[51st Anniversary] Statement for the 51st year Commemoration of Foundation

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Greetings to every member of the Hyosung family around the world.

Since taking the heavy responsibility as Chairman of the group in January, I have sympathized with your efforts and passion on first hand on each and every site I have encountered all over the world. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone dedicating their sweat, even in this very moment, for the growth of Hyosung.

Fellow family members of Hyosung,

Today is the 51st anniversary of the founding of Hyosung. Throughout the half-century, we stood together in all the challenges and glories displayed in front of us. Remember the IMF financial crisis 20 years ago. Numbers of companies had fallen, and the entire country was devastated. We, Hyosung, with our determination and blood drawing efforts, overcame the crisis. We proved our potential to never give up and overcome controversies to cement a solid foundation and seek greater accomplishments. 

We are now entering the era of transition which will turn the page of history. Upon the blooming 4th industrial innovation, and the emerging new paradigms, only those who lead the future with innovative technology are entitled to survive in this new environment.

The rapid globalization and development of IT industry is breaking the walls of time and location. We, the Hyosung, shall become a ‘Company on which the sun never sets’ by securing a global network of production and sales. 

Alongside with the changing environment and developing company, each and every one of us are required to advance or skills. Diligence and sincerity were once valued during the Industrial Age. But now, it is essential for each individual to take ownership to his/her work and continuously lead the innovation with new ideas and ruthless passion.

The glorious journey for a centennial Hyosung can be completed only with the collective passions and challenges of each and every member. For our first step toward of future, I would like to emphasize three points, which I expect each and every member of Hyosung will imply.

First, Listen to the voice of site and customers, to seek shared growth with global customers.

The best way to make an ally, is listening. We cannot exist, let alone survive without our customers. Our customers are the answers to all of our problems and they are the alpha and omega of business activities. Listen to what customer wants, listen to what the site needs, and let those voices pave our way to the future. We shall provide products and services that touches the earnest needs of customers and grow with our global customers. 

Second, Continue our pride in technology.

The founder of Hyosung, Chairman CHO Hongjae once said emphasized technology by saying “Skills I possess is better than thousands of gold.” Technology-oriented management has been our tradition and foundation of today’s stature of a global company, and moreover, the pride of Hyosung people. We shall live up to our pride and imprint technology-oriented management as Hyosung’s DNA to success by securing the world’s leading technologies.

Third, Cultivate the corporate culture of endeavor for victory.

Each and every one of us are professionals in our own field. The joy of the process is for amateurs, pros should always pursue victory and success. We shall all be professionals and bring upon the best results from a strong teamwork.

To my dearest Hyosung family memebers,

The famous American writer Ernest Hemingway is well known for rewriting the ending of the great novel A Farewell to Arms over ten times. Greatness is allowed only to those who dare to reach perfection and continuously question oneself.

We shall converge our body of work and know-hows into the wisdom of the future; the accomplishments of our predecessors into the momentum to propriety. And we shall be a part of a centennial Hyosung.  

Thank you.

November 3rd, 2017

Chairman CHO Hyun-Joon

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