[ONE TEAM] The pride of “One Team” that made it together

2017. 9. 19. 15:53

The PGI Team from the Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center successfully developed new products, on time, fulfilling customer needs and securing the growth engine of Hyosung. Led by Team Leader CHOI Dae-hee, each and every member of the PGI team took their responsibility and poured all their passion on the task. As the pronoun of Hyosung Pride throughout the members’ restless research, they all attribute their success to “Working as a Team”.

 Derive the best results through the strongest comradery

The PGI team is a team of 13 members, all doing their job, and achieving 10,000% of their capability. Led by Team Leader CHOI Dae-hee, the winner of ‘Hyosung Employee of 2017-2Q’, the team is full with passion and ambition.

”Team work is essence. Nothing can be accomplished with a single effort. Not only inside the team, but collaboration with other teams are equally important. The successful development of the ESS product, on time, fulfilling customer needs is the by-product of the great chemistry running throughout the organization.”

Team Leader CHOI Dae-hee emphasizes relationship, especially the teamwork derived by the relationship between team members over any factor. Confronting the difficult challenges inherent to the tasks of developing and exploring new technologies and new markets, the PGI successfully champions the best results.

 Spike passion to work with strong ownership

The term “Together” gives a strong relief that I am not alone, and moreover, gives the confident that I, myself is also contributing to my colleague’s work. The strong ownership displayed by each member of the PGI Team allows each team member to focus on their individual tasks. This evolves into a strong ownership, which only has a positive effect on their work ethics. 

“We emphasize on a free dialogue to strengthen the team chemistry. Promptly sharing current issues and upcoming risks throughout the course of development, and elaborating solutions only enhance the efficiency of our team.”

As Deputy Department Head JEONG Sang-min says, transparent and fluent communication between team members is critical for the PGI Team, where the entire task is based on sophistication among research & development, production verification and factory test. Section Chief KIM Jeong-joong adds one of his know-hows.

“I try to keep up with the market trend. I spare my time in the busy day to figure out what is the current key word of the ESS market, and its outlook. Accumulating these efforts may become my own genuine work strategy.”

 ONE TEAM! The heated Pride

The PGI Team has thrived for the best technology and the first product. The endeavors invested throughout the process engraves the team members with pride for being a member of the team and accomplishing new technologies. Team Leader CHOI Dae-hee expresses his gratification of being part of the ESS business that contributed over 60% of the domestic income of Hyosung up till today in 2017.

“I am prideful to be a part of this team, despite its short history, which rapidly grown to contribute over half the domestic performance. Participating in the initiative product development is also something I will remember. All of the success was only possible with the exertion shown by all members of our team and other related teams. That is why my colleagues are my largest pride.” Deputy Department Chief PARK Sang-hee, also expressed his pride to be a part of development of this new business. Knowing that the company acknowledges the team’s technology itself, is a big reward for him and makes him more inspired.

“ESS is an integral of the efforts of multiple fields that requires fluent cooperation between each part and each team. Making things possible as a team is the most prideful part of the job.”

Section Chief PARK Jong-hyeong recalls his most proud moment as when the newly developed equipment operated with no major defects at the testing phase. Also when a product made by the hands of team members successfully operates with minimum malfunctions. It only proves that the know-how of the team, gathered throughout restless efforts, and the passion of each team member have materialized into an actual and practical, useful technology. LEE Seo-woo, the newest member of PGI Team expresses his determination to become a contributing member of this accomplished team, putting new products in the market through challenging development. 

Each member might have different tasks, but they do not differ in their pride as leading the new technology as a team. This temperament is not derived only by performance and results. Team Leader CHOI Dae-hee remembers that he recognized the importance of the person in the team, and the importance of team chemistry during an internal training session on ownership. He also emphasizes that focusing on the person, and cultivating good relationships will naturally engrave ownership and pride, and the performance of the team shows this attributes are not void.

Written By | BAEK Hyeon-joo

Photo | PARK Hae-joo (Day40 Studio)

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