[Focus on VOC] Powerful Spur toward the Market Leader

2019. 1. 25. 10:42

 Hyosung ESS created with the best technology

Hyosung Heavy Industries, Korea’s No. 1 ESS company, provides an energy solution with the best technology to its customers. ESS (energy storage system) is an energy storage equipment that stores surplus power during hours when power demand or electricity cost is low to use it at peak hours when power demand or electricity is high. The most common example is BESS (battery ESS) which stores energy in a rechargeable and dischargeable secondary battery.

 What’s happening in ESS?

The main components of ESS are PCS (power conversion system), PMS (power management system), batteries, and BMS (battery management system). PCS supplies power or stores electricity in batteries by converting electrical energy from AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current) or from DC to AC. PMS, which monitors and controls the status of ESS, manages the total electricity, such as controlling the amount of power to be recharged or discharged. Batteries store or output electric energy in the form of DC. BMS measures the current, voltage, and temperature of batteries and controls charging and discharging currents by communicating with the PCS. Hyosung Heavy Industries plans to integrate its self-developed PCS and PMS technologies to target the global market.

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