[Hyosung News] The beginning of a hopeful new year, Business Opening Ceremony for 2018 etc.

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Group News

 [Corporate General] The beginning of a hopeful new year, Business Opening Ceremony for 2018

On January 2nd, Hyosung held its 2018 business opening ceremony to set its feet for the new challenges of 2018 at corporate HQ in Mapo. Chairman CHO Hyunjoon, through his annual address, entreated three points of emphasis including ▲ Customer and Market oriented Management, ▲ Technical Competitiveness at the Global Level, and ▲ Establishing Responsibility Management that will always triumph. Chairman CHO also emphasized that Hyosung shall establish and execute strategies complaint with the emerging 4th industrial revolution, and win-win management with partners, to become the pioneer of the future. Other workplaces, in Korea and around the world held their own business opening ceremony, and corralled to envision how to conduct business in 2018.

 [Corporate General] Selected as Best Practices for ‘2017 Energy, GHG emission reduction projects’

On December 13th, Hyosung attended the ‘2017 Energy, GHG (Green House Gas) emission reduction Project Event’ held in Seoul. Hyosung is an active member of energy companionship project, incorporated by the Korea Energy Agency, focused on win-win growth and reinforcing the competency of small-to-middle sized businesses, and was rewarded for its efforts in consulting small-to-middle sized partners for energy management technology and efficiency improvement as being selected as a best practice for ‘Energy management system infrastructure establishment support project’.

 [Corporate General] Propane gas dehydrogenation catalyst processing technology, selected as one of top 14 industrial technological achievements of 2017

The ‘World’s class propane gas dehydrogenation catalyst processing technology‘ developed by Hyosung R&C Center was selected as one of the top 14 industrial technological achievements of 2017, by the National Academy of Engineering of Korea (the “NAEK”). On November 29th, NAEK announced the 14 remarkable technologies of 2017, selected by the Industrial Technology Achievement Recollection Committee formed with over 1,000 academics of engineering, and leaders of the industry, based on the creativity and originality of each entry.

 [Corporate General] Acceptance and Reward Ceremony of the 51st Class of new employees

The 51st class of new employees of Hyosung gathered together to recollect their 2017 experience in the front field of industry, and their growth into a true Hyosung People. On December 8th, they gathered at Corporate HQ in Mapo, and celebrated the conclusion of their on-job training, and honored those who had shown outstanding development with their joint efforts with their mentors.

 [Corporate General] ‘KLPGA Hyosung Championship’, kicking off the 2018 KLPGA Tour season

Hyosung Championship, the season opener of the 2018 KLPGA Tour was held from December 8th at the Twin Doves Gofl Club in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Hyosung Vietnam added a meaning to the event. Over 100 KLPGA, foreign and armature players exhibited their game in front of the eyes and ears of golf fans.

 [Textile PG] Gumi Plant, Obtain highest grade for PSM evaluation

Gumi Plant received the highest grade “P” for the PSM evaluation conducted every four years by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, to prevent major occupational accidents. Following 2009 and 2013, this is the third consecutive “P” grade for Gumi Plant, that is unprecedented in the Gyeongbook region, and was recognized as the epitome of occupational safety and health with its sophisticated system gravitating toward process safety.

 [Industrial Materials PG] High-performance Responsibility Management Reinforcing Program Ceremony

On December 26th, the Industrial Materials PG held the Phase-5, High-performance Responsibility Management Reinforcing Program Ceremony, for its Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU and Technical Yarn PU. In the attendance of staff members in Korea, and staff members around the world by virtue of a live broadcast, achievements of projects were announced and honorable members were awarded. Three projects that had shown excellent financial improvements were awarded during the ceremony.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Industrial Materials Employee of 2017 award

The Industrial Materials PG held the Industrial Materials Employee of 2017 Award event. ‘The Employee of the Year’ award went to Deputy Department Chief HAN Gyuchan and 10 others of the Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU, and Department Chief SON Geonpyeong and 2 others of the Jiaxing Division. ‘The Team of the Year’ award went to Production Team 1 and 4 other teams of the Jeonju Plant, and the B/W Team of the Vietnam Division. Deputy Department Chief LEE Seungmin of Hyosung USA and Deputy Section Chief LEE Wonoh of Tokyo Division won ‘The Best Supporter of the Year’ award.

