[Hyosung News] 1Q 2018 Proud Hyosung-er Award Ceremony & 2nd Talk with Management etc.

2018. 5. 18. 11:26

Group News

 [Common for All Departments] 1Q 2018 Proud Hyosung-er Award Ceremony & 2nd Talk with Management

On April 26th, the Proud Hyosung-er Award Ceremony for the 1st Quarter of 2018 was held in our company headquarters located in Mapo. Marketing Section Chief Kim Gwang-jin of ChemicalPU and Technology Innovation Department Head Seon Jong-pyo for the SpandexPU Gumi Plant were awarded medals and prize money. The Proud Hyosung-er award goes to the employee showing the best performance each operating quarter. As always, a strict assessment was made and one recipient was selected each in marketing and technology. Meanwhile, the 2nd round of talks with management from Gyeonggi and Incheon region were held to share the current state of affairs in management.

 [Common for All Departments] Provisional General Meeting of Stockholders Held, Corporate Split Approved  

Our company held a provisional general meeting of stockholders at our Mapo headquarters on April 27th, where stockholders approved the split of Hyosung Corporation into a holding company and four separate operating businesses. In the Meeting, CEO Kim Gyu-young announced that the split would improve overall transparency of governance, achieve efficiency of management, and the sub-companies would obtain world-class technology and competitiveness to grow into global companies.

 [Common for All Departments] Briefing Session on Corporate Split Held for Employees

Our company held briefing sessions on the corporate split for employees on the 12th and 13th of April. We decided to transform the company into a holding company in order to enhance corporate value and better leverage our world-class competitiveness. Many managers and employees participated in the session to gain knowledge on the upcoming split in detail.

 [Common for All Departments] Supporter of 2018 Super Race Participant Racing Team ‘ATLASBX’ 

The ‘2018 Super Race Championship’ launched on April 21st at the Everland Speedway. Last year, Team ATLASBX, which our Tire SolidifierPU supports, won the ‘Super 6000 Class’ championship. This competition is Asia’s only stock car race and is also the highest ranked race in Korea. As a championship candidate once again this year, ATLASBX exhibited outstanding performance and triggered excitement in countless fans. 

 [Textile PG] TextilePG Holds F/W 2019 Trend Workshop with Nelly Rodi  

The TextilePG held a trend workshop on April 5th at our Mapo Headquarters. Consultant Catherine Basquin from trend information company ‘Nelly Rodi’ introduced materials to focus on for the F/W season for 2019 and helped participants comprehend the upcoming trends. As many as 70 employees listened to the lecture to prepare for the coming season. Our company will continue to lead the textile market as trendsetters via continuous discussions with Nelly Rodi.

 [Textile PG] Participation in Indo Intertex, Leading Textile & Garment Processing Machinery Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia  

TextilePG participated in the textile industry exhibition ‘Indo Intertex’ held in Jakarta, Indonesia from April 4th to 7th to target the local market as a premium global textile brand. Indo Intertex is Indonesia’s largest textile and garment processing equipment exhibition. What’s particularly unique to the exhibition is that it focuses on machinery and new technology for processing garments as well as fabric and material. Our Textile PG has been a participant for six consecutive years since 2013, winning the attention of clients and related companies with our differentiated world-class material. 

 [Textile PG] First Participation in SaigonTex, Textile & Garment Expo in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

From April 11th to 14th, our Textile PG participated in ‘SaigonTex (Vietnam Saigon Textile & Garment Industry Expo 2018)’, textile and garment exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It was our company’s first time to participate in the event. SaigonTex is the largest textile comprehensive exhibition in Vietnam where not only fabric and material can be found but also relevant equipment and machinery in one setting. This year was the 30th such event to be held. Our TextilePG participated on a broad scale as a fiber producer and proposed various forms of product development to clients in Vietnam and abroad.

 [ChemicalPG] Participated in Asia’s Biggest Chemical Product Exhibition CHINAPLAS 2018

Our ChemicalPG participated in the 4-day exhibition CHINAPLAS held in Shanghai, China from April 24th to 27th. CHINAPLAS is Asia’s largest exhibition on plastics and rubber trade, of which buyers in the chemical products industry pay great attention to. In this exhibition, ChemicalPG introduced our polypropylene(PP) brand ‘Topilene’. Topilene R200P which possesses the highest market share in PP, is highly economical, environment-friendly and chemically stable. 

 [Heavy IndustryPG] Heavy IndustryPG-Taihan Electric Wire Co. MOU Agreement for Substation Management System Development 

On April 16th, Heavy IndustryPG signed a memorandum of understanding(MOU) with Taihan Electric Wire on ‘Development of Integrated Asset Management System for Substations’ at the Mapo Headquarters. Through this, a system of cable sensors, which are known as the blood vessel of electrical facilities, will be installed to collect real-time information such as defects, detect cable conditions and forecast failures. The electricity industry has high hopes for the development of this system as it will prevent mass black-outs and ensuing operational errors.  

 [Heavy IndustryPG] Extra-high Voltage Manufacturing Team 2 of Main Body Assembly Group 1 Achieves Unprecedented Zero-hazard 8-Period for Changwon Factory

Extra-high voltage team 2 of main body assembly group 1 recorded an 8-period zero-hazard number of days (977) for the first time ever at the Changwon factory. Main assembly group 1 has been conducting a potential risk assessment each year led by workers, and shares experiences of potential risk or incidents that occurred in other companies during morning assembly to help raise awareness. Extra-high voltage factory leader Bae Yong-bae encouraged workers by saying, “There is nothing important enough to risk your safety. I will fully support you in efforts to maintain zero-hazard conditions.”

