[Hyosung News] Song In-sang was named the person to be memorialized in February etc.

2018. 3. 15. 15:41

Group News

 Song In-sang was named the person to be memorialized in February

The Daejeon National Cemetery selected Song In-sang, former chairman of Tong Yang Nylon Co., Ltd. of Hyosung Group, who was the first-generation contributor to the development of the national economy, as the special individual to be memorialized in February, and held a ceremony to deliver the memorial plaque on February 27. Song In-sang (1914〜2015) was the pioneer of the modernization of the Korean economy and a living witness of the economic diplomacy of Korea. He headed major economic ministries, including the Ministry of Finance, and laid down the foundation for the economic development of Korea, such as pushing ahead with the three-year economic development plan, the first long-term economic development plan of the country. 

Chairman Song, who took the lead in industrial development and non-governmental diplomacy, served as chairman of Hyosung Group, vice-chairman of the Federation of the Korean Industries, president of the Korea Economic Research Institute, president of the Export-Import Bank of Korea, chairman of the Korea Management Association and chairman of the Korean-American Association, contributing to the advancement of the private economy. The government awarded the Order of Diplomatic Service Merit, Gwanghwa Medal (1991) and the Order of Civil Merit, Rose of Sharon Medal (2007) to him in recognition of his distinguished services. He is buried in the cemetery for remarkable individuals who contributed to the country and society located within Daejeon National Cemetery.

 Indonesian Minister of Culture, the Asian Games Organizing Committee, etc. visit the company building in Suseo

On February 8, Indonesian Minister of Culture, the Asian Games Organizing Committee and the leader of the Indonesian national team visited Hyosung. The visitors, who visited Korea to participate in the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, visited Hyosung to exchange various opinions on the operation of the 18th Asian Games Jakarta-Palembang 2018, which will be held this summer. Meanwhile, Galaxia SM was selected as the business operator in charge of the ticket sales and platform operations for the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games.

 Information security and case education for ethical management 

Internal information leaks and infringements on trade secrets have recently become the hottest issue in business circles. On January 29, ethical management case education was provided in the head office in Mapo. In the education, which was prepared to protect the intellectual properties of the company and prevent various legal incidents, employees had opportunities to discuss the importance of information security. In particular, as various cases that can be easily applied at the working level were shared, it was well received by participants.

 [Chemicals PG] The Yongyeon Plant participates in the ‘Discussion to Disseminate Cases of Cooperation between the Private and Public Sector’ 

The Yongyeon Plant attended the discussion to spread cases of cooperation between the private and public sector, which was held in the Council for the Petrochemical Industrial Complex in Ulsan on February 21. Air pollution has been a serious problem in Ulsan. The ambient air concentrations of benzene far exceeded the threshold from 2012 to 2016. But the private and public sector joined hands to reduce benzene emissions, and as a result, Ulsan recently met the environmental standards. Hyosung will share improvement cases through discussions, and continuously reduce air pollution.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Power Systems PU holds the ‘presentation for high-performance responsible management improvement projects’

On February 2, Power Systems PU held the ‘presentation for high-performance responsible management improvement projects’ at the Changwon Plant. At this presentation, which was scheduled for two days, the quality circles advancing to the finals were selected amid intense competition. The participating quality circles gave a presentation on the results of their innovation projects and the strategic direction of the future, and excellent quality circle projects were selected and awarded. The employees of the Changwon Plant promised to have a more forward-looking and constructive attitude to transform the plant into a high-performance organization.

 [Construction PG] The Construction PU acquires new construction technology No. 833, reinforcing its overall competitiveness 

The Construction PU acquired new construction technology No. 833 from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. As this new technology is deemed to be highly compatible with various construction methods, it is expected to reinforce our ability to win contracts, and contribute to cost reduction and quality improvement. Meanwhile, thanks to the new construction technology, we entered into the ‘New Construction Technology Agreement’ with suppliers. According to this agreement, the technology will be transferred to a construction company, and the construction company will become the technology developer and apply it to construction sites.

