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Group News

 Group orientation & completion ceremony for 52nd new employee recruitment intake

On January 2, Hyosung held the group orientation for the 52nd new employee recruitment intake at the training center in Anseong. The new employees learned in depth about the company’s founding ideology, development history and core values during the 15-day training program.

The completion ceremony was held at Sebitseom on January 17, where certificates and badges were presented to the new employees to congratulate them on their successful completion of training. They have now become real Hyosung members by learning the core values of Hyosung Way such as Global Excellence, Innovation, Accountability and Integrity, and are expected to show remarkable growth at the starting point of the PG training.

 Distribution of a screensaver showing the management policies of our company in 2018

The screensaver that shows Hyosung’s management policies of 2018 at a glance was made in three languages such as Korean, English and Chinese, with four options of resolution for each language. Let’s all take in the new business policies once again by installing the new screensaver.

 Recruitment of cyber university students for commissioned education

Hyosung is providing an opportunity for employees to take lectures for constant self-improvement by entering into an agreement with one of Korea’s leading cyber universities. The doors are now open for those interested in earning a bachelor’s degree or participating in lifelong education.

 [Textile PG] Hyosung Brazil attends Colombiatex 2018

Hyosung Brazil attended Colombiatex 2018 held in Medellin, Colombia for three days starting January 23. Colombiatex is a show representing Latin America where many textile and fashion companies attend from all over the world every year.

That day, Hyosung Brazil presented various products of premium spandex ‘creora®,’ capturing the attention of visitors. Recently, Hyosung Brazil has been securing its place in Latin America with aggressive marketing activities such as developing products for clients and helping them expand their channels.

 [Textile PG] Gumi Plant receives a presidential citation for two consecutive years and holds a conference for field improvement

Nylon Polyester Fiber PU Gumi Plant received a presidential citation for labor-management culture in 2017 for contributing to the settlement of this culture of symbiosis and cooperation. The Gumi Plant will continue to make efforts to build a win-win labor-management culture. On January 19, the Gumi Plant also held a conference to present best practices of field improvements by 3 PUs. The groups that participated in the presentation actually achieved cost reduction and quality improvement by applying various ideas to the field. The executives and employees that attended the conference resolved to devote their passion and efforts to becoming the ‘Best Global’ Gumi Plant.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Industrial Materials PG holds job training for the 52nd new employee recruitment intake

Industrial Materials PG held job training for the 52nd new employee recruitment intake from January 17 to February 9 at the Mapo headquarters and offices in the PG. The training program is divided into common training and practical training. Starting with the headquarters on January 17, the new employees are to spend five days at the headquarters, three days at Ulsan Plant and one day at Eonyang Plant for common training, after which they move on to practical training for each PU until February 9. The new employees will learn about the business aspects as well as products, job knowledge and skills, and promote understanding about PG.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Ulsan Plant holds Movie Day with familes for the New Year

Ulsan Plant held its Movie Day on January 13 to celebrate the New Year with employees and their families. They all watched a popular animated film at the theater, after which they visited the plant and dined together.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Completion of 400Mvar STATCOM in Shinyeongju

Hyosung recently supplied the world’s biggest STATCOM (single facility) to the Shinyeongju substation. The installation was completed at the end of December, and commissioning has begun since the beginning of the year.

STATCOM is a core power technology to increase the stability of the power transmission system, and Hyosung was the first in Korea to commercialize this based on our proprietary technology. With the increasing attention of global clients, Hyosung will accelerate the expansion into the global market.

 [Construction PG] Construction PG holds a ritual to wish for new contracts and safety at Manisan Mountain

On January 5, Construction PG held a ritual to wish for new contracts and safety in 2018 at Manisan Mountain on Ganghwado. 136 executives and employees of Construction PU and Chinhung International Inc. including Construction PU Head Dong-woo Kim attended the ritual. They all climbed up Manisan Mountain to pray for the achievement of business goals and zero disasters on site. “We resolved to achieve the company’s constant growth by winning target contracts in 2018 and to ensure safety on site,” remarked the employees who attended the ritual.

 [Independent] The Class Hyosung opens a showroom in Starfield Hanam

The showroom at Starfield Hanam, which is the first complex shopping mall showroom of Mercedes-Benz, finally opened on January 5. Customers are visiting the showroom on the 2nd floor of the mall one after another to see a variety of Mercedes-Benz models. The café area offers a premium lifestyle experience unique to The Class Hyosung. Customers can taste coffee roasted by professional baristas, and Benz customers are served free drinks as part of a special event.

 [Information & Communication PG] Hyosung Capital PU holds new employee PU training

Hyosung Capital PU held the PU training for new employees from the 52nd recruitment intake from January 17 to 26. The new employees learned about Hyosung Capital PU’s ideology and philosophy from the special lectures delivered by the CEO and executives, and could understand the organizational system and culture of Hyosung Capital PU from the lectures by department heads and team managers. They also obtained knowledge about overall financial operations through on-site experiences. “I think the training must have helped you gain basic knowledge about the financial business,” said PU Head Yong-deok Kim. “I hope all of you become a growth engine for Hyosung Capital PU based on what you’ve learned.”


 52nd new employees participate in the first volunteer activity of forest tending

On January 10, over 300 new employees from the 52nd recruitment intake volunteered in forest tending at Noeul (Sunset) Park in World Cup Park in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu with executives including President Hyun-sang Cho. The new employees experienced the value of sharing by improving the drainage for trees and cleaning up fallen leaves and decayed soil. They could become real Hyosung members by cultivating the consciousness of CSR through this activity.

 Hyosung donates tickets to the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and holds an event to give out tickets to the families of Hyosung employees

Hyosung purchased over 400 tickets for the successful hosting of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and donated them to Headquarters for Community Children Center. These tickets will be distributed to young athletes and children from low-income families for free. Hyosung also purchased over 500 other tickets and distributed them to employees. The company also held an event that selects 12 winners through a raffle and offers 4 tickets per winner so that they can watch the games with family and friends.

 Gumi Plant holds the campaign ‘Happiness of 10,000 won’ to help out colleagues

On January 11, all 550 employees at Gumi Plant held the campaign ‘Happiness of 10,000 won’ to provide financial assistance and send hopeful messages to colleagues in need of help. All employees from the three PUs of Gumi Plant collected over 15 million won, and plant manager Cheol-soo Kim delivered it to employees receiving anticancer treatments and their families.

 Jeonju Plant holds a ski camp for Hosung Orphanage

Jeonju Plant held the ‘Hosung Ski Camp with Hyosung Jeonju Plant’ on January 2-4 at Muju Deogyusan Resort as a means to develop community spirit, sense of belonging and sociality of children at Hosung Orphanage. The ski camp was funded through the donations of Jeonju Plant employees in 2017. Hosung Orphanage expressed sincere gratitude for Jeonju Plant employees for giving children the chance to have some fun and bond with one another.

 Changwon Plant shares rice with the underprivileged

On December 27, Changwon Plant prepared 900 20kg-bags of rice worth 35 million won and shared them with 10 soup kitchens and 5 children’s centers in Changwon. Changwon Plant cooperated with the Community Chest of Korea to select those in actual need of help, and shared rice with those selected based on a demand survey conducted in advance. The bags of rice were purchased with the one-person one-account activity and matching grant, and it was especially more significant as they were bought from Shinchang Village in Gunbuk-myeon, which is the company’s partner village.

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