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Group News

 A presentation about changes in working hours due to the enforcement of the 52-hour work week

On June 26, Hyosung gave a presentation on the change of the working hour system to the office workers in Seoul at the Mapo, Banpo and Bangbae office buildings. At this presentation, the company explained the Labor Standards Act related to the reduction of working hours, which will be implemented once the 52-hour work week is enforced on July 1, Hyosung’s introduction of the flexible workplace (discretionary and flexible working hour system), and the system for checking absences while on duty.

 The presentation of awards at the 2nd Hyosung Environment-friendly Idea Contest 

On June 5, Hyosung held the awards ceremony for the ‘2nd Environment-friendly Hyosung Idea Contest,’ which began to receive ideas from April, at the Mapo office building. The grand prize went to the ‘Pet waste bags made of bioplastics which contains seeds,’ which was submitted by the ‘‘Ppumppum Ajae’ team, consisting of Kyungpook National University students (Kim Do-yoon, Yoon Hyeon-taek and Kang Gi-hyo). Hyosung reviewed the documents and presentations and selected the awardees from among 75 ideas and 29 pieces of card news, which were received between April 2 to May 10. The winning teams received a total of KRW21 million, including KRW5 million for the grand prize winner in the idea category, and they will also receive additional points when they apply for a job at Hyosung Group.

 Hyosung TNC participates in ‘ANEX 2018’ to reinforce its advancement into the spandex market for diapers

Hyosung TNC participated in ‘ANEX 2018,’ which was held for four days from June 6 in Tokyo, Japan. ANEX is the world’s largest international nonwoven fabric exhibition where diaper or sanitary product manufacturers introduce their products and technologies. Hyosung TNC introduced its leading global products and attracted the attention of visitors. Hyosung TNC is planning to listen carefully to customer needs in the market and make use of them as product development ideas.

 Hyosung Advanced Materials participates in ‘Eurosatory 2018’ 

Hyosung Advanced Materials participated in the defense and security exhibition ‘Eurosatory 2018,’ which was held in Paris, France on June 11. At the world’s largest defense and security exhibition, the company introduced various knife-proof and bullet-proof products made of ALKEX, attracting the attention of visitors. Hyosung Advanced Materials is planning to take leverage its leading-edge aramid technology to reinforce its foray into the global market.

 Hyosung Heavy Industries holds the Heavy Industries PG awards ceremony for the first quarter 

On June 11, Hyosung Heavy Industries held the Heavy Industries PG awards ceremony in the conference room of Changwon Plant 1. A total of 2 teams and 15 employees received awards: 11 Golden Performance awards, one model employee award, and the suggestion awards for two teams. The Golden Performance award, the highest honor in the heavy industry category, is given to awardees in sales/production/research/project/support every quarter under the company’s management policy of ‘Where there is performance, there are rewards.’

 Outstanding employees of the Brazilian subsidiary of Hyosung TNC visit Changwon Plant 

On May 29, four local employees of the Brazilian subsidiary of Hyosung TNC visited Changwon Plant. The four outstanding local employees of the Brazilian subsidiary participated in the four-day Visit Korea program, arranged by the company, and visited two business operations in Changwon and Gumi. They toured around Hyosung Square (PR and Exhibition Room) and the plants, and increased their understanding of heavy industries in general.

 Hyosung TNC and Ulsan Plant of Hyosung Advanced Materials reduce electricity costs with ESS 

On May 15, Ulsan Plant recently complete the ESS installation project to reduce electricity costs, and began normal operations. Ulsan Plant adopted the ESS of Hyosung Heavy Industries, which is touted as being as future energy technology. As it is possible to store electricity in the battery during daytime when electricity is cheap and use the stored electricity at night when electricity is expensive, efficient energy management is possible.

 The Shared Value Program (SVP) for promotees 

Hyosung offered the Shared Value Program (SVP) for 700 promotees in a total of 16 sessions from June 20 at the Anyang and Changnyeong Training Center. This year’s program promotes and shares the management philosophy and core values of Hyosung, so the role of each rank through the SVP program can be clearly understood. Especially this year, the company emphasized the need to take time for thinking about and discussing the Hyosung Way and responsible management.

 ‘Special lecture on overseas sales’ for reinforcing expertise and competency 

Hyosung will provide special education for overseas business operations from June 22 till September 17 to develop the expertise of employees in charge of overseas sales and enhance their global business competency. There will be a total of five sessions, and it is hoped that the employees of respective areas will take deep interest and participate in it.

