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2017.07.21 09:53

Since 2011, Hyosung instituted a deployment program allowing local employees of overseas offices to work at corporal HQ in Korea, to develop and sustain local personnel for overseas offices. Local employees are deployed for seven months to workplaces including corporal HQ in Mapo, Gumi Plant, Changwon Plant, etc., and learn Hyosung’s corporate culture and administrative systems by working side by side with HQ personnel. Here is the story of Hyosung People, mutually growing their competitiveness through their mentorship. 

 Improve communication with ‘Work Manual’

Section Chief Thuong from the Textile Sales Department of Vietnam Division came to Korea in March after being selected to be deployed to corporal HQ. After completing a 3 month Korean language course, she started to work at corporal HQ textile sales team since mid-May.

“Back in Vietnam, my main task was to check the weekly sales forecast and daily sales report. Now, my main task is to improve the communication channel between the textile sales teams of the Vietnam Division and corporal HQ. It’s finding ways to improve understanding and speed based on the continuity of work and standardizing such improvement.”

In case of Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU, which has numbers of overseas offices, corporal HQ overtakes a comprehensive administration. Among those overseas offices, the Vietnam Plan has the largest production capacity. Therefore, the Vietnam Plant also sells a large amount of products, which time to time, encounter unexpected orders from customers. It is these cases where corporal HQ liaises with the sales manager of the Vietnam Division to confirm the production and shipping schedule. That is why prompt communication between corporal HQ and the Vietnam Division is essential. Another person who knows the importance of such communication is Deputy Section Chief KIM Hyo-jeong, Section Chief Thuong’s mentor.

 Section Chief Thuong (on the left) and Deputy Section Chief KIM Hyo-jeong(on the right)

“Inaccurate information or miscommunication leads to unnecessary mistakes. That is why how to communicate to materialize an accurate result in a speedy fashion has always been a concern. I hope the manual me and Section Chief Thuong is preparing will improve and be helpful for the communication between the Vietnam Division and corporal HQ.”

In practice, under specific circumstances, Section Chief Thuong directs corporal HQ’s requests in Vietnamese and follow-ups such circumstances. Once such circumstance is resolved, Section Chief Thuong prepares a report documenting the nature of circumstance, detail of customer request, how it was dealt, her review and other concerns. This document is then reviewed by Deputy Section Chief KIM Hyo-jeong for final review and modification. The compilation of such reports enhances the completeness of the work manual.

 Growth Partner and Pace Maker

The mentee Section Chief Thuong, and the mentor Deputy Section Chief KIM Hyo-jeong has know each other even before they entered this mentorship. The joined Hyosung together in 2012 and has worked together over the messenger for years.


“Learning that Deputy Section Chief is my mentor was exiting. Moreover, she was a big help for me before. When I was in Vietnam, I needed and urgent opinion of the corporate HQ late in the night, so I had no choice but text her in the night. Surprisingly, she immediately responded, and I could do my job. I couldn’t express my gratitude back then, but it was really grateful. I bothered her in the night.”

Now, they are sharing their friendship looking at each other’s’ face, not over a messenger profile picture. Deputy Section Chief KIM Hyo-jeong is willingly looking over Section Chief Thuong’s overall wellbeing here in Korea.


“Section Chief Thuong is passionate and enthusiastic in becoming a better member of the Vietnam Division’s Textile Sales team. I was concerned of her life abroad, but she is highly adaptive. She easily takes public transportation, travels over the weekends, and seems to be familiar with Korean dishes.”

Section Chief Thuong has been working at corporate HQ for one month. The anxiety and nervousness of her first day has now became comfort and familiarity thanks for her teammates. But still Section Chief Thuong finds difficulty in dialogue. She feels sorry and frustrated when she can’t fully express herself or when she can’t comprehend what other people are telling her.

“I want to have a better Korean and have a flawless communication. That would help me dissolve my experiences in the manual. The manual will be utilized to implement a faster and accurate collaboration with employees at the Vietnam Division. I will devote the rest of my tenure here in Korea to improve myself.”

These two employees, who joined together to support a prompt communication between the textile sales teams of the Vietnam Division and corporate HQ, left another memoir of their own during the photo shoot for the company magazine. Their journey may not be filled only with glory, but through cooperation and competition, they will be each other’s pace maker and anchor each other’s growth.

Section Chief Thung and Deputy Section Chief KIM Hyojeong, they have adjoined to establish a prompt communication between the textile sales teams of the Vietnam Division and corporate HQ. they will be each other’s pace maker through cooperation and competition.


Written By | SHIN Gyeong-hwa

Photo | HAN Soojeong (Day40 Studio)

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