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2017.07.21 09:53

A decent dosage of concern is important in life. It makes one prepare for the future and secure a better life. But excessive concerns make one anxious, difficult to grasp one’s work and underperformance. We should be free from chronic concerns.

 Why it is difficult to get rid of habitual concerns?


To gain a habit, a neural network corresponding to such habit should be established in your brain. Changing a bad habit means changing such neural network. These networks, established over months and years cannot be changed over the night. On the other hand, not being inherent, it is somewhat possible to change them if you put in enough efforts to do so. 

Accepting the fact that there will always be something to worry or be concerned about would help you to ease such habitual concerns. Admit that concerns are everywhere and solving one concern only leads to encountering another one. You should recognize that concerns are not something you solve, but rather manage, which provides a more flexible response to life.

 Seek the root cause and respond

Most of the time, people tries to avoid the subject of concerns. But if the concern is a matter of mind, it makes you smaller and weaker. Then, a small concern becomes a big concern leaving you drowning in a swirl of concerns. Majority of concerns originate from yourself. Hang in there even if you want to run away. Have an objective perspective on why such concern started to bother you in the beginning. 


You should have the agility to change the concerning situations. If your concern in health, quite smoking or drinking, has a regular medical check and take your vitamins. If your concern is after retirement, cut the impulsive buying and design your financial future through savings and other instruments. Continuity is most important. Speed is not a problem, take your time and keep on keeping on.

 People, the cause or solution of concerns

If a person is the matter of your concern, maintain a certain psychical distance. It may be a family member, friend or colleague. They might speak from their honest care about you, but eventually, they may disclose your weakness and imply that you will fail. 


They may keep you on your toes by bringing up problem after problem. It is heartbreaking to watch a parent fall and break by dealing with a troublesome offspring. Rather than worrying, a parent should teach their child how to take responsibility and be accountable. Same with your siblings, friends and colleagues. If someone takes advantage of you and is harming your, take a distance from them. 

Dialogue with someone you trust may help. The act of talking about yourself, itself, may help you resolve the situation, and may be the key to solving your problem with a new perspective or information.

 Resolve concerns by focusing on and discarding thoughts

Invest 10 minutes from your daily routine and encounter the thoughts that bothers you. Sit down, close your eyes, and meditate over your concerns and worries. Then, clean those thoughts from your mind for 10 minutes. Clear your mind entirely, and if any worldly thought passes by, just let it pass by. It is not easy in the beginning, but focus on one thought, and wipe out the others.


People who are overly concerned thinks that he/she is responsible for his/her problem. But bearing such concerns and living life is not an easy thing to do. It shows accountability. It requires the hope that tomorrow will be better than today, and tenacity to bear the thought that however it is difficult, it will end one day. Bearing concerns grows your endurance, and your biggest concern of today, shall, one day become a minute disturbance.

Written By | CHOI Myeong-gi (Author <Concern is also a habbit>)

Illustration | JEONG Hyeon-su

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