[FOCUS] Participating in the world’s largest defense and security exhibition ‘Eurosatory 2018’

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The Aramid Business Division of Hyosung Advanced Materials participated in the Defense and Security International Exhibition 2018 in France (hereinafter referred to as Eurosatory 2018). As public security deteriorated and terrorism increased around the world, there is a great deal of interest in bullet-proof materials this year as well. Let’s take a look at the exhibition.

 ALKEXⓇ making inroads into the global bullet-proof market 

The Aramid Business Division of Hyosung Advanced Materials participated in ‘Eurosatory 2018’ which was held in France from June 11 till June 15. It is the world’s largest defense industry exhibition. This year, 1,802 exhibitors from 63 countries participated, and more than 57,000 people visited the exhibition center. Hyosung Advanced Materials developed the high-value-added, high-strength yarn, i.e. aramid, back in 2009, with its own technology, and currently, its technology is being widely recognized both at home and abroad.

The aramid used in firefighting gloves and fire suits is a high-functionality fiber that is five times stronger than steel, and it is resisent against fire without using any flame retardant. The philosophy of Hyosung Advanced Materials regarding safety and environment is reflected in this material. 32% of the demand for aramid comes from the bullet-proof market. In particular, our aramid brand ALKEXⓇ is being used by the US police and US Armed Forces stationed overseas, and the UK police is planning to use it in the second half of this year.  

 Publicizing solutions for responding to various threats 

As terrorist attacks are taking place more frequently these days in France, the venue of this exhibition, security budgets are continuously increasing. At this exhibition, the Aramid Business Division showcased not only bullet-proof materials, but also puncture-proof and stab-proof solutions and bullet-proof solutions, which can protect students from the gun bullets in the event of a school shooting.

Currently, the Aramid Business Division is developing various solutions that can provide protection against multiple threats. As fatal accidents occur due to shrapnel, knives and guns, materials manufacturers must prepare various solutions to be prepared against these kinds of threats. The Aramid Business Division is planning to continuously participate in major bullet-proof exhibitions of the world, such as Milipol, Shotshow and JEC Asia, and actively promote our technology and brands.

Written and photographed by | Yang Won-chang (Manager, Sales Team, Aramid Business Division, Hyosung Advanced Materials)

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