[Green Earth Drawn by Hyosung] Episode 1. Eco-friendly Products (Part 2)

2017. 8. 25. 11:28

Here is the second part of [Green Earth Drawn by Hyosung] Episode 1, Eco-friendly Products

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 3. Eco-friendly Products made from Non-toxic Materials

We can find products requisite for life, hurting the Earth more often than not. That is a dilemma for Hyosung, we have to find a material safe and convenient, while protecting the Earth.

(1) “ALKEXⓇ” Aramid with excellent tensile strength, high temperature endurance and intense strength

To protect the lives of fire fighters, their gloves and protective jackets must not catch fire. They should be made with non-inflammable materials. The conventional non-inflammable materials are now causing pollution by releasing toxic substances during their decommissioning, imposing a threat to the human body.

However, there is a new material, displaying greater non-inflammabilities while having a strength 5 times greater than steel, where even a bullet cannot penetrate through it. Meet Hyosung’s ALKEX®, an aramid fabric applied to various fields of industry from military defense, to optical cables and automobiles. It is known for its intense strength, high temperature endurance and excellent tensile strength.

Hyosung developed bullet-proof helmets for the Korean military with ALKEX®, and is planning to apply a lighter solution to protect Korean soldiers with a lighter bullet-proof helmet. ALKEX® will become the pronoun for environment and safety.


(2) “Lyocell Tire Cord” made with cellulose extracted from wood

Tire cord is the fabric enforcement embedded within the rubber of tires to enhance the endurance, driving control and safety of a tire. Conventional rayon tire cords are made by dissolving pulp with sulfuric acid, a highly toxic substance. But “Lyocell” is different.

Lyocell Tire Cord is made with cellulose extracted from wood. This allows the manufacturer to release nearly any toxic substances such as carbon disulfide or hydrogen sulfide, preventing air pollution and water pollution.


Hyosung’s Lyocell Tire Cord, opening the new era of Eco-friendly tires

(3) “Cobalt-free Steel Cords for Tires” preventing pollution

Existing tire products includes cobalt in their synthetic rubber. This may lead to obstruct the growth of aquatic plants once cobalt is dissolved in the adjacent water while driving. To prevent such damage, Hyosung is developing new technologies to coat the wire cord itself with cobalt to exempt cobalt from the synthetic rubber.

In the era of eco-friendly tires, Hyosung’s “Lyocell Tire Cord” and steel cords shall no longer be an option, but the solution.

 4. Eco-friendly Products for Future Energy

 ‘Moving away from nuclear energy’ is now a hot topic. The government revealed its plan to reduce nuclear generation and increase its dependency to new renewable energy. Considering the risk and environmental aspects of nuclear generation, and the shortening of fossil fuel, it is crucial to prepare for the future with an alternative and new future energy.

Hyosung is also on board to prepare for future energy. Here are Hyosung’s eco-friendly products which will become fundamental to the everyday energy consumption.

(1) “CNG Filling Stations” for eco-friendly, highly efficient natural gas

Most of the buses taking care of our daily commute runs off CNG, compressed natural gas. This reduces the fine dust emitted by public transportation. Hyosung also has contributed to such results by supplying “CNG Filling Stations”. Hyosung has engraved its status as a CNG Filling Station supplier, helping the supply of the eco-friendly and highly efficient CNG.

Hyosung has delivered approximately 20 CNG Filling Stations all over Korea, and with its carbon fiber products for a safer and stronger High Pressure CNG Container, Hyosung has a significant role in the CNG market, which is recognized as one of the promising eco-friendly alternative energy.


The CNG filling station in Guemjeoung, Busan provided by Hyosung

(2) “Hydrogen Filling Stations” for future zero emission vehicles

Hydrogen vehicles (Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles) are the next generation of eco-friendly vehicles to follow electric vehicles. Its remarkable charging time of 3 to 5 minutes is a significant upgrade from 20 to 30 minutes of an electric vehicle. By utilizing a zero emission environmentally friendly and sustainable hydrogen as its fuel, it does not emit any air pollutant such as carbon dioxide which draws the attention to be the transportation of the future.

