[Hyosung News] Chairman CHO Hyun-Joon, appointed to the group’s representative director etc.

2017. 8. 25. 11:28

Group News

 [Corporate General] Chairman CHO Hyun-Joon, appointed to the group’s representative director

On July 20th, Chairman CHO Hyun-Joon was appointed to the group’s representative director. CHO Hyun-Joon is expected to lead Hyosung as a global entity by focusing on management innovation and globalizing key businesses. Through his inaugural statement back in January, Chairman CHO Hyun-Joon revealed his goals to make Hyosung, a good listener, a technically proud company, and a consistent winner.

 [Corporate General] Hyosung Employee of 2017 2Q, and Golden Performance Award Ceremony

On July 28th, the ‘Hyosung Employee of 2017 2Q Award’ ceremony was held at corporate HQ in Mapo, where Deputy Managing Director LIM Jang-gyu of the Strategy Division, Hyosung Corporation India, Deputy Department Head CHO Seung-ho of the Steel Cord Support Office, Hyosung Vietnam, Department Head CHOI Dae-hee of the PGI Team, Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center, and Section Chief CHOI Su-hong of the General Affairs Team, Corporate Administration Center received their prizes as the winners of this quarter’s award. 

The Hyosung Employee of the Quarter award is granted to directors and members who accomplished the highest achievements in four different fields of Marketing, Technology, Research and Support. The Golden Performance Award for 1H was granted to 30 directors and employees from each PU who had significant contribution to the improvement of operation.

 [Corporate General] Hyosung received Outstanding Contribution Award, at KOR-CHI Economic Cooperation Forum

On June 28th, Hyosung was honored with the Outstanding Contribution Award during the 4th Korea China Economic Cooperation Forum held in Daejeon. The Forum was co-hosted by Korea-China Private Economic Association and China-Asia Economic Development Association focusing on methods to expand the cooperation between Korea and China in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, and cooperative measures in the ICT industry. 

In the attendance of over 300, including KIM Dongyeon, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance, and other state officers of both countries and corporate executives from both countries including Hyosung, measures on future cooperation and job creation through investment were discussed.

 [Corporate General] Changwon, Honoring Hyosung by naming road after Hyosung

On July 20th, Changwon city held a Road Name Address Committee and assigned Yeondeok-ro, located in Seongsan-gu, with an honorary name of ‘Hyosung-ro’. The name Hyosung-ro is particularly assigned to the 580m road passing through Changwon Plant 1 and 2 (the 131 – 190 section of the current Yeondeok-ro). This honorary assignment was made possible to recognize the continuous and significant of Hyosung to the regional economic development and social contribution for over 4 decades. Over 200 Korean and foreign visitors come to Changwon Plant on a monthly basis, where the new honorary name of Hyosung-ro shall have a significant role to improve the corporate image.

 [Textile PG] Hyosung, Participate in inaugural “Textiles India 2017” as the global textile leader.

From June 30th to July 2nd, Hyosung attended the inaugural “Textiles India 2017” held in Gujarat, India. Textile India is the first textile exhibition to be held in India. From yarns of spandex, nylon and polyester to automotive/commercial carpets, carbon fiber and aramid, Hyosung introduced varieties of clothing and industrial textiles to the Indian market in the largest exhibition booth of the event.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Jeonju Plant, Free automobile inspection service

On July 21st, Jeonju plant teamed up with Hyundai Motors Jeonju branch and held a free Hyundai automobile inspection service for the second consecutive year. As part of the ‘Before Service’ program operated by Hyundai Motors, general car inspections along with replacing consumables (refill of oils and washer, windshield wipers) were performed. Directors and employees were urgent to get their cars, which are most likely not properly maintained, inspected to go on to a safe and fun vacation with their families.

 [Chemicals PG] Yongyeon Plant, 1H “Time to Applaud”

Yongyeon Plant held its 1H ‘Time to Applaud’ event to raise the morale and cultivate a positive organization culture by encouraging employees to seek each other’s merits and applaud each other. On July 16th, three canteens in the Yongyeon Plant was filled with a total number of 362 directors and employees of Yongyeon Plant and partners, presenting 738 combined complements. 25 directors and employees who were complemented by more than 5 different colleagues were awarded, and amongst such selected members, 4 employees of partners were included which made the event more meaningful.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Changwon Plant, Conclude Win-Win Growth Industrial Innovation Movement 3.0

On July 18th, Changwon Plant held an event officially concluding the Win-Win Growth Industrial Innovation Movement 3.0 at the auditorium of the main hall of Changwon Plant 1. The ‘Industrial Innovation Movement’ is a state driven movement to support secondary and tertiary contractors to innovate their management, environment and process with the funds contributed by major primary enterprises, under the governance of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. A total number of 14 partners participated in this installment, performing their improvement tasks, where seven partners successfully improved their productivity and quality as part of supporting a smart plant.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Changwon Plant, 2nd Project Contest of the Substation Division

On July 7th and 8th, Changwon Plant held the 2nd Project Contest of the Substation Division at Changnyeong Training Center. Under the attendance of 53 members from Substation Overseas Sales Team, Quotation Team, Engineering Team and Execution team, the contest was held to promote communication between corporate HQ and site, and share the status of each project and best practices. The market situation for six projects, information of the competition, and ideas to cost saving, shorten delivery were announced, and through the Q&A sessions attendees attained a better comprehension of actual site circumstances.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Changwon Plant, Recognition of authority of Foremen and Unit Leaders and understanding site oriented organization management course training

70 foremen and unit leaders of the Changwon Plant completed a training session of titled ‘Recognition of Authority of Foremen and Unit Leaders, and Understanding Site Oriented Organization Management’ at Changnyeong Training Center. 

