[Green Earth Drawn by Hyosung] Episode 4, Eco-friendly Activities and Outcomes

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Welcome to the last episode of ‘Green Earth Drawn by Hyosung.’ Throughout previous episodes, we have met: Eco-friendly products made through recycling, from non-toxic materials, for low carbon or future energy; Eco-friendly processes minimizing hazardous substances efficiently utilizing resources, for power saving and greenhouse gas reduction; and Eco-friendly strategies including Green Management Vision 2020 by organizing Green Management Team and Environment & Safety Team, monitoring greenhouse gas reduction performance, disclosure of green management activities, and other organizational efforts for Eco-friendly management.

The final episode introduces Hyosung’s Eco-friendly activities and outcomes. Here are the activities including social contribution, campaigns and the outcomes of Hyosung’s green management.

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 1. Eco-friendly Social Contribution

(1) Hyosung Capital, Cultivate Nanjido Haneul Park Green Forest

Last spring, commemorating its 20th anniversary, Hyosung Capital held a special event. Rather than celebrating its 20 years of existence, Hyosung Capital went on to give back to the community and environment to honor the love it received over the years.

President KIM Yong-deok of Hyosung Capital also participated in tree planting.

The Noeul Park Citizen Committee has enacted a ‘Make 100 forests’ project to change Nanjido, a former garbage land-fill located in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, into an ecological park. 40 members of Hyosung Capital take part of this project and planted over 200 trees in the Haneul Park. The 200 trees were funded by through the ‘Happy Dream’ fund where employees deposit a fixed amount of money from their salary each month which is matched by Hyosung, thus the event was a cumulative effort between all employees and Hyosung Capital.

(2) 1 Company – 1 River Cleaning Activities 

Each workplace of Hyosung is conducting a 1 Company – 1 River cleaning activity. The directors and employees of each workplace heal the environment with their hands by going out to an adjacent river and cleaning the scenery.

Last October, Gumi plant participated in a clean-up event held by the Gumi City office, to make the surroundings of the trail alongside Yigeacheon a cleaner place. In March 60 members of the Anyang Complex from Anyang Plant, Hyosung R&C Center, Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center, and Hyosung Training Institute cleaned the scenery of the bank of Anyang River. In November of 2016, 90 members of the Changwon Plant cleaned the scenery of Namcheon and Wandamcheon.

Members of the Anyang Complex, drawing their sweat in the cold weather.

As much as constant investment and technological development is important for the environment, taking actions and volunteering has the equal importance. Hyosung will continue its efforts for the local community with real actions and participation of its employees.

 2. Eco-friendly Contests

To draw a green earth, Hyosung held a campaign by itself. From June to August, Hyosung opened the ‘Hyosung Eco-friendly Idea Contest’. In its first iteration, the contest received inspiring ideas from college students who are enthusiastic for the environment.

Contestants selected one of the subjects: How to solve climate change and global warming; Eco-friendly ideas related to the 4th industrial revolution; Eco-friendly ideas related to Hyosung’s business areas, and subscribe their idea in a free format. After document review and presentations, 5 entries were selected as winners with KIM Beomg-yeong from Hanyang University winning the grand prize for his ‘Wireless recharging shoes’ entry.

Winners of Hyosung Eco-friendly Idea Contest

Upon the emerging worldwide interest in eco-friendly business, Hyosung also facilitates various green management activities to spread the value of the environment. ‘Hyosung Eco-friendly Idea Contest’ has its own meaning by embodying green management through communication with students.

 3. Outcomes of Green Management

(1) Achieving Greenhouse Gas Emission Target

Hyosung encourages each workplace to implement various green management activities to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Each workplace establishes their annual greenhouse gas emission target and programs, and shares successful practices.

Energy consumption and greenhouse gas reduction achievements (2016, by workplace)

Even before state regulated greenhouse gas restrictions has been enforced, Hyosung endeavored to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Since 2009, before the commencement of the Target Management Scheme, Hyosung enrolled to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy’s greenhouse gas reduction performance program, resulting in a reduction of 130,000 tons, with additional recognition for its voluntary reduction activities including recovery of SF6 gas (one of the most strongest greenhouse gas), aggregating up to 860,000 tons of reduction. Hyosung has lead the movement of greenhouse gas reduction in all aspects including investment in greenhouse gas reduction facilities and active participation in the Emissions Trading Schemes.

Hyosung’s efforts were rewarded by achieving its greenhouse gas emission targets under the target management scheme from 2012 to 2014, and under the emissions trading schemes from 2015 up till today.

Hyosung’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Statistics

(2) Winer of Minister’s Award at Climate Week 2016 

In 2016, Hyosung was honored for its Green Management activities. Hyosung won the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy’s award at ‘Climate Week 2016,’ the largest climate change conference in Korea. The accolade was a reward to all the efforts invested by Hyosung taking its responsibility in climate change and seeking solutions. Following its 2014 award for Notable Company in Climate Change Competitiveness, this was another pleasant surprise.

Hyosung Green Management Team winning the Minister’s Award at Climate Week 2016.

 Green Earth Drawn by Hyosung, will return

We are part of the nature. We live on this earth, drink from the sea and rivers, breath the air from the forest, and live in the light of the sun. This is why we should not neglect the warnings sent by the environment. We must correct our wrongs done before by destroying and polluting earth, and in the journey for a better future, Hyosung will lead the way. Hyosung will seek the way to paint the earth green with you. With your involvement and support, Green Earth Drawn by Hyosung will continue its journey.

Thank you.

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