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2017. 6. 23. 10:34

 Compilation of the Chairman’s life based on his strong belief in contributing to the country through industry. 

Hyosung published and distributed <The man I had met, S.R. Cho> an anthology for Chairman S.R. Cho, to celebrate the chairman’s 80th birthday. This anthology complicates stories of over 80 notable members of the society, peers, former directors and colleagues. The publication of this tribute was planned since Chairman Hyun-Joon CHO sworn to his office in 2017, to honor Chairman S.R. Cho’s journey and accomplishments leading Hyosung to its current global status.

Chairman of the publications committee SOHN Byung-doo (Chairman of Ho-Am Foundation), LEE Hong-gu (former Prime Minister), KWON Oh-gyu (former Prime Minister), SONG Byongrak (Honorary Processor of Seoul National University), HUH Chang-soo (Chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries), SON Gil-seung (Honorary Chairman of SK Telecom), KIM Jang-hwan (Chairman of the Board of the Far East Broadcast Center), Yasuo Fukuda, (former Prime Minister of Japan), Fujio Mitari (Former President of Keidanren) are those among politicians and business sharks who shared their experience being aside Chairman S.R. Cho throughout his journey in enforcing the managerial philosophy of contributing to the country through industry, and embodying patriotism by leading numbers of economic bodies. 

HYUN Hong-joo, former South Korean Ambassador to United States, recalling Chairman S.R. Cho’s role as the Chairman of U.S.-Korea Business Council during the struggles in businesses between US and Korea mentioned “With his strong belief that only when the country is prevailing, business can prevail, he coincided with the Korean government to conclude, the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement, U.S.-Korea Visa Waiver Program, relieve on intellectual rights regulations.” SON Gil-seung, Honorary Chairman of SK Telecom, shared the story of Chairman S.R. Cho criticizing the government and banks, and not barring himself from any possible retaliation, when members of the Finance Committee from the National Assembly visited the Federation of Korean Industries. At that time many private businesses were suffering from high interest rates, and manipulative and malicious practices where it was not easy to confront the government. 

Chairman S.R. Cho demanded the members of the Assembly to abolish such acts, and his comments lead to a social controversy. Mr. Son continued to explain that these traits of Chairman S.R. Cho, who does not keep silent just for the sake of his interests, were the main reason he was compelled to endorse Chairman S.R. Cho as the leader of Korean businesses. GONG Jeong-gon, former Vice President of Hyosung Trading brought upon the time when Hyosung Vasp, a former blue-chip subsidiary of Hyosung, was put up for sales as a remedy for corporate default during the IMF crisis stating “Despite Chairman S.R. Cho was extremely frustrated with the social circumstances where he, as the owner was not allowed to conduct his business on his own, Chairman S.R. Cho made a timely decision and that result is the Hyosung of today.”

Episodes of Chairman S.R. Cho as a private diplomat between Korea and Japan can also be read. Toshinori Shigei, former Japanese Ambassador to South Korea sought Chairman S.R. Cho’s advice as part of his efforts to improve the Korea-Japan relationship at the beginning of President LEE Myeong-bak’s administration. Chairman S.R. Cho’s insight lead to adjoining business leaders in both Korea and Japan at the Korea-Japan Business Summit Roundtable. Ambassador Shigei also addressed his hope that a person like Chairman S.R. Cho, who understands both countries would be helpful in the relationship of both countries under the recent uncomfortable diplomatic circumstances. 

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Photo | PARK Hae-joo 

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