[52nd Anniversary] “Let us build a 100-year-old Hyosung”

2018. 11. 29. 10:33

My dear Hyosung family members around the world -- I am glad to speak to you all.

The Hyosung Group is celebrating its 52nd anniversary today. I would like to express my appreciation to all the officers and employees who have dedicated themselves to the development of the group. Once again, I convey my special congratulations to those who have been awarded a prize for having served the group for a long period.

Hyosung has developed steadily step by step over the years. Hyosung’s success DNA of valuing technologies has been the group’s driving force that has led industrial innovations. It is time for us to leap forward again based on such glorious history.

Note, however, that today’s challenging business conditions caution us in making an optimistic forecast of the future. We should not be satisfied with the current status in order to make Hyosung a business that last over 100 years based on global competitiveness. It would be a fatal retrogression if we still stick to the past framework when our customers and competitors continue changes incessantly. We should do thorough self-reform now. Customers should stand at the center of such self-reform.

Efforts of introspecting ourselves listening to the voice of customers are the Voice of Customer (VOC) I have emphasized on many occasions. We can hardly survive if we neglect the voice of customers. We should preemptively search and satisfy even the needs that customers have not yet realized with thoughtful care and through close communication with them. We should perceive changes in the market with such efforts and reflect them to our business speedily.

So far, it appears we have considered the voice of customers from the viewpoint of customer service only. Note, however, that VOC should be the basis for every endeavor we take up rather than for a problem belonging to individual departments. I strongly urge you to practice VOC with a sense of urgency by treating it as the top-priority basis for decisions in all business activities. I expect the customer-oriented management to be practiced on a daily basis and to become the corporate culture of Hyosung.

I will also do my best to support and participate in your VOC activities by paying more attention and efforts to understand and satisfy customers’ requirements as well as the needs of all you officers and employees.

My beloved Hyosung family members,

Hyosung has developed its capabilities and vision to advance into the global market for the past 50 years. From now on, we should leap forward into the world’s best business that will lead the affluent life of the human race. I wish Hyosung will be accepted as a company that cares about customers the most. Let us build a 100-year-old Hyosung that we dream of based on such efforts. Thank you.

November 2, 2018

Hyun-Joon Cho, Chairman and CEO

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