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The half-century history of Hyosung is an on-going collection of the efforts of numbers of Hyosung People. Along with commemorating Hyosung’s 51st anniversary, here are the stories of the winners of Hyosung employee of 2017-3Q, who lead the market and pursue customer satisfaction.

 Marketing - Improving sales profits by securing new markets.

HONG Doo-heon Department Head, Thick Plate Team, Steel & Metal Products 1 PU

In the dawn of strengthened sovereign regulations from major export markets, Steel & Metal Products 1 PU was forced to pump the brakes in expanding its revenue. It was Department Head HONG Doo-heon of the Thick Plate Team who led the journey in overcoming the emerging obstacles. Locking his eyes to the Russia market, he initiated a project to develop a new alternative market, and successfully executed a sales agreement with ZPP (Zagorsky Pipe Plant), an emerging steel pipe supplier operating in Russia.

The journey to satisfy customers and suppliers had its own ups and downs: the competitors did not seem to stop interfering the business, and the lead time, with the lack of words to say, was extremely short. But Department Manager HONG is not the man who would allow a setback. He dealt with the competitors’ by appealing Hyosung’s superior quality management, lead time and cost competitiveness, and secured a logistics scheme to meet the specified lead time while saving cost. Throughout the numbers of flights back and forth between Russian and Korea with the goal to solidify a new customer, HONG aggressively established a strong human network and focused on the emerging new market by securing reserves to respond to any possible risk. As a result, he contributed to a significant profit improvement of the PU and established a stepping stone to a larger market. That is, by far, the epitome of the engine to a centennial Hyosung.

 Marketing - Sales growth atop the foundation of customer satisfaction sales and collaboration

RYU Gwon-yoon, Department Head, Textile Sales Department, Vietnam Division.

Department Head RYU Gwoonyoon has noticed the potential of the emerging Asian market and has facilitated various sales activities to expand tire cord sales in the regional market focusing on local customers. In the past, the majority of tire cord sales in the Asian market was conducted from Korea against global customers. Upon the emergence of the Asian market as the new tiger, he acknowledged the necessity of various steams of supply routes to compete in the increased demand, thus the sales team in Corporate HQ, Vietnam Division and China Division orchestrated a front-loaded sales activities against local consumers. RYU’s locally-customized sales strategy was the key to the said mission. First, he held regional seminars to educate local customers with the trend of leading tire suppliers and introduce new product lines of Hyosung through technical marketing teams and consultants. He also stressed to develop new products customized for the local traffic environment. Problems accumulated throughout the process were all solved by his leadership in collaboration between corporate HQ and oversea divisions. His efforts were rewarded by increasing the number of local customers from 2 to 14, eventually leading to increased revenue. His exceptional leadership will definitely accelerate the growth of Hyosung.

 Technical - Increased production by completing PP-3 extension project

CHA Gyeong-yong, Department Head, Yongyeon Plant PP Production Team, PP/DH PU

As the PP Production leader of the Yongyeon Plant, Department Head CHA Gyeong-yong successfully completed the PP-3 extension project. The project achieved increased production and his efforts are now recognized by winning the Employee of Hyosung award. All of his accomplishments are fed by his thorough preparation and endless efforts.

The first he accomplished was to make the Licenser agree to terms where Hyosung is not liable to pay additional commissions upon excessive production, to save production cost. Secondly, he solved the problem of excessive polymerization upon failure to control the heat dissipated from the reactor during a PP polymerization process. Thanks to solving the problem, the overall process showed significant increase in efficiency and reduction in power costs. Substantial increase in revenue-by-capacity, and sales profit are inevitable results. 

Suggesting long-term provisions, and reviewing bottleneck elements to limited modification of equipment based on ownership was the only goals for Department Head CHA to successfully execute the PP-3 process, and his passion is the star that will shine the history of Hyosung.

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