[Global Messenger] Hyosung USA Incorporated delivers scholarship fund to The University of Alabama of the US

2018. 12. 21. 15:02

Hyosung USA Incorporated is producing the world’s no. 1 tire reinforcement materials and carpets for cars that are expected to grow in the near future. Hyosung USA held a meaningful event of delivering a scholarship fund to the Korean Language program of the University of Alabama in the US.

 Decatur Factory playing the role of a global production base

In 2006, Hyosung concluded a contract with Goodyear, the world’s No. 3 tire manufacturer, for the supply of tire cord and acquired “Decatur Factory” in the US. Decatur Factory produces tire cord and car mats. As the merit of the tire cord produced in Decatur Factory, it can be customized for the local US market. In the case of car mats, the processes that used to be carried out in Korea came to be localized with the acquisition of Decatur Factory. As a result, large quantities of orders can be processed stably at low costs for client companies. Decatur Factory is playing the role of an outpost for targeting North America as the world’s largest automobile market. Hyosung USA Incorporated held a meaningful event in November this year. 

 Support for the Korean language program

On Nov. 13, Hyosung USA Incorporated delivered a scholarship fund to the Korean language program of the University of Alabama. Decatur Factory is located in the State of Alabama. The ceremony for the delivery of the scholarship fund was held at the Ferguson Center Ballroom of the University of Alabama with the attendance of more than 100 students, teaching staff, and officials of the department of education of the State of Alabama. Hyosung introduced its global businesses and activities in the US during the ceremony.

As a distinguished university in Southern USA, the University of Alabama has a high level of awareness with its record of winning the most number of times in the university football league. Hyosung has been providing scholarships for the Korean language program of the university since 2015.

Present at the ceremony for the delivery of the 2019 scholarship fund for the Korean language program were: Dr. Douglas Lightfoot, director of the language institute; Dr. Koji Arizumi, head of the Korean language center; and people from Hyosung USA Incorporated. “I am proud that we have the Korean language program at a time when the global status of Korea keeps rising. The students of the University of Alabama appreciate the scholarship of Hyosung, which is very helpful to their studies,” Dr. Lightfoot said. He thanked Hyosung for its support for the Korean language program, which makes it unique among foreign companies operating in the region. John Gorman, manager of Decatur Factory of Hyosung USA Incorporated, expressed hope that the activation of the Korean language program can lead to employment at the local Korean company and contribute to the promotion of a good relationship between Korea and the US. We hope that the scholarship of Hyosung can work as the priming water for the spread of Korean culture and exchanges between Korea and the US.

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