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Group News

 [Corporate General] Financial Division, Foreign Exchange Transaction Act training

On October 18th, Hyosung held a Foreign Exchange Transaction Act training session at Corporate HQ in Mapo. Officers and staff members encountering international sales and related businesses attended this session to comprehend policies set forth by the said act, obligations, payment procedures, and asset filing protocols. 

 [Corporate General] Corporate HQ, emergency evacuation drill

To facilitate a prompt response to a time-essential emergency situation, Hyosung is running emergency evacuation drills throughout the entire corporation. On September 28th, Mapo Corporate HQ held an emergency evacuation drill to successfully respond to a fire hazard. Over 1,200 employees stationed at Corporate HQ fluently evacuated to muster area through emergency stairways in a timely manner according to the evacuation manuals. Other domestic workplaces are undertaking its own emergency drills accordingly.

 [Corporate General] Hyosung Changwon Marathon Club & Ulsan Plant Hyomahui, participate in Gyeongnam Marathon

Hyosung Changwon Marathon Club and Ulsan Plant’s ‘Hyomahui’ (acronym for “Hyosung Marathon Corps”) participated in the 14th annual Gyeongnam Marathon event held on October 15th at Changwon multi-complex stadium. 21 and 30 runners from Changwon Plant and Ulsan Plant, respectively, participated in the event, and Plant Manager HWANG Myeong-cheol and Management Team Leader BOO Eun-shik from Ulsan Plant were present to support the runners. Participants mostly ran the half-course and 10 km course to win the third place in group competitions. Hyosung Changwon Marathon Club and Hyomahui made plans to open friendly exchange events each year.

 [Textile PG] Textile PG, open Trend workshop for prompt response to rapidly changing trends 

On October 19th, Textile PG held a Trend Workshop with Nelly Rodi, a global trend information group, to anticipate future trends and establish measures to respond the upcoming changes. Each and every member of all departments from the Textile PG expressed their plans to focus on analyzing the 2019 S/S fashion trend and develop new materials to live up to the emerging trends.

 [Textile PG] Nylon-Polyester Yarn PU, Visit US ‘LL Bean’ producer of environmentally friendly yarn

On October 19th, members from the Textile PG visited LL Bean’s production site to unfold LL Bean’s environmentally friendly fabric lines. LL Bean, an outdoor wear specialist operating in US, is a retail firm in US producing garments for climbing, fishing. Hyosung has gained its reputation as a green company throughout its efforts in environmentally friendly yarn seminars and facility visits related recycled nylon yarns.

 [Textile PG] Guangdong & Zhuhai Division, Kick off ‘TOP Patrol’

Textile PG’s Guangdong & Zhuhai Divisions kicked off their TOP Patrol on September 26th. ‘TOP Patrol’ is an improvement mechanism where directors, production officers and site officers gather together to identify problems and seek improvement. During the Kick-off event, members of the management executed a declaration, where employees and directors of the facilities jointly announced the declaration, and expressed their dedication to improve productivity.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Launch Lexus LS, adopting yarn for automobile carpets

Lexus LS, adopting yarn for automobile carpets developed by Interior PU was recently launched in Japan. Lexus LS is the latest iteration of the luxurious sedan Lexus first released in 1989. Hyosung supplies its automobile carpet to this new master piece through the 30 year cooperation with Hasetora, a Japanese carpet supplier. Lexus LS, the new flagship of the Lexus brand is earning the love from consumers with its high quality.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Changwon Plant, Introduce automated program for computerized engineering to Substation division

From October 23rd to 27th, Changwon Plant conducted training sessions for members of the substation engineering/quotation team to educate the functions and utilization of the new 3D layout design program for substations newly introduced to the Power Systems PU, substation division. With the new program, substation layout designs are innovated from a 2D based design to a 3D virtual design to facilitate innovative engineering and reduce engineering lead time. Moreover, submitting design results in 3D and browsing 3D design throughout meetings with customers will solidify Hyosung’s technology and have positive impact on customer satisfaction.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Industrial Machinery PU, Commission Ulsan Ok-dong Hydrogen recharging station. 

On October 26th, Industrial Machinery attended the commissioning ceremony of the Ulsan Ok-dong Hydrogen recharging station, the first station of its kind in Korea. The Ulsan Ok-dong Hydrogen recharging station, constructed by Hyosung, the leader of the domestic Hydrogen recharging market, is the first Hydrogen-LPG combined recharging station in Korea to be built on an existing LPG recharging station. To celebrate the successful commissioning, LEE Inho, Vice Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy; KIM Kihyeon, mayor of Ulsan and other members of the community attended the ceremony.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Changwon Plant, Weekend vacation with Dad 2017 autumn

Changwon Plant sends of employees and their elementary school children to weekend trips every spring and autumn to let them have quality time together and provide and an opportunity have new experiences.

