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2018. 11. 29. 10:34

Unwavering spirit and passion for achieving goals are the driving forces behind success. The two men who breathe life into challenges and thus make seemingly impossible missions doable, were selected as the winners of Proud Hyosung-er Award. The following is the interview with the two award winners who were recognized for their roles in maximizing the growth of the company in their respective positions.

 Innovation from Out-of-the-Box Thinking and Proactive Sales Strategies

[Marketing Division] Joong-min Park

Manager, US Tire Reinforcement Materials Subsidiary

He did things in ways that others don’t. He acted more swiftly than others. In charge of sales of carpets and car mats in the North American market, Park took proactive steps and used customer-focused sales strategies to expand sales. First, he identified sales opportunities and came up with specific sales strategies that can meet the needs of individual customers. As a result, he was able to win orders from global companies, adding significantly to sales and increasing profit.

First, the products used for pickup trucks of the client companies were successfully developed and the mass production began in January this year. His proactive marketing strategies played a key role in this process. He approached molding companies that were competing against each other in advance and ensured that whoever eventually won the order would supply Hyosung products. Additionally, he persistently stressed the strengths of our products to customers, and eventually convinced customers to use our products in the models instead of the competition’s products.

In March, he also landed the order for PET products after many turns and twists. Initially, the customer had a negative view, but Park didn’t give up. Instead, he kept personally visiting different departments of the client company. After repeated sales pitches on PET’s strengths including durable quality and the ability to create sophisticated exterior designs and light-weight products, the client company finally decided to replace our competition’s products with ours. This led to another sales opportunity. The client company that was convinced of our quality, suggested that the same PET product should be used in larger models. Park actively interacted closely with the design team of the client company and persuaded the client to apply our PET products in more models.

The success of the project is meaningful in many aspects. It was the first order from a global company, and Park increased the possibility of selling the product by adopting the spec-in sales approach from the product design stage, which makes the case even more significant.

Park successfully tapped into the global market by taking advantage of the sales resources that best fit the characteristics of the local market. Instead of sticking to the existing sales and market practices, Park constantly strived to create contacts with customers and create new opportunities. His success shows that new perspectives and proactive approaches are the key to growth.

 Quality Enhancement through Upgrade of Facilities 

[Technology Division] Jung-bae Lee

General Manager, Steel Cord Support Office

Steel Tire Cord Division of the Vietnamese Subsidiary

“Once I set a goal, I achieve it no matter what.” This is the motto of Jung-bae Lee, general manager in charge of stranding steel cords at the Vietnamese subsidiary. Lee wrestled with the chronic problems of the stranding process and finally came up with optimal solutions.

Multiple steel strands are put together and twisted to make steel cord products. These cords tend to rotate back into their original shape. The strands were twisted too much or the stranding equipment FS roller had to be readjusted after each use in order to prevent the cords of the finished products from unwinding. This production method posed an obstacle to keeping product quality consistent.

Lee first examined the materials of the equipment to find a solution. He discovered that the rotation of the roller bearing deteriorated with time, and addressed the problem by changing the material of the bearing. In addition, he conducted various tests and found the optimal conditions including where the individual parts should fit in the equipment and how much spaces there should be between the parts, based on the results of the tests.

As a result, it was possible to keep the rotation deviation of the products at 0.45 or lower. Previously, all of the products were inspected before being packaged, but now the products are packaged without inspection. The inspection-free packaging process led to workforce reduction and eventually cost savings.

He was also noted for raising production efficiency by switching from movable FS rollers to fixed FS rollers. In the existing stranding process, when a wire was to be replaced or a strand was broken, the operator had to personally reset the roller by readjusting the controlling bolt.

Since this was done manually by different workers, how tight the roller was set or the way the adjustment was made varied from person to person, resulting in inconsistent quality. Lee embarked on research to introduce fixed rollers with uniform tightness and a uniform tightening method. He collected data on tightness and set standard conditions. Subsequently, he conducted on-site tests on product quality and the durability of rollers before finally adopting fixed rollers. The adoption of the fixed roller ensured consistent quality and reduced the loss time of the stranding process, leading to workforce reduction.

Lee did not hesitate to take on this challenge because he thought that the switch was “necessary” even though it was not an easy goal to achieve. Eventually, Lee set an example that shows how quality can be improved and cost can be reduced. This was made possible by his relentless passion for achieving the goal. 

Written by Joo-hee Kim

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