[Report in Theme] Innovations from Difficulties and Improvements felt on hand “Listen to the Sounds on Site”

2017. 10. 20. 15:13

“If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”, is a famous quote from the bonafide photographer Robert Capa of LIFE magazine. Hyosung’s technological development and quality innovation starts from listening to the sound on site. Here are the stories of Hyosung People, deliberately visiting the industrial battle fields to listen what the site has to say.

 Leader in spontaneous site improvement “Zero Defects! Great Viscosity!”, Ulsan Plant

As the oldest Hyosung Plant, commissioned in 1968, the Ulsan Plant established the foundation of Hyosung to emerge as the 5th largest nylon yarn manufacturer in Korea since its first operation. The passion for technological innovation never rests, and up till today, Ulsan Plant is continuing to display and materialize its efforts by incorporating TPM activities throughout its nylon polyester division and tire cord division as part of its endless factory innovation projects.

Under the slogan of “Zero Defects! Great Viscosity!”, the “Neat” Circle continues its vicious TPM activities. Amongst the numbers of TPM activities instituted by the Ulsan Plant, the “Neat” Circle is responsible for the polymerization process for tire cord sheet production. The “Neat” Circle has a remarkable body of work, including the successful cost reduction from process improvement and electricity saving through reducing defects and stabilizing the environment, derived by voluntary efforts to secure great quality, and the past three years, filled with such individual improvement initiatives and proposal activities, only supports the various successes brought upon by the “Neat” Circle.

 “Be Together! Go Together!” Great changes come from small changes, Anyang Plant.

Since adopting QC activities in 1972, Anyang Plant had commissioned its carpet plant and has established batch manufacturing from carpet yarns to final carpet products. Commencing spandex yarn production in March 1992, Spandex PU, Interior PU and Nylon-Polyester PU jointly pursues the Global No.1 Quality. In-house quality assurance policies has been established, enforced and improved, and other activities for maximizing efficiency and embodying innovation are emphasized. 

Anyang Plant earned the reputation as the role model of voluntary improvements. With the strong belief that great changes come from minute changes, Anyang Plant underlines organizing the work environment and equipment management. The entire place is divided in parcels, with employees appointed and dedicated to organize each parcel, and any element imposing a risk is removed through improving irrationals activities. Especially, the carpet production team endeavored to maintain the operational downtime beneath 1% to eliminate the 3 major calamities of ‘Interrupted Yarn,’ ‘Yarn Winding,’ and ‘Yarn Route Blockage’ of which efforts paid off by significantly reducing the occurrence rate of Interrupted Yarns.

 Best Quality, Survival Cost! Gumi Plant, the most competitive complex.

Since commencing spandex production in 2000, the Gumi Plant willingly took the role as the spearhead in securing Hyosung’s reputation as a global chemical fiber supplier. As the mother plant of overseas complexes including Jiaxing and Zhuhai in China, Gumi Plant earnestly fulfill its role in technological support, quality improvement support, and displaying differentiated products. Gumi Plant is materializing cost saving and quality innovations through activities including Model Line Activity, an invention borne from the belief that identical conditions bring upon identical quality, and Kaizen 55 Campaign, pursuing the world’s best factory by eliminating all irrationals.

The “Innovation” Circle of Gumi Plant solved problems caused by DTY (Draw Textured Yarn) slipping away from the process line, based on trust, by allowing employees themselves to screen the process. The Spandex TPM department is continuing its growth by adopting improvement ideas directly coming from site to establish a standard work manual.

 Quality First! The Passion and Challenges to become the World’s Best! Changwon Plant

Since being commissioned in 1977, the Changwon Plant has been the center of Power & Industrial Systems PG, and established a quality management system entrusted by customers. The efforts made by Changwon Plant include a statistical quality management that prioritizes stable quality, and quality improvement activities engineered by Circles coordinated by employees, which have been recognized by winning the Korea Quality Management Award. Changwon Plant is currently facilitating QF (Quality First) Program, a 14 year old program since 2005 involving all employees of the plant, to secure mass-production capacity of various equipment.

The Ultra-high voltage winding production team of Changwon Plant reaches out to site workers to collect practical ideas in improving its productivity, and operates a system that disclose the operational efficiency status by order, task and process, which encourages workers to set their own goals and check their progress. From foremen to part leaders and team leaders, each and every member willingly express their various opinions and ideas on equipment improvement and design modification, where practical and probable good ideas are actually adopted on site. These efforts shown by Changwon Plant results in increased productivity and quality innovation.

Written by | KWON Oh-sang (Public Relations Team 3, Deputy Section Chief)

Illustrated by | JEONG Min-young

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