hyosung Advanced Materials Holds Company Awards Ceremony for Domestic Workplaces

Hyosung Advanced Materials held the 2018 company awards ceremony for domestic workplaces on December 17. Hyosung Advanced Materials presents the “Man of the Year” award to individuals who contributed to the growth and development of the company while granting the “Team of the Year” to teams who contributed to the advancement of the entire organization with their effective teamwork. The 2018 “Team of the Year” awards went to four teams including Aramid Sales Team.

 Hyosung Advanced Materials Holds Leadership Workshop for Executives and Team managers

Hyosung Advanced Materials held a leadership workshop for some 80 executives and team managers at its headquarters in Mapo on December 17. The first workshop since the launch of Hyosung Advanced Materials included special lectures designed to shed light on the company’s strategies for sustainable growth as well as to examine other companies’ cases. CEO Jungmo Hwang commented, “I hope you will put down that experiences and insights you have had so far and take this opportunity to fully accept new inputs. I believe that our leaders will lay the groundwork to make a new leap forward.”

 Hyosung Heavy Industries Holds Shared Growth Meeting with Partner Companies

Hyosung Heavy Industries held a shared growth meeting with partner companies at Lotte Hotel Seoul on December 13. Hyosung Heavy Industries has held bi-annual meetings with partner companies since 2008 with an aim to build a win-win partnership through shared growth. A total of 19 companies that supply parts and raw materials for the ultra-high voltage transformers, breakers, and ESS produced by Hyosung Heavy Industries, including Samdong, TCT, and POSCO Daewoo as well as 10 employees of Hyosung Heavy Industries attended the meeting, during which they shared co-growth policy and mutual understanding.

Social Contribution

 Hyosung Heavy Industries Provides Medical Care in Philippines

Hyosung Heavy Industries’ Substation Team 2 provided a medical volunteer service in San Manuel, Pangasinan, the Philippines on November 24.  The medical volunteer corps, which started in 2012, offered general medical checkup and prescription services as well as medicines and vitamins.  some 480 residents in the Philippine state of Pangasinan.  This social contribution activity is expected to help further solidify Hyosung’s relationship with the Philippines National Electrification Administration, which is one of our major customers.

 Hyosung Donates KRW 1 bln to Underprivileged Neighbors as Part of Year-end Campaign

Hyosung donated KRW 1 billion to neighbors through the Community Chest of Korea. Since 2003, Hyosung has offered a helping hand to underserved neighbors by donating funds for the 16th consecutive year. This year’s funds were donated by five Hyosung Companies—Hyosung Group, Hyosung TNC, Hyosung Heavy Industries, Hyosung Advanced Materials, and Hyosung Chemical. The donations will be used in helping disadvantaged women to find jobs and the most vulnerable to build self-supporting capability. Meanwhile, Jeonju Plant and Ulsan Plant also took part in the donation through the salary-sharing campaign.

 ‘Hyosung Culture Night’ with Theater Company Yeonwoo

Hyosung hosted “Hyosung Culture Night” at Dream Art Center in Daehangno on December 13. Hyosung Culture Night was prepared in an effort to encourage Hyosung employees and their families as well as promote creative drama in time for the year-end. During this event, around 200 employees and family members watched Theater Company Yeonwoo’s musical "Oh! While You're Asleep." Along with this, Hyosung also delivered a donation of KRW 30 million to the theater company in support of creative drama production.

 Hyosung TNS’ Santa Expedition Delivers Rice to Disadvantaged Neighbors

Hyosung TNS held an event called “Hyosung TNS Santa Expedition” on December 5. Around 70 employees participated in the event where they visited low income families and senior citizens who live alone in Suseo-dong and delivered “Love Rice,” toilet papers, and padded winter jackets for children. Love Rice and daily supplies were purchased with the funds donated by employees from their salaries. Hyosung TNS has helped neighbors through rice-sharing volunteer work every year-end season.

 Hyosung Chemical’s Yongyeon Plant Delivers Bread of Love

Yongyeon Plant carried out volunteer activities in which its employees shared bread with neighbors at Red Cross Ulsan on December 1 and 8. A total of 22 employees packed freshly-baked bread with love and delivered to a nearby senior care facility.

 Changwon Plant Holds ‘Handover Ceremony of Love Rice’

Changwon Plant held a Handover Ceremony of Love Rice at Changwon City Hall on December 28. Changwon Plant donated KRW 3.5 million worth of rice, and a total of 730 underprivileged families in Changwon, including basic subsidy recipients, single-parent homes, and people with disabilities received 20kg of rice each.

Changwon Plant funded resources to purchase rice through a matching grant, in which the company donates the same amounts of employees’ donations. The plant also expressed support for farming communities by purchasing rice from Gunbuk-myeon, Haman-gun which has a sisterhood relationship with Hyosung Heavy Industries.

 Changwon Plant Joins Talent Nurturing Campaign ‘Love Changwon, Love Children’ 

On December 28, Changwon Plant took part in a talent nurturing campaign called “Love Changwon, Love Children,” which jointly hosted by Changwon City, KN News, and Childfund Korea Gyeongnam Branch. Changwon Plant donated a total of KRW 11.5 billion for this campaign, which supports the stable life and independence of children who are talented yet struggling to follow their dreams due to financial difficulties.

 Changwon Plant’s Volunteer Group ‘Wing Club’ Receives Commendation from Gyeongsangnam-do Governor

Changwon Plant’s Volunteer Group ‘Wing Club’ received commendation from the Gyeongsangnam-do Governor at a sharing event held at the Gyeongnam Society Welfare Center on November 27. At the ceremony, the president of Wing Club, Assistant Manager Han Yeong-rok received the commendation on behalf of the volunteer group. Founded in 1987, Wings Club has continued to engage in monthly sharing activities and provide support to low-income children and welfare facilities.

 Changwon Plant Holds Opening Ceremony of ‘Hyosung Mini Library’

On December 27, Changwon Plant held the opening ceremony for “Hyosung Mini Library” at Gagopa Elementary School and Gamgye Elementary School and donated 1,559 books recommended for primary students, which is worth about KRW 20 million in total. Gagopa Elementary School and Gamgye Elementary School, which had a fewer number of books compared to that of students, were selected as the beneficiaries for Hyosung Mini Library after the evaluation process by the Changwon Office of Education. Since 2014, Changwon Plant has donated Hyosung Mini Library in collaboration with the Changwon Office of Education in an effort to reduce gaps in the number of books in schools and encourage students to read more.

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