[Hyosung People POLL] Workplace manners, upholding the integrity of Hyosung People

2017. 9. 19. 15:50

The border line of interactions, ‘Workplace Manners’. How representable we Hyosung People are?

Here are the opinions of Hyosung People on ‘Work Etiquette’.

Survey Responses: 371 employees

Survey Period: August 4th – 18th, 2017

 1. Do you consider yourself to have good work etiquettes?

① I have decent etiquettes. 61%

② I am highly representable. 34%

③ I am not confident with my etiquettes. 5%

 2. What kind of etiquette displayed by your colleagues do you want to recommend to others?

① A comforting smile and greeting. 39%

② A humble attitude regardless to the urgency of issue. 37%

③ Taking responsibility to earnestly execute any difficult or minute task. 21%

④ Decent and representable appearance (outfit and style). 3%

 3. Tip for newcomers! What helps new employees to earn the respect of their superiors?

① A delightful smile and greeting at work. 69%

② Promptness, on-time appearance. 16%

③ Seeking and suggesting alternatives at all times. 10%

④ Proper reference and respect. 5%

 4. Please not that! What is the most disturbing and inappropriate conduct?

① The ‘Talker’ who does not know how to keep secrets or personal issues to him/herself. 33%

② The ‘Noble’ who considers his/her subordinates as his/her servant and requests them to complete personal chores. 27%

③ The ‘Machine’ who does not even look into the eye of a colleague who just fulfilled and reported his job. 20%

④ The ‘Clown’ who is incapable to comprehend the situation and makes jokes in inappropriate situations. 14%

⑤ Others 6%

 5. What do you consider to be the most essential and important work etiquette?

① Decent and respectful use of language. 38%

② Leave one’s personal life to themselves. 30%

③ Do not force his/her own opinion on others. 18%

④ No Disparaging. 14%

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