[Business Series] Renewable Energy Wins the Hearts of Customers

2019. 1. 25. 10:42

General Manager Oh Dong-woo, Renewable Energy Sales Team, Electricity PU of Hyosung Industries

 Miracle of 100% success in awarding orders

It is widely known that the 2009 business analysis of a global consulting firm showed that ESS (energy storage system) was classified as “Hyosung’s business that has to be abandoned.” However, after more than 10 years, Hyosung became a leader that ranked No.1 in accumulated sales of ESS in the domestic market. At the center of this history is General Manager Oh Dong-woo, who won the 2018 Proud Hyosung-er Award. He was recognized for consistently discovering new projects and led innovation in the ESS business by enhancing its competitiveness. Moreover, General Manager Oh has built trust with client companies and government agencies through constant communication.

“The most delightful moment in 2018 was when we signed a contract for the Yeongheung solar energy-linked project. We proposed the client change the existing bidding system from the second-phase bidding (after qualification evaluation, the company with the lowest price wins) to the comprehensive bidding (the winner is selected through a comprehensive evaluation of prices and economic feasibility). With this, we were able to successfully win the project after preparing our proposal and determining the bidding price by thoroughly studying the evaluation criteria. It was really rewarding because our economic efficiency, quality, and price were all well recognized.”

 The best sales representatives are customers

The Yeongheung solar energy-linked project became the starting point of success. It served as an opportunity to significantly improve the preference of public agencies for Hyosung Heavy Industries’ products, thereafter leading to 100 percent success in winning bidding contracts for public organizations. This was all because we listened to the voices of customers more than any others, such as thoroughly analyzing evaluation criteria.

In the private solar energy-linked ESS, Hyosung pushed for contracts by having Korea’s top photovoltaic EPC companies as its special agencies and achieved 50 percent of market share in the renewable energy-linked market. This was the result of analyzing key points of tenders and responding accordingly. Close cooperation with Samsung SDI, which allows Hyosung to secure batteries ahead of competitors, also contributed to our growth. General Manager Oh called all of these outcomes “the fruit of teamwork.”

“The overseas sales, production (factory), engineering (technology development), and solution (business model and marketing) teams united as one. Their enthusiasm and synergy were great. Thanks to all the active efforts from executives as well as team members, we were able to achieve our dreams."

 With the mindset that people are most important

There were times that we thought “we are the best.” But that too much confidence led to failures, from which we learned the importance of relationships based on trust.

“We can maintain business only when we identify information, convey sincerity to customers, and build trust. My sales secret is to meet customers consistently and identify their needs. Even if clients make difficult requests, I don’t say ‘No!” right away and rather think about solutions. That way, I can give them a positive impression that ‘There could be a possibility if I work with him.’ When I used to be in charge of maintenance of in-volve , transformers, and breakers, I developed the belief ‘People are most important’ while cooperating with small and medium companies. I think we produce better outcomes when we have a goal for shared prosperity and growth.”

The dream of General Manager Oh Dong-woo is to also receive recognition from overseas customers that “Hyosung’s ESS is the best” based on our No. 1 experience in Korea. In order to realize that dream fast, Oh is striving to secure more medium- and long-term ESS markets. His passion and ceaseless efforts to study domestic and international markets, then discover and propose new business models to the government are the new energy of Hyosung.

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