[Hyosung News] Hyosung Group Celebrates Its 52nd Foundation Anniversary etc.

2018. 11. 29. 10:34

Group News

 Hyosung Group Celebrates Its 52nd Foundation Anniversary

Hyusong Group held a ceremony to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of its foundation on November 17, 2018 in its head office in Mapo, Seoul. The ceremony was attended by over 300 executives and employees of Hyosung Group member companies working in Gyeonggi and Incheon areas, and consisted of multiple segments including the 2018 Long-Serving Employees’ Awards. In his congratulatory speech, Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho urged that VOC should be the guiding principle as Hyosung employees make and carry out all of their business decisions.

 Q3 Proud Hyosung-er Award & Dialogue with the Executives

Hyosung Group held Q3 Proud Hyosung-er Awards on November 1 in the head office in Mapo, Seoul. Two employees, one from the marketing division and the other from the technology division, were awarded prize money and a plaque, based on a strict screening process. The quarterly award ceremony is held to recognize and honor employees for their outstanding performance. In addition, the dialogue with the executives provides a forum for management and employees to share the results of the 3rd quarter and future business plans.

 Hyosung Group Holds IR Sessions in Hong Kong and Singapore

Hyosung Group held IR sessions in Hong Kong and Singapore on October 3-6, 2018. The session included Corporate Day for institutional investors and analysts, and Non-Deal Road Show (NDR), an IR event for overseas institutional investors, that does not entail any investment or transactions. Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM), JP Morgan Chase, Allianz, and 14 other companies joined the session and showed much interest in the group’s business plans and specific business projects of Hyosung and other member companies of the group. Hyosung stressed that it would continue to create value and increase shareholder value, based on its technological superiority, following the spin-offs.

 Hyosung T&C Launches Global Smart Factories

As part of its continuing efforts to proactively respond to the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Hyosung T&C has launched smart factories in 5 production centers including China and Vietnam. The smart factories can monitor global factories, and collect, analyze, and control data from all steps of the manufacturing process in real time, thereby further enhancing its production competitiveness. With the introduction of the smart factories, Hyosung T&C is further cementing its global no. 1 market dominance.

 Hyosung Heavy Industries Celebrates the Launch of Its New Substation Stacom in Youngju/Chungju Area

On October 25, 2018, a ceremony was held to celebrate the opening of Stacom, New Youngju New Chungju substation. More than 100 people, including employees of KEPCO and Hyosung Heavy Industries, attended the ceremony to celebrate the successful opening of Stacom that has the largest capacity as a single substation. During the ceremony, KEPCO presented a plaque of acknowledgement to Hyosung Heavy Industries for its role in bringing forward the era of smart grid. Hyosung Heavy Industries is the first and only company in Korea that is capable of manufacturing commercially-viable Stacom. With this exclusive technology, the company is stepping up its efforts to rise as a global leader in the industry.

 Hyosung Chemical’s Exports of Polypropylene are on the Rise

Hyosung Chemical’s polypropylene exports to Japan increased significantly from last year. Hyosung’s exports increased considerably because Japanese polypropylene manufacturers could not catch up with the growing demand from auto interiors and exteriors makers and food packaging materials makers in Japan. Amid the rising demand, Japanese client companies are keenly interested in Hyosung’s factory in Ba Rịa–Vung Tau Province, Vietnam, that is scheduled for completion in 2020. Hyosung Chemical is taking advantage of its globally competitive polypropylene products to tap into new markets and expand its global sales.

 Hyosung Heavy Industries Joins Seoul International Electric Fair

Hyosung Heavy Industries participated in Seoul International Electric Fair held in COEX on October 10, 2018. The largest expo in Korea with over 420 participating companies from 15 countries, the event showcased a wide variety of products. In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Grand Energy Transition, Hyosung Heavy Industries are striving to solidify its position as a global key player. 

 Hyosung’s Hydrogen Fueling Station in Ulsan Ushers in the Era of Hydrogen Vehicles

The more hydrogen vehicles run, the cleaner the air gets. Amid the growing interest in the hydrogen fueling infrastructure, the first hydrogen buses will run in the eco-friendly city of Ulsan. This has been made possible by Korea’s first hydrogen and multi-energy stations that the company installed in the city. Three-minute high-speed charging is possible at all of the 4 stations. A total of 360,000 hydrogen vehicles are expected to be running in Korea by 2022. With its technology and know-how, Hyosung is leading the country’s hydrogen fueling market.

 Hyosung T&C Conducts an Occupational Safety & Health Campaign at Gumi Plant

Hyosung T&C’s spandex PU Gumi plant has conducted an occupational safety and health campaign. Plant managers performed 3 on-site safety checks and took actions to raise safety awareness.

 Hyosung Heavy Industries attends Bixpo 2018

Hyosung Heavy Industries joined Bixopo 2018 that took place in Gwangju Metropolitan City on October 31, 2018. The latest energy transition technology developed by Hyosung as a global energy leader came into spotlight at the event where a large number of international companies showcased their products and technologies. Hyosung Heavy Industries will focus on enhancing its global competitiveness in new renewable energy sources and smart power generation systems in order to rise as a leading global power company. 

