[Hyosung TECHNOLOGY] Hyosung‘s Core Technology in Our Everyday Life

2018. 1. 22. 17:58

Technological development enhances the daily life of mankind. The advanced technology and products of Hyosung are innovative. Here are some simple examples Hyosung‘s technology, available in our daily lives.

 Flexibility, Activity, and Fit, All in One!

Elastic Spandex removing disagreeable odors

Hyosung‘s high added value spandex yarn ’creora‘, which is referred as to the textile’s semiconductor, has its own reputation in the global spandex market as the No.1 brand. ‘creora fresh’ is a functional spandex specialized in removing disagreeable odors of sweat and feet from workouts or daily activities. Source materials of disagreeable odors are chemically neutralized to add the deodorizing function. ‘creora comfort’ is a spandex specifically purposed for diapers with excellent flexibility, activity and fit.

‘creora eco soft’ is another spandex product that cannot be left out for its eco-friendly nature. Allowing heat setting at a relatively low temperature of 15 ~ 20℃, the manufacturers benefit with low production cost and productivity by reducing energy consumption. Moreover, it reduces the use of fossil fuel, for less carbon emission, eventually benefiting the environment.

 Strong and Light, the age of ‘Chiet’

(compound of ‘Cha’ (‘Car’ in Korean) and diet)

Carbon fiber, the center of automobile manufacturers‘ interest

‘TANSOME’, the original carbon fiber brand of Hyosung, developed with Hyosung‘s own technology. With a carbon content of 92%, carbon fiber exhibits excellent elasticity and strength. Carbon is well known for being 10 times stronger than steel at a one-fourth weight. Products made from carbon fiber can be easily found in our daily lives from stationary to furniture. Even in hats, sunglasses, and cell phone cases. ‘Carbon bikes’ made with carbon fiber is being loved by more people for its light weight compared to other aluminum or titanium frames.

Carbon fiber is also applicable to automobile parts. Mostly in tire wheels. Making an automobile more lighter is one of the eternal issues of the automobile industry. Compared to conventional casted aluminum wheels, carbon fiber wheels have half the weight while providing better durability that results in less damage upon external impacts. Carbon fiber placed itself in the center of automobile manufacturers‘ interest for its features of light weight and strength.

 The tide of Hyosung is also knocking the door of the financial world

Smart withdrawal, convenient ATM

Hyosung‘s ATM, one of the top 5 players in the global market, is leading financial automation with automatic teller machines, Recycling ATM and Bill payment kiosk. Hyosung‘s products are exported to over 30 countries around the world, and has the number one market share in the USA. Especially for ATM, allowing customers to withdraw and deposit money without visiting a bank, and CD, allowing customers to withdraw money, Hyosung is maintaining its pole position in the USA market.

Nautilus Hyosung PU is recently focusing on research and development of financial solutions compatible with automatic financial machine software and other service aspects. Based on its automatic financial machine solutions including ATMs, Nautilus Hyosung PU set its goal to climb up to the global top by creating innovative business models with sales, service, and outsourcing.

 Leading the age of smart energy

STATCOM, delivering stable power supply

Hyosung is leading the green growth by stably supplying new renewable energy. STATCOM supplements the defects of unstable power production and supply, commonly found for new renewable energy. STATCOM assists stable power supply under conditions where output from new renewable energy generation shows incidental variation due to the underlying weather conditions by maintaining the discharge voltage at a certain level. Stable power delivery is materialized by minimizing power loss throughout the transmission of electricity from the power plant to the end user. Hyosung is the only company in Korea to commercialize STATCOM technology.

Moreover, STATCOM is the key facility for the emerging Smart Grid. Power generation and supply can be flexed according to the power consumption. To make this possible, power generated from new renewable energy sources is stored on ESS, to be further utilized to stably delivery electricity according to the demand. In this day and age, where new renewable energy is enfolding its potential, STATCOM has become a core technology of the future.

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