On October 21st, 20 families selected in a first-come, first-served basis traveled to Tongyong to enjoy their vacation for the weekend. Participants spent quality time together riding luges, and visiting LEE Sunshin Park and Dongpirang village.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] ‘Energy Companionship Project’ Changwon Plant invite partners.

To improve energy efficiency and reduce GHG emission in small-to-middle sized businesses, Changwon Plant takes part of the ‘Energy Companionship Project’ with its partners. As part of the project Changwon Plant invited 6 partners including Gyeongnam Sangi and Geumah Hyd-power to its facilities on October 19th, to share energy saving practices. Chagnwon Plant expressed its plans to continue its participation in the Energy Companionship Project to support its partners in enhancing their competitiveness.

 [Information & Communication PG] Hyosung Capital PU, Open seminar on outlook of the bond market

On October 12th, Hyosung Capital PU held a seminar on the outlook of the bond market at its training center. The seminar was opened with the material prepared by Team Leader KIM Sang-hoon of the KB investment research center, to open up broad dialogs on United States’ Fed restraints on assets, domestic currency policies, and geopolitical risks. KIM Yong-deok, president of PU said “To have a perspective on next year’s bond market and possibility of change in interest rates, we have to keep our eyes on the trend of the bond market. I hope that our members will continue to focus on related information to read the market trend after this seminar.”

Social Contribution

 Hyosung, Donate dental bus and provide free dental service to the disabled 

Following its donation of a dental bus to Pureume Nexon Kids Rehabilitation Hospital for pro bono dental care of the physically challenged, Hyosung held its first free dental clinic on October 17th for children at the Seungmin Physically Challenged Children Day Care Center located in Gwanak-gu, Seoul. Over 20 physically challenged children, who did not have the benefit to dental care service received free dental checks and education on daily dental care. The bus donated by Hyosung will continue its expedition to provide dental care to the less privileged. 

 Donate ‘Rice of Love’ to the less privileged in the Mapo area. 

On October 25th, Hyosung donated Rice of Love to less-privileged neighbors in the Mapo area. Hyosung delivered 500 sacks of 20k rice to 500 households of single elderly residence and low-income households through the Mapo-gu office.

 Gumi Plant, 1st in Gyeongbook to enroll as Good Company

On September 29th, Gumi plant enrolled as a ‘Good Company’ at the Community Chest of Korea, the first company in Gyeongbook to enroll such as. Once enrolled as a ‘Good Company’, the Company promises to donate over 20 million KRW (approx. 17,860 USD) worth of money and goods for more than three consecutive years for social contribution. Since 2009, Gumi Plant has donated over 160 million KRW (approx. 143 thousand USD) to the Community Chest of Korea, Gyeongbook Chest. From the milestone of becoming the first entity in Gyeongbook to enroll as a Good Company, Gumi Plant is planning to expand its efforts to share the love with the local community.

 Ulsan Plant, Lend hands during the farming season 

On October 26th, 30 members of the Ulsan Plant Volunteer Corp lent their hands to the Joonggosan villange in Onwang-eup, Ulsan, the sister village of Ulsan Plant, in the farming season helping the locals to harvest their year-long efforts. Ulsan Plant and Joonggosan village connected with each other back in August of 2005, and since then they are sharing their love through volunteer work during the spring and autumn farming season and other community events including town festivals.

 Hyosung, Participate in 2017 Red-cross flea market to help the less-privileged 

On October 12th, Hyosung donated Underarmor goods to the 2017 Red-cross flea market held by Red-cross Korea at COEX, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. This event, sponsored by the Hanjeok Women Volunteer Special Consultant Committee, donates all proceeds to the less-privileged in single households and multi-cultural households.

 Social media event ‘Support the dreams of the Children of Vietnam” 

To commemorate its 51st anniversary, Hyosung held the social meida event ‘Support the dreams of the Children of Vietnam’. This event was held from October 18th through 31st on Hyosung’s internet blog and facebook page. With the event where participants leave supportive messages to the children of Vietnam, over 5,100 messages were forwarded to 510 children of Vietnam in the form of engraved school supplies. Amongst all participants, Hyosung selected 151 entries and provided gifts to the netizens who willingly sent their support.

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