 The Construction PG sells Pyeongtaeksosabeol Hyosung Harrington Court ‘enjoying the advantages of being adjacent to a mall’

The Construction PG sells the ‘Pyeongtaeksosabeol Hyosung Harrington Court’ in the Land Development District for Housing in Sosabeol, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do in March. They consist of terrace houses which combine the advantages of apartments and suburban homes. They are designed to offer various views. As they are located at the foot of Mt. Dolamsan, they possess an excellent natural environment, and a large grocery and a multiplex are also located in the vicinities, and Starfield Anseong is scheduled to be constructed later in the future. As a result, consumers are paying close attention to this super-special housing product.

 [Trading PG] Sevit Island conducts a special promotion for employees 

Sevit Island will hold a promotion for employees in March to herald the onset of March. If employees show their employee ID card or Sevit Island Family Card, additional discounts will be offered, and they will receive up to 30% in discounts. Also, throughout March, those employees who make a reservation for their child’s first birthday party will receive a photo table worth KRW100,000 at no cost. If employees post positive comments, they will receive lunch vouchers as well. For more information, please read the announcement on the intranet.

 [Information & Communication PG] Nautilus Hyosung PU hosts the HQ table tennis championship 

Nautilus Hyosung PU held the HQ table tennis championship from February 5 to February 8. Individual divisions organized their own teams and participated in the tournament. Various types of games, e.g., men and women’s singles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles, were played so that more employees could participate. After intense games ensued, the technology research center beat the domestic business division to win the championship. Nautilus Hyosung PU is trying to create an energetic and healthy organizational culture by conducting various activities, such as the table tennis championship.

 Hyosung Capital PU holds a meeting with the CEO by rank

Hyosung Capital PU held the ‘meeting with the CEO by rank for communication and growth’ for two days from February 13 to February 14. The purpose of this meeting for deputy managers was to share the management philosophy and the sense of purpose for overcoming a crisis, and promoting a sense of community for mutual growth through unreserved open communication. The communication topics included our attitude in responding to the business environment, the management policy of 2018 and the sharing of personal memoirs. In particular, the sharing of personal memoirs enabled the participants to look back on their resolutions and ambitions when they first joined the company. Following the meeting for deputy managers, the meeting for managers will be held in March.

 [Independent corporations] The Class Hyosung exhibits the autonomous driving concept car of Benz, ‘F 015 Luxury In Motion’

The Class Hyosung displayed the autonomous driving concept car of Mercedes-Benz at the Starfield Hanam brand store for the first time in Korea, attracting a great deal of public attention. The Class Hyosung Starfield Hanam showroom was opened earlier this year to provide convenience to customers.

 GranTurismo and GranCabrio 2018 launched in Korea

Maserati officially launched GranTurismo and GranCabrio in Korea on February 27, 2018. The Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio, which has become the most symbolic sports cars in the world after more than 70 years, were transformed into sporty-style coupes by dint of their improved performance and innovative interior, and they came with the MC (Maserati Corse) trim emphasizing the sport trim and racing DNA which succeeded to the signature design.

Social contributions

 The Yongyeon Plant delivers the donation to Korean War veterans and North Korean defectors, and participates in blood donation

On February 2, the Yongyeon Plant visited the Council of Veterans’ Organizations in Ulsan. Those from the plant delivered a donation of KRW10 million. This money was used to provide gift certificates and hold New Year’s Day festivities to more than 200 Korean War veterans, who defended the country, and over 60 households of underprivileged North Korean defectors. Then, the Yongyeon Plant participated in blood donation efforts on February 20. The 30 or so employees of the Yongyeon Plant donated blood as a means to practice neighborly love.

 The Changwon Plant ‘makes furniture’

The Changwon Plant joined hands with the Gyeongsangnam-do Volunteer Center to hold the ‘Let’s Make Furniture together with Hyosung’ event to provide practical items that the underprivileged in the local community need. The first round of activities was conducted at the Masan Community Rehabilitation Center on February 6, and the second round of activities was later conducted at the Gyeongsangnam-do Welfare Center for the Disabled on February 27. The participants were deeply satisfied with this event, which was first held last year.

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