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2017. 7. 21. 09:53

Every university graduate candidate seeks ways to find a good and fitting company. Substantial information from predecessors who actually work in the society provides a better perspective. As part of Hyosung’s University-Employee mentoring, JEONG Cheong-san met his alumnus from Yonsei University.

 Time for seeking careers and perspective on life

Shinchon, the home of youth and joy and the place where students of Yonsei University enjoy their youth. Students who just finished their classes for today burst out on the street. JEONG Cheongsan, who just left office after a day worth of work arrives at Shinchon. JEONG Cheong-san graduated Yonsei University this February and is a newcomer of the Stainless Steel Forming Team of the Steel & Metal Products 2 PU. He is an active mentor of Hyosung’s University-Employee mentorship program. Today is his third meeting with his fellow alumnus of the POWER IT LAB graduate students of the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Yonsei University.

At an upcoming café in Shinchon, mentees LEE Joo-seong, JEONG Seong-hoon, CHOI Seok-min and LEE Chang-wook arrives right after JEONG Cheong-san arrives. They great each other and asked each other’s regards.


The University-Employee Mentorship Program shares information of Hyosung vital experiences from actual work with students seeking their future. JEONG Seong-hoon says “I still have 4 years till graduation, and not urgent for employment. But not many opportunities like this is provided where I can listen and learn what actually goes on in a company, so this program is quite productive.” Other mentees agree that “Hearing actual stories is a big help.”

The University-Employee Mentorship Program is a natural format to publicize Hyosung, where Hyosung funds meetings and meals with current students, and provides privileges to mentees including professors’ recommendation letters and exemption of document screening.

 Employment, the turning point of life

Q&A Session, diverse questions were put on the table such as: ‘Is Hyosung focusing on domestic businesses or overseas business?’; ‘What kind of new businesses does Hyosung seek?’; and ‘How does Hyosung prepare the 4th industrial revolution?’. Personal questions like ‘What is the daily life of a newcomer?’ or details on salary, team building events, working hours, frequency of overtime work.


“Hyosung institutes a separate 5 day summer holiday to all employees. Unlike other companies, I don’t have to use my personal leaves, and the company pays me a vacation allowance. Depending on how much you invest your time, anyone can take some time off to refresh. Nobody forces anyone to drink more than they can take at team building events. There are many active internal clubs, which allows you to enjoy your work.”

Right after JEONG Cheong-san’s words, the atmosphere gets brighter. The mentees were also curious if there any personal development support.

“You can apply for on-line courses, and there are dedicated facilitated training. Hyosung also supports linguistic development.”

Time flies throughout the dialogue. The deeper the content, the deeper their understanding of Hyosung. Since employment is a turning point of life, the five mentees could have not been more sincere. CHOI Seok-min commented with a big smile that “I am happy to learn about Hyosung through this program.” After the in-depth dialogue, the five mentor and mentees joyfully moved on for dinner.


Written by | HAN Yool

Photo | PARK Hae-joo (Day40 Studio)

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