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Hyosung Group was the first in Korea to develop TAC film manufacturing technology. Let’s introduce the TAC film, which dreams of leading the world by developing overseas markets through ongoing R&D.

 Developing TAC film, a first in Korea, and contributing to the localization of TAC film

The Optical Film PU of Hyosung Chemical is the only Korean producer of the TAC (Tri-Acetyl Cellulose) film. The TAC film protects the polarizing plate, an LCD component used in TVs, monitors, notebooks and cell phones. The light in a certain direction, filtered by the polarizing plate, passes the panel and makes the colors and images that our eyes see. As the polarizer, a key component of the polarizing plate, is made of a thin membrane, and has low strength, it must be protected by the TAC film that is transparent, but very strong. The TAC film can be said to be a core material for making solid TVs.

Originally, the TAC film used to be imported from Japan. But Hyosung Chemical developed the TAC film manufacturing technology for the first time in Korea, and contributed to substituting its imports, and reinforced the competitiveness of the makers of finished display products and intermediate products.

In January 2013, Hyosung Chemical entered into an agreement with Chungcheongbuk-do for expansion investment in Cheongwon-gun, and began to build TAC film plant No. 2 with a total area of 14,973㎡ in the 176,344㎡ lot of the Oksan Industrial Complex. While continuously trying to diversify production and customers by localizing the TAC film, the company expanded its business not only in the domestic market, but also in the global market. In September 2013, as the second TAC film plant with an annual production capacity of 60,000,000㎡ was completed, the annual production capacity was increased to 110,000,000㎡. Of particular note, the Oksan Plant now could produce super-wide products, wider than 2,000㎜, used in large TVs, and phase difference film with the viewing angle compensation function.  

 Dreaming of going beyond Korea and leading the global market

As technology is advancing in the advanced electronic materials industry and the level of technology and quality required by customers is rising, the Optical Film PU is pursuing the most optimum quality in the world by improving overall quality and building a full production system by increasing sales and maximizing productivity. Also, the company will leverage its TAC film technology to develop a new film, and grow into a ‘company, deemed as the most competitive in the world, specializing in film’ by uncovering new growth engines, such as advancing into the market for various optical films, and expanding its business.

Written by | Kwon Oh-sang (PR Team of Hyosung Chemical)

Illustrated by | Jeong Hyeon-soo

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