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2018. 4. 20. 09:01

Hyosung has enhanced its technological competitiveness to the world’s highest level by developing extra-high voltage circuit breakers. Hyosung undoubtedly possesses the world’s top-level technology in circuit breakers, which connect and break electric currents when electricity moves, thereby preventing electrical accidents. As a total solution provider of global power transmission and distribution, Hyosung is further elevating its status in the world.

 The beginning of the development of the Korean power industry 

Hyosung has been the first in Korea to develop and supply circuit breakers in various standards that are the key to Korean power industry. It has manufactured GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear), GCB (Gas Circuit Breaker) and DS (Disconnecting Switch), serving as a pillar of the development of Korean power industry. Among them, extra-high voltage GIS over 145㎸ level possesses world-caliber technological skills. The company has presented 170㎸ 31.5㎄ GIS in 1980 and 362㎸ 40㎄ GIS in 1983, and then developed Korea’s first and the world’s third 2-point 800㎸ 50㎄ GIS in 1999, and Korea’s first and the world’s second 2-point 1,100㎸ GIS in 2007. These GIS products rank among leading companies in technology, with cutting-edge protection equipment in power plants, substations and systems.

Hyosung circuit breakers are sizable products installed on extra-high voltage electrical grids. Therefore, it is necessary to secure advanced technology and reliability. It was not easy to preoccupy the market, but GIS manufactured in the Changwon Plant has maintained the most significant market share in Korea. Hyosung has conducted research to secure fundamental technology and improve product reliability through the Reliability Evaluation Center in the Changwon Plant to continue taking the lead, and in 2013, it established a specialized organization related to reliability. Later, Hyosung selected the representative models of the key products such as transformers and circuit breakers, and has established procedures to ensure reliability in all aspects that include development, design, production, transportation, installation, test operation and long-term operation. These procedures will be expanded to all models.

 Activating research on eco-friendly technology to target the advanced markets

GIS is the main protective device of power equipment installed in power stations and substations, serving as a fuse box. The circuit breaker operates and disconnects the current whenever there is a rapid increase in power consumption or a short circuit. This prevents failures and major accidents, enabling people to use electricity safely.

GIS fills up the conductor with sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas that has strong insulation power and seals it. It is a device that is much safer than regular switchboards, and thus is widely used not only in extra-high-voltage products but also by the Korea Electric Power Corporation and civilian switchboard market. The development process undergoes many steps from initial design, and if the product disqualifies for even one item of the final development test by a qualified officer, all the efforts would be in vain.

The history of circuit breakers in Korea is relatively brief, with the import and use of global technology beginning in the 1980s. The history of circuit breaker development written by Hyosung has served as a driving force for Korea to dream of becoming a powerful nation in regards to circuit breakers.

Hyosung’s 245㎸ and 420㎸ GIS are devices for export, developed to target the global market. Selected as ‘2013 World Class Products of Korea,’ these products significantly reduced the installation size by putting individual devices such as the circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, ground contactor, current transformer and arrester into one package. By implementing compact products and saving costs for clients, these products are considered to be more excellent than the same-level GIS products by leading European companies. In particular, these products have also received excellent feedback as eco-friendly products, reducing at least 1/3rd of SF6 gas use that is classified as greenhouse gas.

Written by | Editorial Office

Illustrated by | Han Ha-rim

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