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2018. 4. 20. 09:04

The wage sharing efforts of the headquarters to help the underprivileged are now expanding into sponsorship for overseas children beyond borders. Let’s take a closer look at the employee sponsorship program for overseas children with Plan International Korea.

 Helping poor children in Vietnam through 1:1 donation matching 

From this April, the wage sharing efforts of the headquarters through the active participation of employees will be renewed into a program that helps overseas children. It involves a donation activity to support children and the region where they live, with a regular monthly sponsorship of 1:1 donation matching of a Hyosung employee and a child living in a developing country. The region to be sponsored is Kon Plông, Kon Tum Province where only the ethnic minorities in Vietnam live in extreme poverty. Children in this region cannot even properly learn the Vietnamese language, thus preventing themselves to become free from the cycle of poverty. We hope the employees’ sharing such as support for living and improvement of the education environment can help build a foundation for these children to live a better life.

 How are the donations used? 

If an employee applies for wage sharing, he or she will be donating 30,000 KRW a month to a child in Vietnam. This will be used for children’s health care and support for living and educational expenditures. An overview of the matched child’s personal details and a thank-you letter will be sent within 3 months of the first donation, as well as a report about the child’s growth once every 12-18 months. The sponsor can also send a letter to the child, and even visit the child if desired when accompanied by a staff member of Plan International Korea. To donate an amount of less than 30,000 KRW, the employee will be paired with another employee to support one child.

 Regional sponsorship with the company

“We must make efforts to help the underprivileged and contribute to building a community where everyone can find happiness,” Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho always says, as he takes the initiative in expanding CSR activities to the wider world beyond Korea. Based on this culture of sharing, Hyosung donates the same amount of money as the employees through the wage sharing. The more employees participate, the more amount is donated by the company. The company’s donations are used where a considerable amount of money is required, such as improving the school environment or supporting local libraries.

The direct beneficiaries of this sponsorship include 120 matched children, 700 students of the schools, and 40 teachers and school personnel, and there will also be indirect beneficiaries such as local community residents. We look forward to the participation and support of many employees in this wage sharing program, which will provide a pleasant education environment, help build a library, and help children of ethnic minorities live a better life. With more participation of employees, there are sure to be more beneficiaries. 

Plan International Korea, which we are cooperating with in this program, is an organization for child-focused regional development that supports children, families and the local community to actively participate in development activities as a means to reinforce their own competencies and free themselves from poverty. In particular, their goal is to constantly support them until they can stand on their own feet by bringing fundamental changes to the children and community.

Children in Kon Plông, Kon Tum Province cannot break away from the cycle of poverty but are simply passing it down from one generation to the next. We hope the employees’ sharing such as support for living and improvement of the education environment can help build a foundation for these children to live a better life.


Written by | Editorial Office

Photograph provided by | Plan International Korea

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