 [Industrial Materials PG] ARAMID Division, Participate in Milipol Paris 2017

From November 21st to 24th, the Aramid Division participated in Milipol Paris 2017, the world‘s largest event for homeland security. In the emerging global interest in ‘bullet & knife proof’, ALKEX® is gaining the attention from the global market, and by exhibiting light weight helmets and bullet & knife proof textiles, Hyosung attracted spectators.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Carbon Material Division, Participate in ‘CAMX 2017’ USA

From December 12th to 14th, the Carbon Material Division attended the ‘CAMX 2017’ event held in Orlando FL, USA. CAMX is a prestigious exhibition covering composite materials to next-generation materials, where over 500 companies and 8,000 visitors attend the event. Hyosung, targeting the future industrial markets for high pressure containers and other aspects, displayed its excellent quality and characteristics.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Power Systems PU, Received Minister‘s award for its contribution in nuclear fusion research

On December 7th, The Heavy Electric Machine Marketing Team (represented by Department Chief KIM Myeong-gi) of the Power Systems PU received the Minister of Science and ICT award at the state event of ‘Public address for nuclear fusion technology innovation’. Korea commissioned Kstar, the prototype nuclear fusion reactor for Korea, a decade ago, and is a member of ITER, an international nuclear fusion research and engineering megaproject, with 6 other advanced countries. The Heavy Electric Machine Marketing Team contributed to the founding if ITER, and awarded for its efforts therefore.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] High-performance Responsibility Management Ceremony

In the attendance of all directors and team leaders, each team leader addressed the results of their individual innovation projects, improvement projects, and futures strategic directions.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Attend commissioning ceremony for GIS substation at Jigmeling, Bhutan

On December 30th, the Jigmeling 400kV GIS Substation, ordered from Bhutan in 2015 on a turn-key basis, was commissioned by the Circuit Breaker Division of the Power Systems PU. The Jigmeling Substation, the first 400kV GIS substation in Bhutan, is a key state managed project of Bhutan, allowing Bhutan to export its rich hydroelectric power generation resources to India. Numbers of state officials, including the prime minister of Bhutan attended the ceremony to express their gratitude and congratulations.

 [Information Communication PG] Nautilus Hyosung PU, Attend RBR Branch Transformation Conference

On November 28th and 29th, Nautilus Hyosung PU attended the ‘RBR Branch Transformation Conference’ held in London, UK. In the attendance of over 600 members of the financial industry of Europe and US, Nautilus Hyosung PU exhibited the Smart KIOSK U8900 (domestic branch innovation solution), Smart ATM U3200N, and multi-purpose teller cash recycler, to gain the attention from spectators.

 [Information Communication PG] Nautilus Hyosung PU Gumi Plant, Received Notable Participant at ‘Labor-Management Partnership Contest’

On November 23rd, Nautilus Hyosung PU Gumi Plant received the Notable Participant Award at the Labor-Management Partnership Contest held at Yeouido, Seoul. By facilitating its GWP program for the past year, Nautilus Hyosung Gumi Plant established a win-win relationship between labor and management, and was rewarded for its efforts as a notable workplace amongst the 100 participating workplaces.

 [Information Communication PG] Hyosung Capital PU, Marketing Improvement Projects Announcement Event

On December 11th, Hyosung Capital PU held its marketing improvement projects announcement event. The Marketing Improvement Projects Announcement Event is a platform for sharing problems and difficulties in marketing activities and seek measures to improve thereof, while motivating members to continue and develop improvement by reviewing best practices. 4 teams, selected for their excellence during the coaching phase addressed their know-hows in information collecting, team member coaching cases, and performance generation cases.