 Construction PU Holds Workshop on Goal Achievement and Organizational Development

Construction PU held a workshop on how to achieve goals and organizational development on October 12, 2018 in Dongtan, Gyeonggi-do. PU head Dong-woo Kim and other presenters explained their action plans and joined follow-up discussions. In addition, the workshop included a sports event and other activities where all executives and employees had fun and built a sense of belonging as members of the same organization.

 Hyosung Information System Joins the IT Industry Trend-Leading Conference

Hyosung Information System took part in Bitgaram Energy Valley ICT & Security Conference held on October 11, 2018 in Naju Innovation City, Jeollanam-do. The company representative made a presentation titled “IT Trends and Response Strategies,” and the company operated a booth for hyper converged infrastructure widely considered as the next-generation IT infrastructure. The booth gained much attention among participants. On October 17, the company introduced innovative cases in the digital transition age at the IT Roadmap Conference 2018. Hyosung Information System is actively involved in various activities as a leader in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

 Hyosung ITX Creates a Voice Recognition-Based Customer Service Program for CJ Hello

Hyosung ITX signed an agreement with CJ Hello to upgrade CJ’s CS infrastructure. Under the agreement, Hyosung ITX created Xtrim Solution, a real-time customer service system using voice recognition technology. Xtrim Solution is an AI-based CS program that analyzes conversations with customers in real time and helps CS representatives provide optimized responses to customers.

 The Class Hyosung Celebrates Its 15th Foundation Anniversary

The Class Hyosung held the “Night of the Class Hyosung People” at Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas on the evening of October 19, 2018 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the company’s foundation. The event, which was attended by approximately 750 people including around 100 family members of long-serving employees, was held to recognize executives and employees who have contributed to the growth and success of the company and to build a sense of bond and harmony among the participants. “I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have made The Class Hyosung what it is today. I hope we stay united and work together to ensure the continued growth of the company into the world’s no. 1 dealer company,” said CEO Gi-young Bae.

 Hyosung’s Vietnam & Dong Nai Corporations Hold a Sports Event for Employees

Hyosung’s Vietnamese and Dong Nai corporations held a sports event to celebrate the company’s 11th anniversary. Employees played soccer and volleyball, and had a jump-roping competition. The event brought together employees and provided a forum for communication.

Social Contribution

 Teaching Class with Cellist Yo-Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma’s Teaching Class was held on October 17, 2018 at Seoul Arts Center. An orchestra that consists of children and youth from socially disadvantaged families harbored the dream of becoming a musician as they learned directly from the world-famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Hyosung Group, as a sponsor of musically talented chidren, is currently providing scholarships and financial support for purchase of instruments. This is part of the group’s social contribution efforts to provide access to culture and art to all.

 Hyosung Helps Reproduction of the Royal Palace of Korea’s Last Emperor

Hyosung Group signed an MOU with Cultural Heritage Administration and the cultural foundation Arumjigi in Gajeongdang of Changdeokgung Palace, on the preservation and maintenance of Daejojeon and Heejeongdang of Changdeokgung Palace, and on reproduction of the traditional-style interior. The financial support will be used to fund the reproduction of these two spaces into what they looked like in the days of the Korean Empire. In recognition of the financial support and Hyosung’s efforts to preserve and protect the royal palaces over the past years, Cultural Heritage Administration designated Hyosung Group as a cultural heritage protector.

 Family Camp with Physically Disabled Children

As part of the rehabilitation therapy program for disabled children and youth that Hyosung Group and the Purme Foundation jointly operate, Hyosung employees and their family members travelled around Chuncheon area in Gangwon-do, together with families of disabled children and youth for two days. A total of 20 families joined the trip that included various activities. The trip was a memorable family outing for families of disabled children and youth who cannot afford to go on a trip due to time and financial constraints. 

 Changwon Plant Participates in the Local Streams Cleaning Campaign

As part of the one company-one stream cleaning campaign, employees of Changwon plant cleaned Namcheon Stream and Wanamcheon Stream that flow near Changwon Factories 1 and 3. More than 90 employees from the General Management Division volunteered to collect trash and clean the streams. Typhoon Kong Rey left the lower streams littered with massive amounts of trash, all of which was removed by the employees.

 Ulsan Plant Employees Offer Helping Hands to a Farming Village

Employees of Ulsan plant visited Junggosan Village in Onyang-eup, Ulsan on October 25. Thirty employees happily labored as they helped farmers harvest their crops. Ulsan plant and the village established the one company-one village sisterhood relationship in August 2005. Since then, the plant has been actively engaged in exchanges with the village. The plant employees helped plant and cut rice, and sponsored meals and parties for the elderly members of the village, as part of their efforts to give back to local community.

 Anyang Unit Conducts the 26th Clean-up Day

During the 26th Clean-up Day event held on October 16 along Anyangcheon Stream, around 30 employees of Anyang plant, Hyosung R&DB Labs, Hyosung Heavy Industries R&D Center, and Hyosung HR Development joined effort to clean up the stream. 

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