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Based on its mission to ‘lead a better life for mankind with the best technology and business competence’, Hyosung practices a sustainable management to fulfill its economic, social and environmental responsibilities. This is an overview of Hyosung in action to make a better world and spread the hope of a better tomorrow.

 Management for Sharing

Dreaming a better tomorrow by sharing today

Hyosung is second to none in responding to its social responsibilities as a community member. Hyosung categorized existing sharing activities in three folds, ‘Supporting the less privileged’ ‘Art & Culture Assistance’ and ‘Patriotism’ and implementing practical programs to substantiate its identity.

Hyosung is currently practicing community love through various programs such as ‘Rice of Love’, ‘Gimchi of Love’, supporting physically or mentally challenged youth, goodwill store, Hyosung Sharing Volunteer Corps and smile expedition.

Hyosung is also raising the value of "Sharing Hyosung" in the fields of culture and arts such as the performance of Yo-Yo Ma and Silk Road Ensemble and sponsoring Daehakro theaters. Acts of patriotism includes One-company one-memorial activities, war veteran housing projects and Patriotism Month events.

Hyosung‘s efforts were recognized by winning the Prime Minister Award at Korea Sharing Awards, and Minister Award for global volunteer in Vietnam. Hyosung is practicing true love sharing by enforcing substantial assistance and expanding those who truly need a hand of support.

 Green Management

Green Management Vision 2020, Reborn as a Green Company

Hyosung is upfront in environmental issues by announcing its Green Management Vision 2020. Hyosung has earned its reputation as a green company by reducing its GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emission by 30% from business as usual levels for 2020, of which estimation is based on the 3 year mean GHG emission from 2007 to 2009.

These achievements were possible with Hyosung‘s own GHG management program, plans and actual GHG emissions are monitored, and with detailed manuals for management systems with specific breakdown of roles and responsibilities, sharing best practices from throughout workplaces, and benchmarking implementation schemes. Facilitating a company-wise Green Management Team, is the key to such success by providing a sophisticated and active management.

Investments are made in highly efficient equipment and plants are running efficiently to reduce power consumption, waste heat and steam are recovered and reused, while other environmental technologies such as low-temperature yarn production and yarns made from waste fishnets, which all represent Hyosung‘s robust efforts. The title of an Environmentally Friendly Company became a feasible description of Hyosung.

 Ethic Management

Build a reputation of trust with transparent management

Ever since establishing its Compliance Team, dedicated to ethic management in 2014, Hyosung has instituted various programs and policies to prevent all kinds of fraudulous act and improve the work ethics of its members by establishing anti-corruption policies and conducting compliance training.

The will of compliance shown by its members, by far, is the essence of ethic management, where Hyosung broadcasts ethic management methods throughout its internal network and obliges members and departments prone to corruption or with high compliance risks to attend compliance training.

For ethic management training for the entirety of Hyosung, information related to ethic issues including Responsibility Management and The Imporper Solicitation and Graft ACT are provided to employees to encourage their voluntary work ethics.

Hyosung‘s enthusiasm in ethic is well displayed in its reporting channel. HR Consulting and Grievance Office where employees can report fraudulous acts and discuss upon occupational difficulties or ethical standards is the confession chamber for Hyosung People.

Hyosung will continue its journey toward Centennial Hyosung by adding transparency to its transparent management and solidifying its reliability.

 Win-win Growth

Competitiveness of our partners is the future of Hyosung

With the cognition that the enhancing the competitiveness of partners is the key to the future, Hyosung emphasizes a keen and strong connection with partners. Lead by the Win-win Growth Promotion Team, Hyosung facilitates varieties of training programs and support programs to establish a firm ground for win-win growth with collaboration with venture companies and middle-to-small size business thriving to explore new business opportunities.

Fairness is the utmost important point of emphasis for Hyosung in achieving win-win growth with partners. Hyosung adopts the 4 major policies recommended by the Fair Trade Commission as its by-law, and cultivates a fair partnership by announcing its anti-retaliation rule to stop and prevent any unilateral trading restriction or discontinuation against partners.

All invoices from partners are paid in cash, and partners are invited to join Hyosung in international events or overseas training to aid their growth, and is also focusing on rewarding accomplished partners by instituting a ‘Best Partner Award’.

Hyosung, already pursuing transparent and reasonable win-win growth with partners, will continue its efforts in collaboration management embracing the entire corporate.

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