[Hyosung News] Chairman H.S. CHO and management meet mayor of Ho Chi Min etc.

2017.06.23 10:36

Group News

 [Corporate General] Chairman H.S. CHO and management meet mayor of Ho Chi Min

On May 17th, President H.S. CHO, head of chemicals PG PARK Jun-hyeong, head of Vietnam division, and other members of management held a summit with Chairman of People’s Committee Nguyễn Thành Phong from Ho Chi Minh city at Lotte Hotel Seoul. During the summit substantial measures on how to mold a stronger partnership between Hyosung and Vietnam were discussed. Various fields including Vietnam’s power plant market and infrastructure projects were put on the table to discuss how Hyosung may partner with Vietnam, and the Vietnamese representatives also expressed their optimistic perspective of Hyosung, respecting Hyosung’s contribution to the Vietnamese economy through the Hyosung’s Vietnam Division and Dong Nai Division. 

 [Corporate General] Hysoung, exhibit POKETONETM and Topilene® at CHINAPLAS 2017

From May 16th through 19th, Hyosung participated in CHINAPLAS® 2017, held in Guangzhou, China. Hyosung displayed its polypropylene brand, ‘Topilene®’ and its polyketone brand, ‘POKETONETM’, both manufactured by Chemicals PG, to the global market and declared its plan to lead the global market through China’s market. Hysoung held ‘Technical Seminars’ to assist proper understanding of its products, and moved one step closer to customers.

 [Corporate General] Hyosung, participate in TECHTEXTIL 2017, Germany

From May 9th to 12th, Hyosung participated in TECHTEXTIL 2017, the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens, held in Frankfurt, Germany. Hyosung draw the attention of spectators with numbers of industrial yarns applicable to automotive components. Hyosung separately held its 4th ‘Hyosung Night’ inviting over 200 guests from major customers of textile manufacturers and automotive component manufacturers, to introduce unique products developed by Hyosung including carbon fibers and aramids, and strengthened the partnership with customers.

 [Corporate General]  ‘Ransomware’ security training

The security team produced a security training video on compliance with recently amended intellectual property protection laws to reinforce the security consciousness of employees. This video acknowledges the importance of internal security and provides basic measures to be taken in the course of normal business to all directors and employees. Further from the new video, Hyosung is planning to implement stronger security measures to prepare ransomware attacks or any other information leaks.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Industrial Materials PG, hold 2Q Performance Sharing Session

On May 25th, the Industrial Materials PG held its 2Q Performance Sharing Session. During this session, adjoined by the HQ and each workplace through videoconference, the corporate and PG business stats were reviewed including the 1Q performance and 2Q forecasted performance. Directors and employees of the Industrial Materials PG promised their dedication to create VIU(Value in Use) of their products and to provide affirmative solutions to customers.


 [Industrial Materials PG]  Jeonjoo Plant, Team building event & U-20 World-cup viewing 

On May 18th and 22nd, the directors and employees hiked Jiri-san as part of their 2017 team building event. Subsequently, they attended the U-20 world-up football match held at the Jeonjoo World Cup Stadium and supported the young men, competing for Korea.

This team building brought the members of the Jeonjoo plant together and helped them to bear a cooperative atmosphere.

 [Chemicals PG] TPA PU Yongyeon Plant, Sports event celebrating its 20th year in operation

The TPA PU in Yongyeon Plant held a sports event celebrating its 20th year in operation. Fractioned on May 22nd and 29th, over 80 employees from the TPA PU, management department, and factory affairs department participated the event and played soccer to enhance their teamwork. SEO Yongsu, Manager of TPA PU Yongyeon Plant brought employees together to celebrate the Plant’s 20th year in operation and requested employees to make the TPA PU Yongyeon Plant greater again by embodying each and everyone’s pride.

 [Chemicals PG] PP/DH PU Yongyeon Plant, Sports event for communication and interaction

The PP/DH PU Yongyeon plant held a sports event to enhance communication and interaction between its teams. Separately held in a series of four from May 11th to June 8th, over 200 employees from the PP/DH PU, management department and factory affairs department participated the event and played softball. KIM Yeontae, Manager of PP/DH PU Yongyeon Plant emphasized to collectively develop the PU through strong connections between teams and enhanced strength of the organization.

 [Chemicals PG] Yongyeon Plant, Family Cinema Day.

