[Into Business Sites] 2018 World-Class Korean Products Certification Presentation Ceremony

2018. 12. 21. 15:02

On Nov. 23, 9 products of the Hyosung Group were selected as world-class products in the 2018 World-Class Korean Products Certification Presentation Ceremony. This attests to the potential of the Hyosung Group, which has captivated the global market with innovative technologies and quality management.

 Excellent quality management

The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy of Korea announces competitive World-Class Korean Products (WCKPs) every year. A product can be selected as WCKP if its share in the world market is ranked among the top 5 with more than 5% market share. In 2001 when the WCKP program was launched, 120 products of 140 companies were selected as WCKPs. In 2018, 784 products of 876 companies were selected as WCKPs.

The Hyosung Group has been included among the companies that contribute to the exports of Korea with the selection of 9 products of 4 of its affiliated business companies as WCKPs. Congratulations and applause continued whenever the name “Hyosung” was called in the 2018 World-Class Korean Products Certification Presentation Ceremony. Despite the technology catch up of China, Hyosung has stayed on top with its excellent technological power and quality management. 

 Being on a roll with global competitiveness! 2018 World-Class Korean Products

Hyosung Heavy Industries

245kV & 420kV Gas Insulation Switchgear

Small but most reliable -- the compact 245kV and 420kV gas insulation switchgear is a composite disconnection system that prevents accidents or failure of the transmission line or electrical transformers. By putting together individual devices such as disconnecting switch, lightning arrester, and circuit breaker into one package, the insulation switchgear has reduced the installation area remarkably to enhance space efficiency. The switchgear is also receiving attention as an environment-friendly product by reducing the amount of insulating gas of SF6 (Sulphur hexafluoride) by more than a third compared to the existing products.

Hyosung Advanced Materials

Yarn tire cord for tire reinforcement

The technological power of Hyosung is also used for the production of tire, which is an indispensable part of a car. Tire cord is a high-functionality product essential for the production of high-quality tires. Accounting for more than 45% of the global tire market,  Hyosung’s tire cord is being sold to global TOP 10 tire companies including Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, Hankook Tire, Kumho Tire, and Yokohama. 

Polyester yarn for safety belt

The polyester yarn of Hyosung for safety belt remains No. 1 in terms of global market share with the best quality when it comes to wear resistance and dyeing property. The quality and technological power of the product are recognized by its sale to Seat Belt Weaver. In particular, the yarn for ARS (Automotive Restraint System) can endure the instant shock transmitted to the passenger at the time of car collision.

Hyosung TNC

Aerocool, a pleasant polyester filament yarn

There are grades in sportswear, too. Aerocool is a high-function polyester yarn that enables pleasant exercising without having to worry about sweat. The moisture can be absorbed and dried quickly by the minute paths formed on the surface. The yarn is used for the production of clothes for sports and leisure. 

Polyester microfiber - M2

M2 is the polyester microfiber that makes bedclothes or cushion feel smooth and soft. The fiber, whose thickness is less than 1/20 of that of hair, is made with an amazing technology. Bulky and flexible with deep color, it is mainly used for dolls, cushion, bedclothes, golf wear, and mustang, and it can save much cost without loss in the production process and burden of wastewater treatment.

Xanadu, polyester elastic fiber

With good elasticity, ventilation, and durability, Xanadu is comfortable to wear and move in. In particular, it is ideal for leisure wear such as mountain-climbing clothes and cycling clothes with excellent sweat absorption and quick drying function. The high-function fiber is also easy to care for when washing or keeping. It can be applied widely not only to casual wear such as denim and shirt but also to formal suits like jacket or blouse.

Creora, a Spandex yarn

Creora is the world’s no. 1 Spandex brand in both name and reality. Hyosung began to produce Spandex in 1992, and it has grown to be the world’s largest Spandex maker thanks to independent production technologies, R&D, and global marketing activities. Creora is leading the world’s textile industry by developing new products continuously according to customers’ needs with the best quality and technological power.

Hyosung Chemical

TOPILENE R200P, PP superhigh-pressure pipe resin for hot and cold water pipe

TOPILENE R200P is polypropylene (PP) resin used for hot water supply pipe, heating pipe, radiator pipe, etc. The raw material, propylene, is self-procured from the propane dehydrogenation (DH) process. A stable supply basis has been secured through the successful vertical integration from raw materials to the final products. At the same time, it is valued highly for its long life of more than 50 years, chemical stability, environment-friendliness, etc. 

 Mini Interview

Hyosung Advanced Materials

Vice President Lee Shi-yeon

“I’m proud that our product has been certified as a World-Class Korean Product. Now, our product is ranked first in terms of global market share, and we aim to raise the market share to 40% within three years. We will keep making effort for technology development that reflects market needs through technological cooperation or joint projects with client companies.”

Circuit Breaker Marketing Team at Hyosung Heavy Industries

Team Manager Kim Gang-seok

“We are endeavoring to be acknowledged in the global market despite the difficult economic situation. We carefully listen to the voice of our customers, however trivial it may be, to produce more efficient, high-performance products. We would like to have more influence in the world market by developing additional functions better than the 420kV switchgear.”

Spandex Fabric Marketing Team at Hyosung TNC

Team Manager Lee Jae-woo

“I think it is more meaningful that the products of the 4 business companies in the Hyosung Group have been certified World-Class Korean Products after the division of our group into the holding company and business companies. It has proven that the differentiated technological power of the Hyosung Group is leading the global market. We will keep making effort for the development of new technologies that can enrich the life of world citizens further!”

PP/DH PU Market Development Team at Hyosung Chemical

Team Manager Lee Yong-sung

“Seeing the certification of world-class product in my hand, I realize that our product is a world-class product that’s ranked first in global market share. I am happy that the efforts of the factory staff and the developers at the research institute have been acknowledged. We will keep making effort to solidify the position of the profitable product, which is the main product of our business division.”

Text | Kim Joo-hee

Photo | Jeon Moon-sik (Day40 Studio)

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