 Hyosung TNS provides education for improving perceptions of the disabled 

One June 20 and 21, Hyosung TNS provided education for improving perceptions of the disabled. This education provided useful information in everyday life, e.g. understanding types of disabilities, the human rights of the disabled at work and proper etiquette when dealing with people afflicted with disabilities. Hyosung TNS is planning to make efforts to improve employees’ perceptions of the disabled through annual education like this.

 The Class Hyosung hosts ‘The Class Hyosung Children’s Drawing Contest 2018’ 

On June 22, the Class Hyosung hosted ‘The Class Hyosung Children’s Drawing Contest 2018’ under the theme of environment. The theme of this contest for children under 12 years of age, which celebrates its third year this year, is ‘Automobiles that do not pollute the environment.’ In particular, professional art instructors participated, and operated not only the contest, but the drawing education program for children, as well as a weekend experience program for families.

Social contributions

 Delivering the ‘Nara Sarang Bogeumjari (House for Veterans)’ fund to celebrate the Memorial Month 

To celebrate the Memorial Month of June, Hyosung delivered the ‘Nara Sarang Bogeumjari (House for Veterans)’ fund (KRW100 million) to the Army Headquarters in Gyeryongdae, Chungcheongnam-do. Hyosung, which has sponsored this fund for the 7th year as of this year, is planning to present 30 or so veterans, who are living in poor conditions, with new houses.

 Delivering money to ROK I Corps for the sake of advanced military culture  

On June 11, Hyosung visited ROK I Corps and delivered KRW40 million to boost its morale. The money will be used to improve the military camps, buy items for soldiers, and operate book cafes. Hyosung has been supporting the First Corps of the ROK Army, which defends the capital city, for nine years.

 Creating jobs for the disabled and sponsoring the Eden Welfare Foundation Combridge project 

On June 27, Hyosung delivered the fund for supporting the ‘Combridge (Computer+Bridge)’ project at Eden Welfare Foundation. Combridge is a project that hires people with disabilities to collect computers, notebooks, printers and scanners, which will be sold off or scrapped, and dismantle them for recycling the parts, and thus creates jobs for the disabled. Hyosung began the Combridge project for the first time in Korea in 2014, and has donated as much as 5,200 computer devices until last year.

 Delivering scholarships for developing talents in Mapo 

On June 19, Hyosung delivered KRW20 million to the Mapo Scholarship Foundation. Hyosung, which began to sponsor the foundation in 2015 to support the dreams of local youths, has been a great help to future talents in arts and culture who are growing up in difficult circumstances.

 Providing the ‘daily necessities of affection to the underprivileged 

On June 4, Hyosung delivered the daily necessities of affection to the Southern Seoul Regional and District Office of Patriots and Veterans Affairs. They will be delivered to the elderly and disabled in 200 households who must stay at home most of the time because of their ill health.

 SVP promotees engage in volunteer activities to protect the environment 

On June 21, the SVP promotees of Hyosung cleaned up Banpocheon creek in Seoul on June 21. 50 promotees, who participated in the cleaning, made environment-friendly earthen balls, and threw them into Banpocheon creek to help improve the water quality, and cleaned the creek in the process, while doing their part in fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

 Gumi Plant of Hyosung TNC participates in the 1 company 1 cemetery cleaning campaign 

Gumi Plant of Hyosung TNC cleaned the Yeongcheon National Cemetery in the Memorial Month as part of the 1 company 1 cemetery cleaning campaign. Those employees who participated in this campaign paid their respects to the Memorial Tower, and cleaned approximately 800 graves of veterans and patriots to honor the noble sacrifices of all the fallen heroes who died protecting their homeland.

 Hyosung Heavy Industries Changwon Plant, 89th outdoor activity 

On May 29, the 89th outdoor activity volunteer corps, consisting of nine teams, including the Low-Voltage Motor Production Team 2 of Hyosung Heavy Industries’ Changwon Plant, visited three places, including Masansungrowon (a sanatorium) and carried out volunteer work. The volunteer corps performed jobs required by each facility, such as serving as assistants at the vocational rehabilitation center, and cleaning the living quarters. They experienced an exhausting but fruitful day. Changwon Plant conducts outdoor activities in facilities in Changwon and Gimhae every first and third Tuesday, and plans to continuously contribute to the development of the local community.

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