[Global Social Contribution] Smile Expedition‘s Voluntary Medical Service in Vietnam

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To contribute to the local community of overseas workplaces, Hyosung instituted a medical service since 2011. Here is the heart-warming story of Smile Expedition extending its hand for the 7th year to provide medical service to local Vietnamese who are having difficulty getting treatment due to lack of medical facilities and economic difficulties.

 Smile Expedition, Continuing its Sharing

From November 13th to 17th, Hyosung dispatched ‘Smile Expedition’, its overseas medical service corps to the Long Tho borough of Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai, Vietnam as a joint effort with Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI, a global relief organization), to provide complementary medical service to over 1,800 local residences.

Facilitated by Hyosung Dong Nai Co., Ltd., a total number of 21 doctors consist of pediatricians, internists, surgeons, physicians, gynecologists, dentists and oriental medicine doctors from Korea and 2 local ophthalmologists joined the mission and over 100 members of Hyosung Vietnam volunteered to provide translation and guiding assistance for a functional medical service. Along with the medical service, Smile Expedition visited to regional elementary schools to provide basic medical check-ups, ophthalmologic and dental inspections for 600 students.

In this years event, the Smile Expedition provided school supply packages to students who receive the medical service, all attached with supportive messages gathered through the social media event “My Friend Hyosung”. Dong-a Pencil Co., joined the cause by supplying school supplies at a convenient price.

 Dreaming of Sustainable Society by Sharing at the Global Stage

Hyosung has expanded the treatment disciplines and medical service areas each year so that more people can receive a high-quality medical service. From 2014, Hyosung brought high-risk patients to Korea for intensive care and funded all medical expenses.

Hyosung added ophthalmologic service in 2016 and is providing glasses to people with low vision. Hyosung also provides pregnancy and childbirth education, once limited to employees, to college juniors and seniors who are expecting to enter the society.

Hyosung’s Smile Expedition provides medical service and prevention of diseases through education to local vietnamese who are prone to such medical benefits due to lack of facility and economic detriments, and embodies the true meaning of social contribution of overseas workplaces.

From its first mission in 2011, Smile Expedition is holding this medical service for 7 years in Dong Nai, Vietnam, where the largest global production camp of spandex and tire cord, both the main products of Hyosung, resides.

This is not all of Hyosung‘s global sharing activities. Hyosung donated its 5th library to a local elementary school in Vietnam back in June, while donating a kindergarten with the Export-Import Bank of Korea to fulfill its social obligations to Vietnam. Hyosung will continue its efforts in supporting a sustainable society with borderless sharing where ever possible.

 The Fist Hand Sharing Story by Deputy Section Cheif AHN Hyeon-sik, Public Relations Team 3

“I have herd and red about Smile Expedition from corporate broadcasts and press releases, and I was fortunate enough to have this opportunity to experience Smile Expedition.

Watching the doctors and nurses taking care of local residences, the commitment of volunteers, and the smiles on the face of local residences expressing their gratitude made me proud.

I hope that more people in less-privileged communities can benefit from a continuous movement of Smile Expedition.“

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Photo | AHN Hyeon-sik (Deputy Section Chief, Public Relations Team 3)

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