On May 20th, the Yongyeon Plant held a family cinema day. In the attendance of 720 employees and family members, a 10 minute video of corporate promotion, Yongyeon plant GWP video and greetings of the General Manager of Yongyeon Plant was featured prior to the movie, encouraging the employees and helping family members to comprehend what their loved ones are working for.

 [Chemicals PG] Yongyeon Plant, Parents’ Day event

Celebrating Parents’ Day, the Yongyeon Plant held an event where opportunities were given to employees to let their parents know how much their sons and daughter love them and are grateful for their sacrifice. In its 4th installment, of 285 directors and employees of the Yongyeon Plant sent presents to over 430 parents. In the gift boxes shipped to their parents, employees packed carnation soi candles, traditional cookie sets, thank you notes from the employees and letter of gratitude from the General Manager of the Yongyeon Plant. This event provided the time for employees to pay their respect and express their love to their parents.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Demonstrate VR technology for Smart Factory application to circuit breakers

On May 11th, a ‘VR Introduction and Demonstration Session’ was held at the main meeting room at head office. In the attendance of directors and team leaders from the circuit breaker departments, Circuit Breaker Engineering Standardization Team in conjunction with Autodesk, the supplier of Auto-CAD (2D) and Inventor (3D), introduced its new Virtual Reality equipment and provided VR demonstrations. The demonstration had six different themes: ‘Cyber House’, ‘Cyber Model House’, ‘Factory’, ‘Plant’, ‘Automobile Process’. 

 [Information & Communication PG] Nautilus Hyosung PU, 30th Anniversary event

On May 26th, Nautilus Hyosung PU celebrated its 30th anniversary at its head office in Suseo. The directors and employees gathered together and celebrated the accomplishments throughout the last 30 years. Winners of lifetime achievement awards, corporate spirit award, special honor and tenure awards were honored for their service and dedication.

 [Information & Communication PG] Nautilus Hyosung PU Gumi Plant, Social Responsibility Implementation Tripartite Agreement 

On May 30th, representatives of the labor union and company of Gumi Plant met officers from the Ministry of Employment and Labor Gumi Office and executed a tripartite social responsibility implementation agreement. Pursuant to the agreement, the Nautilus Hyosung and its labor union will address maintaining jobs and expanding employment through: developing human resources and job skills; improving labor conditions and occupational environments in middle and small sized enterprises; creating more quality jobs; cultivating a healthy work-life balance by improving the lingering long-hour practices; and complying with the two major directives (Fair HR and Fair Employment Rules), while the Ministry of Employment and Labor Gumi Office will support these efforts to implement the social responsibilities. 

 [Information & Communication PG] Hyosung Capital PU, Green Earth event, celebrating its 20th Anniversary.

As part of the celebration of its 20th Anniversary, Hyosung Capital PU held volunteer “Green” event on May 25th. Around 40 directors and employees from the Hyosung Capital PU visited the Sky Park located in Sangam-dong, Seoul and planted over 200 trees. This event was funded by the Happy Dream Fund, of which every employee voluntarily deposits a fraction of their salary each month, and the company’s Matching Grant Fund.

 [Information & Communication PG] Hyosung Information Systems PU, Provide all-flash storage to SBI Savings Bank.

On May 30th, Hyosung Information Systems PU delivered Hitachi VSP F400, its all-flash storage to the SBI Savings Bank network zone dividing project. As a result, the productivity deficiency and security problems was solved, while observing change of basic infrastructure and the response speed was improved from 1ms to 0.4ms, comprehending a doubled internet communication capability. The new system allows simultaneous access of over 600 users in a virtual environment with no speed deficiency. The common administration software and automatized features provides compatibility with existing infrastructure products which provides a faster and easier data management.

 [Independent Corporations] Galaxia Electronics, Participate in ‘KOBA 2017’

On May 16th, Galaxia Electronics participated the KOBA 2017, an international broadcasting, sound and lighting equipment convention held in Samsung-dong Seoul. Galaxia Electronics exhibited its high-definition indoor display products and drew the attention of spectators.


