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(From left) Section chief Je-hyoung Lee, department chief Tae-woong Shim, deputy section chief Hong-rok Kim, deputy section chief Tae-jin Son.

The completion ceremony of the Jigmeling 400㎸ GIS substation was held in Bhutan at the end of last year. The Jigmeling substation is a core national project of Bhutan for exporting its rich hydroelectric power resources to India as well as the first 400㎸ substation. Let’s get to know the Jigmeling project team in Changwon now that they have completed the project by meeting the specific and demanding requirements of Bhutan Power Corporation.

 Completing Bhutan’s first 400㎸ GIS substation

On December 30, there was a completion ceremony held for the ‘Jigmeling 400㎸ GIS substation’ (Jigmeling substation), which was a project won by the circuit breaker division of Power Systems PU as a turnkey project in Bhutan in 2015. “The Jigmeling project is a crucial project on which the entire national interest of Bhutan depends,” said the Prime Minister of Bhutan in his congratulatory speech at the ceremony. “I would like to thank Hyosung for completing this project on time.”

The national territory of Bhutan mostly consists of mountainous regions and is rich in hydroelectric power resources, exporting those resources to neighboring countries where power supply cannot keep up with the demand. The Jigmeling substation is the first 400㎸ GIS Pooling substation for Bhutan Power Corporation that receives power from the higher hydroelectric power plant and transmits it to India, and it was an important project that remarkably resonates with the national interests of Bhutan. Having first entered the Indian power market in 2007, Hyosung discovered the potential for market expansion in India’s power shortage and hydroelectric power generation of neighboring countries, and entered Bhutan at an early stage to preoccupy the market. In 2015, section chief Jong-hoon Ham of Circuit Breaker Overseas Sales Team 3, in charge of new market entry in Bhutan, preemptively listened to the clients and gathered the strength of coworkers to win the project. The attitude to overcome challenges and trust built with clients by thoroughly meeting even the smallest requests based on affinity all became the driving force to win and carry out the Jigmeling substation project.

Hyosung is currently supplying and installing GIS facilities at the PHPA-1, PHPA-2 and MHPA hydroelectric power plants that are currently under construction. The Jigmeling substation sends the power generated at PHPA-2 and MHPA hydroelectric power plants to not only Bhutan but also Alipurduar in West Bengal, India. This project has been invested jointly by India and Bhutan, with 100% of funding by India. The project is carried out in the form of a joint venture by Hyosung and India’s EPC company KEC, and Hyosung is tasked with managing the project. Department chief Tae-woong Shim of the Substation Performance Team, taking on the role of project manager, managed and supervised the design, supply and installation of GIS according to the requirements of the client Bhutan Power Corporation, as well as the installation of equipment such as transformers and reactors prior to the deadline.

 Actively communicating and ascertaining needs is the driving force of success

Along with Shim, deputy section chief Hong-rok Kim of Circuit Breaker Design Team 1 and Tae-jin Son of Circuit Breaker Design Team 2 worked on this project as electrical designer and structural designer. The needs of Bhutan Power Corporation were tougher to meet than expected. They required test reports for not only GIS but also other main devices from an international certification agency. Many structures needed to be newly designed. In particular, they limited the size of the GIS building (building width 14m) to reduce civil engineering and construction costs, which is why everything else had to be changed such as the structure and design of surrounding structures. The stratum was unstable due to the nature of its geographical location on the east side of the Himalayas, which required seismic design. The Electric device Design Team also joined the project. GIS is normally designed by the Circuit Breaker Design Team, but Bhutan required the unique specifications of BCU. Section chief Je-hyoung Lee of the Electric Field Design Team was put in charge of the control panel. There were many difficulties in undertaking something without a precedent but Lee captured the needs of clients on business trips and reduced errors by getting help from related departments.

“All projects of the power industry in Bhutan are carried out based on having close relations with India, and slow decision-making was one of the challenges,” said section chief Hyo-min Choi of Circuit Breaker Overseas Sales Team 1 in charge of this project and the Bhutanese market. “But we actively stated our views for this Jigmeling project and persuaded our client and main agent Bhutan Power Corporation for quick decision-making, which was the power that led to completing the project successfully and on time.”

 Taking one step toward becoming a total solution provider of power energy

Hyosung began winning global projects back in 2005. In 2016, it started to promote the strategies to expand into the Asian power market by building the GIS manufacturing plant in Pune in order to penetrate the Indian market. The successful completion of the Jigmeling GIS substation project indicates that Hyosung’s power business has expanded to India’s neighboring countries. Furthermore, Hyosung affirmed the performance of the 400㎸ GIS substation turnkey project and solidified its place in the power market of Bhutan. This experience will act as the nourishment for Hyosung to grow into a total solution provider of power energy.

Written by | Mi-sun Lee

Photography by | Soo-jeong Han (Day40 Studio)

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