Trainees spent a rich time by receiving a lecture from Full-time lecturer PARK Hyeyoung of the Human Resource Development Center, having heated debates, looking back at themselves, and lectures from other invited lecturers. Attendees completed the event refreshed with their responsibilities and authorities as a foreman or a unit leader, and practical tips on how to communicate with their teammates and help his/her teammate to develop their crafts.

 [Construction PG] Construction PG, won Grand Prize in Multi-complex category at Green Construction Industry Awards, 2017

Construction PG won the grand prize in the multi-complex category at the Green Construction Industry Award 2017 held on July 19th. The Yongsan Central Park Harrington Square of the Construction PG was selected as an exemplary case epitomizing a sustainable future and the life style of people by harmonizing human and the environment with innovative ideas and prolific technology. Following the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Award from the 2016 event, the Construction PG was awarded at this event for the second consecutive year, promoting its excellence in environmentally friendly construction and technology.

 [Construction PG] Subscription of Yongsan Central Park Harrington Square, exceeds expectations

The subscription of Yongsan Central Park Harrington Square concluded as a success. The 1st order subscription recorded a competition rate of 3.16 to 1, showing how much attention the project has drawn. The location at the center of other major development projects, and luxurious interior design including Italian kitchenware and floor finishing, are seen as the major reasons why so much attention was drawn.

 [Trading PG] Sebitseom’s “Summer Garden” with Hoegaarden

Sebitseom held a ‘Summer Garden’ with the traditional Belgian wheat beer brand Hoegaarden to provide the ease of life at the center of the city. This event will be held until August 13th at the outdoor area of cahvitseom, and any customer who purchases a Hoegaarden can enjoy Hoegaarden’s draught beer, photo zones, picnics and biking activities. 

 [Information & Communications PG] Hyosung ITX, Targeting Total IT Service Market with Huawei

Hyosung ITX, the group’s infromation technology unit, has executed a sales business agreement with Huawei, China’s global IT equipment giant, to expedite its penetration of the Korean IT market. Through this agreement, Hyosung ITX is no front loading its supply in all fields if IT including servers, storages, and network solutions, as an official partner of Huawei. Now, Hyosung ITX, secures a variety of IT solutions from storages of Hitachi, wireless networks from Ruckus, and prolific technical devices from Huawei. With such line-up, Hyosung ITX can actively and promptly respond to the diverse market demands.

 [Information & Communications PG] Hyosung Capital PU, CS Training for all employees to enhance customer satisfaction

From July 3rd to 5th, Hyosung Capital PU conducted a CS (Customer Satisfaction) Training to all employees. This CS training focused on redefining working attitude, and customer response skills. The training consisted of theoretical education, and identifying customer complaints through emotional recognition, based on case studies and actual practices. KIM Yong-deok, CEO of Hyosung Capital quoted “It was a constructive time where I got answers to my curiosity on what kind of attitude should we have in responding to customers based on actual and detailed complaint cases.”

 [Independent Corporations] The Class Hyosung, the official Mercedes-Benz Dealer, Participate in Men’s Show Summer 2017

From July 21st to 23rd, The Class Hyosung participated in the ‘Men’s Show Summer 2017’ held at COEX, to display and introduce SUV of Mercedes-Benz. The event is a platform redefining men as a consuming subject, interested in the hobbies, styling and lifestyles of trendy men. At the bike division, motor cycles from BMW and Harley-Davidson were accessible and at the car division, The Class Hyosung was the sole participant.

Social Contribution

 Hyosung, Supports ‘Book Reading Barracks’ Program for Gwanggaeto Budae

On July 13th, representatives of Hyosung visited the 818th Battalion of ROK Army 1st Corps (the “Gwanggaeto Budae”) and donated a book café to the battalion. Last year, Hyosung participated in the ROK Army’s ‘Book Reading Barracks’ program and donated two book cafés to the Gwanggaeto Budae. The two book cafés donated are a container type building (3m x 9m), holding over 1,000 books, facilitating 14 soldiers at once. Heat ventilation and air conditioning apparatus are attached to the book café, where soldiers can learn and read to enrich their minds and souls in a comfortable environment.

 Substation Execution Team of Power & Industrial Systems PG, Conduct free medical clinic for local Philippine residents

The Substation Execution Team of Power & Industrial Systems PG joined St. Francis Mission House, located at Kaligayahan, Novaliches a local town of Philippines, siting 15km north from downtown Manila, and held a medical mission. Throughout the mission, local Philippine residents were provides with, general medical check-ups, medical examination and prescriptions, and medical supplies and vitamins. Authorities from Hyosung’s major customer, the Department of Energy visited the site, along with donations from other local partners. Hyosung had held medical clinics for the local Philippine residences in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

 Yongyeon Plant, Blood Donation Event

On July 5th, Yongyeon plant held a voluntary blood donation event to share the love. During the 3 hour event, 31 of the 48 participants shared their blood, and love. KIM Ji-hyeon, from the Blood Service said that it was her first time to gather blood from 31 donors in a single afternoon, and shared her gratitude for the grateful and caring participants, and those who had helped make this event possible

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