[TOPIC & ISSUE] Dreaming of a World Free of Stress about Electricity

2018. 5. 18. 11:26

Hyosung has joined forces with Taihan Electric Wire Co. to prevent electrical grid failures. This means we have decided to develop a system to monitor live extra-high voltage and power distribution cable conditions to help better predict defects. Electricity is an integral part of our lives. You can now enjoy it in a more safe and convenient manner.

 Combining Strength to Prevent Electrical Grid Failures 

It is hard to imagine life without electricity. Late at night, when everyone is asleep, electricity is still running throughout the house. What happens if this electricity suddenly goes off? In reality, the Jeju mass blackout in April 2006 and the Busan Jeonggwan New Town blackout in February 2017 created a great deal of chaos for people. Mass blackouts have been noted as a significantly bigger problem as it could cause casualties.


However, we now have the capability to prevent electrical grid failures. The MOU between our company and Taihan Electric Wire started from the question: ‘What if we could forecast blackout incidents from happening, plus prepare and prevent them?’. In response, the two companies installed a sensor on extra-high voltage and power distribution cables to analyze temperature, defects, discharge errors and other information to develop a cable analysis system to forecast failures. If this system is fully developed, the companies will be able to detect abnormal symptoms beforehand and react accordingly to prevent sudden blackouts and operating losses therein.

 Transformation into a Total Energy Solution Provider 

Until now, Hyosung has channeled all of our power on the electricity business. Last May, 35 years of electricity facility manufacturing know-how and maintenance experience were entered into a database, to which IoT (Internet of Things) was applied. Therein, the first Korean electricity equipment asset management solution was developed and commercialized, boasting the company’s skills as a total energy solution provider. This solution monitors and analyzes electricity facility conditions in real-time to detect errors before they occur, thus implementing an optimal maintenance strategy. 

Hyosung will be able to provide an integrated solution to control electrical substations by utilizing Taihan Electric Wire’s manufacturing technology and assessment/operation know-how to develop a cable analysis system and linking it to the existing electricity facilities management system. In the future, we will extend our capabilities beyond substations to build assessment systems for medium-large motors, pumps and manufacturing facilities, the core of production, to provide a solution to establish smart factories in various industries. With this in mind, Hyosung and a Taihan representative stated, “We will be able to accurately assess substation conditions, which is key to providing electricity, through the technological synergy of both companies,” They also added, “We will continue to collaborate to ensure the utmost safety of electrical facilities and other factors.”. Our electricity business now encompasses state-of-the-art smart technology. Our company will continue to develop a wide range of technological applications in pursuit of the convenience and safety of everyone’s daily lives. 

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