 [Independent Corporations] Maserati, Emotional Italian Tour Talk Show

Maserati has been hosting its ‘Giro d’Italia’, an emotional Italian tour talk show throughout its 10 sales offices in Korea. Planning to wrap up the event on June 22nd, Alberto Mondi, the star of JTBC’s featured show ‘Non-summit’(Beejeongsang hwedam) is the host of the show. This event introduces the culture of Maserati’s hometown of Italia, and provides understanding of the philosophical and emotional background of Maserati.

Social Contribution

 Donates 100 million KRW to physically challenged children and their families.

On March 4th, Hyosung donated 100 million KRW (approx. USD 890,000) to the Rehabilitation of Physically Challenged Children and Family Project, operated in conjunction with the Purme Foundation. The funds will be used to support the rehabilitation of 20 physically challenged children and the psychotherapy and education of their siblings.

 Hyosung donates funds for ‘Patriotic Housing’ Project at ROK Army Headquarters.

On May 12th, Hyosung visited headquarters of ROK Army and donated 100 million KRW (approx. USD 890,000) to fund the ‘Patriotic Housing’ project. The ‘Patriotic Housing’ project selects struggling veterans who served in the Korean War and Vietnam War to protect the people of Korea, and renovates their houses to enjoy a better life. Hyosung has been supporting the housing of war veterans for 5 years since 2012.

 ‘Share the Green’ with SVP promotees.

On May 24th, over 90 newly promoted department heads and deputy department heads visited the World-cup Park at Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul and held a ‘Share the Green’ event. This event forms part of the SVP (Shared Value Program) in the promotion initiative training, and allows participants to embody the ‘Active social contribution’ policy and encourage the newly promoted employees.

 Hyosung USA, run 5K marathon.

On May 20th, directors and employees of Hyosung USA and Hyosung Holdings ran a 5 kilometer marathon for the 3rd straight year since 2015. The marathon, operated by the local YMCA, raises funds for the welfare of the youth in the local community. Most of the runners attending this year’s event had ran the previous events, which epitomizes the passion of Hyosung USA’s members. Especially, one of the employees of Hyosung USA finished 6th among the 1,800 runners.

 Changwon Plant, Lending hands to farms

On April 28th, members of Changwon Plant visited villages in the ‘One Company – Once Village Sponsorship Program’ to lend their hands to the local community. Over 28 directors and employees from the Changwon plant participated in this event and helped local farmers to plant rice plants. Changwon Plant also conducts love sharing activities other than helping farm works, and in 2011 and 2015, was accredited as a ‘Remarkable One Company – One Village Sponsorship’.

 Yongyeon Plant, Donate funds for the less-privileged 

On May 17th, as part as their May Family Programs, Yongyeon Plant donated 10 million KRW (approx. 89,000 USD) to the Social Welfare Organization in Ulsan to help the less-privileged in multi-cultural households and North Korean defectors. CHOI Jeonghwan, expressed how much he was pleasant to help those who are less-privileged as part of the May Family Programs.

 Nautilus Hyosung PU, One-Company One-Tomb Volunteering at Yeongcheon National Cemetery

Directors, employees and their families from Nautilus Hyosung PU visited Yeongcheon National Cemetery on May 27th, to organize the tombs and surroundings. Throughout this event, children learned how much sacrifice was made by the patriotic veterans, and spent quality time with their parents. Participants were briefed with the accomplishments and sacrifices made by the veterans and paid their respect by attributing lowers and Taegeukgi(The Flag of South Korea) on the veterans’ tomb.

 Ulsan Plant, Lending hands to farms

On May 24th, the directors and employees from the Ulsan Plant visited Junggosan village in Onyang-eup Ulsan, a village of the One-Company One-Village Sponsorship Program, and lend their hands for planting rice plants and working on grove farms. Since entering a sponsorship program with Junggosan village back in August of 2005, Ulsan Plant is sharing their love with the local community through lending their hands in planting and harvesting, and holding village festivals.

 Anyang Complex, Cleans Anyang River

On May 23rd, over 30 directors and employees from Anyang Plant, Hyosung R&C Center, Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center, and Hyosung Training Institute cleaned the vicinity of Anyang-cheon. Starting from the back gate of Anyang Plant, participants followed Anyang-cheon all the way to the riverside of Hoan-gyo and made the vicinity a cleaner place. The Anyang Complex holds monthly activities to clean the surroundings of Anyang-cheon and Hogye Community Park. Last April, the Complex held an Azalea Festival to host flea markets to support the less privileged, and other activities giving back to the community.

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