Complying with this stream of innovation, the government has implemented policies targeting to supply ten thousand hydrogen vehicles and 100 hydrogen filling stations until 2020. Hyosung, the front runner of hydrogen filling stations shall be the core of this stream.

Hyosung’s Industrial Machinery PU was the first in Korea to locally develop a 700 bar hydrogen filling system in 2008. Continuing its efforts, Hyosung commissioned the first commercial 700 bar hydrogen filling station in Seoul last December. Hyosung will continue its efforts to promote hydrogen vehicles and secure technological competitiveness.


Hyundai Motors hydrogen filling station at Yangjae-dong Seoul, facilitating a 700 bar hydrogen filling system provided by Hyosung

(3) “Smart Grid” an intelligent power network optimizing energy efficiency

Elevated energy consumption in summer intensifies people’s concern on black out and ridiculously electricity bills. An approach simply emphasizing energy saving or development of new renewable energy is not adequate to fundamentally resolve such concerns. We have to seek measures to supply and consume energy in a more efficient manner.

Smart Grade integrates IT to electricity technology, optimizing energy efficiency through real-time bidirectional communication between suppliers and consumers. Hyosung was the first in Kore to provide a smart grid product in 2010. Hyosung commissioned 2 units of 50MVA STATCOM, a static synchronous compensator, in Korea Electric Power Corporation, KEPCO’s Shinjeju substation and Halla substation. STATCOM prevents power loss occurring throughout transmission and distribution of electricity and enhances the stability in energy supply.

Hyosung’s top-notch MMC (Modular Multi-Level Convertor) technology helps improving voltage stability and transmission efficiency, and was the key to winning contracts from India’s Ministry of Energy and Panama’s Department of Transmission. Hyosung is now seeking more business opportunities in Asia, Northern and Southern America. Furthermore, Hyosung is providing real time energy monitoring services at the Jeju Smart Grid Demonstration Project to materialize Smart Grid in Korea.


Overview of STATCOM Convertor Valve

(4) “ESS(Energy Storage System)", storing surplus energy for future demands

It is essential for Smart Grid to store energy at low demand or when the unit price is relatively low, and making such stored energy available at peak demands. Furthermore, as the conversion to distributed generation, utilizing new renewable energy sources of wind generation or solar generation is no inevitable, it is necessary to supplement the irregular electricity supply from new renewable energy sources, prone to weather conditions.

Energy Storage System, ESS is the solution. In today’s electricity industry, the electricity network forecasts the demand and adjusts the total electricity supply, where any not used energy are lost in vain. However, applying ESS allows us to store such remaining energy to efficiently use it later.

Hyosung’s ESS operation is an EPC (Engineering, Production and Commissioning) project, where Hyosung administrates the entire process from supplying a system customized to the customer’s purpose of ESS application, to attaining prerequisite permits, certifications and accreditations. The business experiences accumulated over years of efforts, and high product reliability expedites Hyosung’s growth in market share. Moreover, Hyosung is equipped with a highly sophisticated process promptly responding to every possible error or trouble with ESS specialists and maintenance programs.

Hyosung has contributed to stable electricity supply & demand and cost savings by supplying ESS to Gapado in Jeju, Gasado in Jeollanam-do, and has just commissioned ESS at Pyeongchang Wind Generation Complex and Yeongheung Solar PV Power Plant. Hyosung is creating a new wave in the future energy market with its rich know-hows accumulated throughout a 40 year body of work.


Pyeongchang Wind Generation Complex

It might be because human is part of the nature. Eco-friendly products are also friendly to human. Requiring intense research and development, it may be struggling in terms of cost for the short term, but in the long term perspective, we can achieve economic efficiency and protect lives, which cannot be valued in the language of money.

The human race has the responsibility and obligation to seek and implement methods to save natural resources, discover new resources, minimize environmental impacts, and drive toward an environmentally friendly direction. Hyosung will also continue to pay its due diligence as a global enterprise, by drawing the future of the Earth with Green with more eco-friendly products.

*Hyosung’s efforts for a better world, [Green Earth Drawn by Hyosung] will return in next month’s edition with Episode 2

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