 [Heavy IndustryPG] Heavy IndustryPG Holds Tree Planting Session in 2018 First Half Year Meeting for Shared Growth 

Heavy IndustryPG invited 20 top cooperating companies and held ‘Shared Growth Meeting for First Half Year of 2018’ in Sky Park, Sangam-dong, Seoul. Management and employees planted trees together and shared ideas for stronger sustainable management. Heavy IndustryPG holds biannual meetings of this form for more intimate communication with cooperating companies. 

 [Heavy IndustryPG] Changwon Factory Holds Easy & Fun Junior Engineering Class

The Changwon Factory opened the 1st Junior Engineering Class at Nae-dong Elementary School in the Changwon district. The class is a talent-donation event prepared by the Changwon factory to induce children’s interest in science and future careers in sciences and engineering. The event received positive feedback from students and parents thanks to teaching materials developed by our employees and hands-on oriented classes such as building transformer models. Since its launch in 2004, approximately 3,000 students have participated in this biannual junior engineering class.  

 [ConstructionPG] ConstructionPG Holds Meeting for Shared Growth with Cooperating Companies 

On April 27th, ConstructionPG held a meeting for shared growth at the convention hall at Sebitseom. With approximately 150 attendees including delegates from cooperating companies and our own employees, Construction PG elaborated on the current status of the business and heeded the opinions of cooperating companies. Also, our company’s united growth policy was introduced and outstanding cooperating companies were awarded to strengthen relations among companies and solidify grounds for shared growth. 

 [Information CommunicationsPG] Hyosung TNS Awarded in 2018 Employment for the Disabled Promotion

On April 12th, Hyosung TNS was awarded the Board of Directors Prize in promoting employment for the disabled. Hyosung TNS has been helping find suitable jobs for the disabled via the Job Fair for the Disabled, and also going on to build support programs to foster professional IT language developers with the Korean Employment Agency for the Disabled(KEAD) and Ilsan Vocational Competency Development Center. HR and General Affairs manager Lee Mi-jeong was awarded the ministerial medal of merit for collaborating with KEAD to create new jobs in the IT field for the disabled and helping them adapt to their tasks.

 [Information CommunicationsPG] The 7th Hyosung TNS HQ & Plant Friendly Sports Games

Hyosung TNS held a friendly sports tournament among headquarters, research center and Gumi plant employees in Yes Gumi Sports Park and Nakdonggang Sports Park located in the Nakdong river area on April 14th to celebrate the 1st half of 2018. The Gumi plant team won a close game in baseball and football. The tournament succeeded in promoting the harmony of our employees. 

 [Independent Corporations] Maserati Launches Official Instagram Account for Korea

Maserati has launched its official Instagram account for Korea (@maserati.korea) on April 2nd to promote communication with customers. Maserati plans to share its brand heritage, which is now over 100 years, and luxury lifestyle in its exclusive Italian style via its official Instagram feed (www.instagram.com/maserati.korea). 

Social Responsibility

 Seoul Art Space Jamsil Promotes Creativity for Artists with Disabilities  

Our company held a ceremony to deliver 50 million worth of support for creating and exhibiting art for artists with disabilities. The donation will go towards providing art materials for 12 residential artists at Seoul Art Space Jamsil so they can focus on their art in a stable environment, and also for holding exhibitions for their creations.

 Industrial Material PG Holds ‘United Sports Day’ for Disabled Children  

On April 19th, Industrial Material PG management and employees held the ‘United Sports Day’ event at ‘Young Nak Aenea’s Home’ for children with severe disabilities. Approximately 20 employees from Industrial Material PG each partnered with a child to engage in games such as bowling and relay racing while also holding cheering tournaments among teams. This is the 7th consecutive year that Industrial Material PG has been visiting Young Nak Aenea’s Home to help children eat lunch. Company auctions or donations during holiday seasons have also been going toward providing daily necessities to the home. The United Sports Day has been held since 2014 to encourage rehabilitation for severely disabled children and provide them with positive memories.  

 Anyang Plant, Opens Up Rosebay Hill to General Public on Weekends

Anyang Plant Holds Rosebay Festival  The Anyang Plant opened up its Rosebay Hill and yards to local residents and held a Korean rosebay festival. The Rosebay Festival of the Anyang Plant is a must-see in the area during spring when the flowers are in full bloom with more than 10,000 visitors. Flowers are not the only form of entertainment, however. Flower pancakes, ddeokbokki, soondae and other popular street foods are available. Calligraphy, face-painting, treatments to help stop smoking, health advisory boards are also part of the event. In this year’s Rosebay Festival, disabled workers from social enterprise Goodwill Store and Hyosung volunteer team members participated together in the sales of souvenirs.

 Ulsan Plant Shares Jajangmyeon of Love with Ulsan Orphanage 

On the 14th of April, around 20 employees from our Ulsan plant visited the Ulsan Orphanage located in Eonyang for the Jajangmyeon-filled-with-love donation event. Our employees donated daily necessities such as diapers for toddlers, then cooked jajangmyeon and tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork) themselves, sharing the delicious meal with all the children. This was a surprise event to celebrate ‘Black Day’ and spend a happy Saturday together. 

 Changwon Factory Takes Charge of 1 River per 1 Factory for Social Responsibility

Approximately 80 employees from the Changwon Factory Operating Team conducted a social program in the Namcheon and Wanamcheon area which is located between Factory 1 and Factory 3. Employees participated in the 1 River per 1 Factory program by cleaning up garbage around the river. Participants pledged to keep rivers clean by following steps such as not throwing away trash or cigarette butts in the area, so that migratory birds could keep choosing to come to this clean environment. 

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