Social Contribution

 Corporate HQ, ‘Daily Supply of Love’ sharing event and fund donation to ‘Mapo-gu Social Welfare Council’ 

On December 13th, Mapo Corporate HQ held a ‘Daily Supply of Love’ event handing out canned food gift sets to over 200 households in the community members in need of help. On December 28th, Corporate HQ donated 30 million KRW (approx. 28,200 USD) to the Mapo-gu Social Welfare Council to aid those in need of help. The funds are planned to support daily welfare and medical care projects.

 Supporting Theater Yeonwoo Company for 3rd consecutive year to support Art & Culture

On December 1st, As part of Hyosung‘s contribution to Art & Culture, Hyosung provided aid to the Theater Yeonwoo Company. The fund will be used to produce creative plays including recruiting new actors and supporting script writing. Hyosung invited over 100 members and families to enjoy the theater‘s act <The Goddess is Watching>.

 Christmas with Children, Participate in Child Fund Korea‘s Santa Expedition

On December 8th, members of the Textile PG and Nautilus Hyosung PU Gumi Plant participated in the Santa Expedition event held by the Gyeongbook Regional Office of Child Fund Korea. Moreover, members of the Wing Corps, a volunteer corp of Changwon Plant, also joined the event and handed gifts to children.

 Changwon Plant, Re-accredited for One-Company One-Village Agricultural Social Contribution Accreditation

Changwon Plant obtained re-accreditation for agricultural social contribution by the ‘3rd Agricultural Social Contribution’ organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, for its lead in agricultural social contribution activities. This is Changwon Plant‘s third iteration of accreditation following 2011 and 2015. Since entering its one-company one-village sisterhood relationship with Goonbok Shinchang village in September 2007, Changwon Plant is actively involved in the community by providing help during farming seasons, and funding touring programs for the elder of the community.

 Jeonju Plant, New Year seasonal social contribution

On December 15th, Jeonju Plant held a ceremony for donating funds, raised on a matching grant basis. To support those in need including underfed children and senior citizens who live alone to spend a warm winter, Fruits of Love were donated, while scholarships were granted to students who are in danger of discontinuing their study due to financial circumstances. Furthermore, funds were donated to Hoseung Orphanage along with a helpful hand to let the children enjoy a more comfortable environment.

 Ulsan Plant, Donate portions of salary

On December 27th, Ulsan Plant donated funds raised throughout the previous year by saving proportions of the salary of employees, to the Nam-gu office of Ulsan-si through the community welfare chest, for the assistance of underfed children and senior citizens who live alone in the Nam-gu, Ulsan-si. A total amount of 45 million KRW (approx. 42,200 USD) raised by over 200 employees and a matching grant provided by the company was donated. The cumulative amount raised and donated by Ulsan Plant over the 9 years since 2009 sums over 404 million KRW (approx. 379 thousand USD).

 Yongyeon Plant, Embodying community love during the holiday season

To enlighten the holiday season, Yongyeon Plant donated a fund of 30 million KRW (approx. 28,200 USD) to help those in need. Representatives of each factory said “I hope that this can help those in the community to get on their feet. And this small contribution can be a great deal of help to them.” at their attendance. Yongyeon Plant will continue its efforts to bring warmth to the local community through sharing love.

 Oksan Plant, Love sharing volunteer actvities

On December 23rd, Optical Film PU Oksan Plant visited Hyeneung Orphanage and gave Christmas presents to the children. In the attendance of Plant Manager KIM Seong-kyun and management staffs, the children enjoyed a joyful day. Oksan Plant pledged to continue its sharing through volunteer work and donating funds raised by saving proportions of the salaries of its members.

 Anyang Plant, Supporting low-income households with funds raised by employees

On December 12th, representatives of Anyang Plant visited Anyang City Hall and made a 38 million KRW (approx. 35,660 USD) donation. Mayor LEE Pil-woon of Anayang-si, Factory Manager YOON Hanchoon of Anyang Plant, Secretary General KIM Hak-bong of Gyeonggi community welfare chest and other employees attended the ceremony. Along with the funds raised during 2017 at the donation stair installed at Anyang station upon the agreement between Anyang Plant and Anayang-si, the donation is planned to support low-income households in Anyang-si.

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